Thursday, April 19, 2007

Emergency Planning

Below, is a form that if you live in Bayview, or know of someone that would need attention in an emergency, you should fill out, and return to the address on the form. This is a new service that is being provided by the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. If an elderly friend is known to you, or someone with special needs, please share this.


If there were an emergency situation in our area, what would you need? Please take a few moments to let us know about your areas of concern. We want to be here for you, but we need your help to do so.

Land Slide:

Power Outage:


How could you help?

Other concerns/special needs:

We would like to know who you are in order to provide any assistance we can, in an emergency situation. This is a neighbor-to-neighbor project, non-governmental in nature. Our mission is to have a multifaceted Emergency Plan specifically focused on our community's needs. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is OK, too.

Name___________________________________ Phone________________

Street Address____________________________P.O. Box ______________

Email ________________________________________________________

Please return completed forms to: Merc, Terry's Cafe, Bayview Liquor, Ralph's or mail to R.J. Brennan, 192, Bayview or email to

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Bill McCrory said...

When I was in the Army (ours), we were required to fill out a card to carry with us. In the event of a cataclysmic nuclear (or nu-cu-lurr if your name is Bush) attack, we were to quickly write in our present location, dash to the nearest (are you ready for this) mail box, and mail it to our unit so the Army would be able to find us.

Apparently the US Postal Service had assured the DoD that mail service would be uninterrupted by nuclear holocaust. And we wonder why the Army buys $600 screwdrivers?