Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Temperatures are warming, birds are all about. The annual migration of Swallows aren't limited to Capistrano. We get huge numbers of them right here in Bayview. Just yesterday, Jan Larkin spotted what may have been the forerunner of many Hummingbirds to show up at the not quite City by the Lake. I may have spotted the same one just up the beach from Jan.

In other Spring like developments, Waterford Park is in high gear as they pound steel pilings into the about to hatch Kokanee spawning beds, on their way to creating a waterfront spa for the wealthy.

Eric Musson's mansion on the water is taking shape nicely, as he hand creates each piece carefully. Prices are skyrocketing here in Bayview, Idaho, but as I have seen in other places, booms can be followed by horrendous busts.

Bayview Chamber of Commerce has in place, finally, a standing committee of well educated former executives following the antics of both legitimate and allegedly illegitimate developers. We will watch these issues as they develop. (No pun intended)

Week-end weather in Bayview is predicted to be lows of 40's and highs in the 70's. This, I suspect will bring out many boaters and other water recreationists. Please all be aware that the Spring Fishing Derby starts Saturday, April 28, kicked off by the Chamber's annual pancake breakfast at the Wheel. For non-fisher people, please stay far behind anyone trolling. Many have long lines 100-200 feet behind the boat that will be cut if one cuts in close behind them. Good manners do not depend on which type of boat you operate.

I had conversations with both Melo Miaolie, Fish & Game biologist, and Ned Horner this morning. Officially, all gill nets that have been in Lake Pend Orielle this spring will be out of the water during the LPOIC Spring Fishing Derby, with the exception of areas West of the Long Bridge at the shallow water beginning of the Pend Orielle River. Trap nets will still be in the water, but buoys will mark their locations. I will publish a map later today of the locations of these traps.

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Anonymous said...

100 to 200 feet is a bare minimum, not long lining!

Try 600 feet for long lining.