Thursday, April 05, 2007

Letter to "Bayview Resident"

I belatedly received this comment on my "Your Reporter Speaks" Blog Post. I will print it in full.

"Does this mean you will be reporting on events and seeking and verifying the facts, or will it be more of the opinions you gather at the Wheel by the townsfolk with an agenda who seek you out. Either way-best of luck-I think Bayview has replaced its' town Mayor!! Congratulations."

It was probably a good thing that this person, (unwilling to identify themselves) brought forth these points. Point one, my blog is mine to do with as I please. It is, so to speak, my sandbox. I will continue to offer opinions that are mine. I regret that you think I am of such low intellect, that I am swayed by whomever happens by. Having said that, you will note that all of my blog posts are in my name, with my e-mail address and so far, even my home phone number. I own what I say.

I may not attend those meetings that are held by rump organizations that I don't respect. I don't have to. I will make myself available when and where I can, consistent with my schedule. If you wish to make YOUR opinions known to me, you must first identify yourself. Only Cowards hide behind anonymity.

As to my column in the Spokesman-Review, you will not find such editorializing. I am going to write about community events, human interest stories, and news of common interest. Now, Sir/Ma'am, you will not have to guess from where I come. It would appear that this person hiding behind "Bayview Resident" is the one with an agenda here.

As to town Mayor, I do not choose to lead. I will leave that to those that I write about.


Anonymous said...

Will you receive ethics training before you start publishing in the S-R?

Bay Views said...

This will be my last comment on this subject. Unfortunately, Anonymous has chosen, again to question my ethics and integrity. Obviously, the Spokesman-Review, through my blog posts of around 280 in the last 27 months, has enough material to judge my ethics.

Oh by the way, My first was published Thursday. Again, most residents will feel nothing but contempt for someone that attacks without identifying themselves.

Mommy Dearest said...

I thought the chamber of commerce president was essentially the mayor? Herb, have you taken up that post, too? I thought your first column was great. Congrats!

Ryan Colingwood said...


The oppurtunity that has blossomed as a weekly columnist for S-R is a testament to your credability as writer.

Score one for the community of Bayview!