Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bayview's Patriarch

Tomorrow, April 5, marks the Eightieth Birthday of Jim MacDonald. Long considered one of the Patriarchs of Bayview, Jim owns the family business across the bay. MacDonald's Hudson Bay Resort was established in 1948 by Elvin Collier purchased from War Assets declared surplus after WW11. Alvin and Nina MacDonald bought the small strip of docks in 1951.

Jim ran the mail boat from 1953 to 1965, delivering mail to points up the lake that were inaccessible by road. Stops such as Lakeview, a one-time Boom Town, and other smaller stops like Cedar Creek, Cunningham's Castle, Whiskey Rock, Kilroy, and Cape Horn.

The Resorts management was turned over to Jim's two Sons, Gary and Scott in 1989. Gary manages the resort now, following the Cancer Death of his Brother, Scott. One of the most popular places in town, MacDonalds features 10 rental cottages, 20 mobile home sites, 19 float houses, a store/office, and 250 boat slips. A large boat repair shop complete with a haul out crane is available and well used by the boating community.

Our entire Village will turn out Saturday, April 7 for a Birthday Party for Jim, the current President of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. Cake and Ice Cream will be served, to be held at the Bayview Community Center.


Bill McCrory said...


That was absolutely wonderful. It really brought back many years of good memories for the good times my parents and I had staying in the cabins and keeping our boat there. Please tell Jim I said happy birthday.

Bill McCrory

Word Tosser said...

Ah, another April 5th person...
I celebrated my birthday lunch at the Captain's Wheel... and ate your potatoe salad... It, as I told the waitress, was as advertised. Very good.