Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Superbowl XLVI

For those mathematically disadvantaged, XLVI equals 46. (Confession. I had to look it up.) As per usual, the bars that have large screen Hi-definition Television has an advantage. Much of the time though, is spent doing other things. Eating, drinking, visiting with others, Eating, drinking, arguing with others, Eating, drinking, raising your voice, condemning the team you don't favor to the fiery pits of hell.

Many, heading for home, have to ask who won. Still, it was a great day. ... Unless your team lost. Bur regardless, it will be a great social occasion. With both teams from the Northeast, not many home fans will be present, but it doesn't matter. It's the one day a year, you will watch a game in which your team isn't playing. Such is the fate of us Seahawk fans.

We have a place here in Bayview that has it all. Great food, drinks and four wide screen hi-definition screens and Sunday, February 5 will feature a pot luck lunch/dinner, so if you aren't one of the faithful that doesn't bring any food, you can eat free. This is the Captain's Wheel Restaurant and Lounge, in Bayview, Idaho. If you are one of those mentioned  above, don't forget to bring a designated driver.

The pot luck will start at 2:30 with the game at 3:00 pm. C'mon down.



Monday, January 30, 2012

Bay Cafe

We have covered most of the businesses in the area, but one important one is the Bay Cafe. Run by the man & wife team of Henry  and Sheryl Dean, the are open five days a week closed Monday  and Tuesday.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with daily specials galore. Just about every breakfast combination possible is offered here. You want Eggs Benedict? got it. Omelets? Yep.

Lunch features Burgers of many varieties, many sandwiches, fish & chips etc. Soup of the day and more. A full choice of dinner entries including steaks, Chicken Fettuccini old fashioned Chicken dinners and wait until you see what Sheryl does with bakery goods. Fantastic thick crust pies, cakes and more. You can order whole pies and cakes for take out with 48 hours notice.

Give them a call at 683-2424. Better yet, drop in for a meal.

Philosophy for the day: A Fiddler is a violinist walking on the wild side.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ben Wolfinger For Sheriff

Out of the three candidates for Kootenai County Sheriff, only one has the obvious qualifications. Ben Wolfinger. Twenty-nine years in the department, attaining the rank of Major, tells us two things. One, he doesn't have to be taught how to run the department. No learning curve at all. Two, He wouldn't have attained the rank he now holds without being very competent.
Having said that, one candidate for sheriff is not a politician. He is a career officer that worked his way up through the ranks to Major. He’s a good cop with a balanced attitude toward the community. Ben was hired in April, 1983, 29 years ago. He is responsive to the community. I’ve had occasion to interface with hime when an officer or two got out of line. They were swiftly removed. He doesn’t tolerate law officers breaking the law, planting false evidence or making up probable cause to stop vehicles. He firmly believes that law enforcement officers need to lead the way in respecting our statutes. I would urge everone to vote for this fine officer and citizen.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ralph's Internet Cafe

This blog likes to feature new businesses, but also to support existing ones. One of my favorites is Ralph's. A one man chamber of Commerce, Ralph not only pushes his business, but all of the others as well. Even his competitors. As near as I can tell, he figures that if you come to Bayview, he will get his share.

The motto, quite often seen on the reader board as you slide into town, is "Eat at Ralph's or we'll both starve." Well business is down, for sure, but Ralph just keeps on innovating. New specials every day, Chef Daveana Huff puts out great stuff, and you can get a beer or a glass of wine as well.

Bring your laptop and use the wifi at Ralph's. Espressos, lattes, chai tea, the works. Granitas great custom ice cream and much more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily specials as well. Friday nights are Mexican nights. My favorites are the beef tacos, three for $5.75. Those are served any time as well as breakfasts.

You will note there is a substantial difference in Ralph and Daveana's stature. Daveana is petite and Ralph is six foot and forever.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Captain's Wheel Entertainment

Jan 28     Burning Gods of Love

Feb 04    Clint Darnell & Friends

Feb 11    Paul Cleri, DJ

Feb 18    Chance

Feb 25    Usual Suspects

All bands start at around 6:00 pm for those that need to tuck in early.
When bands are playing, it's happy hour all night.

Feb 5, Supper Bowl Sunday

Four Giant HD Televisions, Drink Specials, Pot Luck Dinner. The Pot Luck starts at 2:30 with game time, 3:00 pm. Bring it on.

Bayview Sunset Earlier Today

These were taken just before the clouds moved in again. I thought I would share.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There's A New Business In Town

No, the new business isn't in Bayview. It's in Athol. The Knead "N" Dough Bakery opened up last fall and some of us down the hill didn't catch it right away. Run by Gwen Bakie and Louise Voves (how could a baker loose with the name Bakie)

For take out they have many pastries as well as home made bread, cream cheese brownies, (yum, I had one) donuts and more. Much more. If you can't wait until you get home to sample these delicacies, They will feed you right there.

Deli sandwiches, soups, salads, chili, bread bowls and well, stop by and see.

The shop is located on Highway 54 in the building that used to house Attitudes Salon, which moved up the street a ways.


We understand there has been a rush on the bakery. Remember how slow it is this time of year and how perishable baked goods are. If they don't have what you want, please have patience and order in advance.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joe Paterno R.I.P.

Papa Joe Paterno is dead at 85. He has been thoroughly vilified in recent months over how he handled the alleged child molestation his assistant coach is charged with. I would like to present another viewpoint.

Joe Pa ran an honest program. To my knowledge, he was never cited for cheating in recruiting or any other virus that infects most major sports schools.

To understand how he handled the accusation you need to also understand the hierarchy in college sports.Coaches serve at the pleasure of the athletic Director, who serves at the pleasure of the School president, who serves at the pleasure of the board of regents. In other words, it is a pyramid with the coaches at the bottom.

For  coach to go directly to the police without consulting with his superiors would likely have caused his dismissal on the basis of disloyalty. They would have accused him of bring down the school, not the actual perpetrator. I do not condone this practice, I'm only describing it.

Paterno did not cover it up. He promptly reported the allegation to his superiors. He truly thought that ended his responsibility. The athletic director and school president handled it from there, apparently striking a bargain with the assistant coach, retiring him on the spot, also without informing the authorities. This is typical of collegiate sports. Protect the image of the University at all costs.

Horribly, while the president and athletic director were also fired, Paterno has taken most of the heat. Partly because absolutely nobody outside of college Station, Pa has a clue who the others are. It is important, to sift through the emlotion of the situration so as not to lynch the innocent. The only witness to the alleged crime was a graduate assistant coach who after reporting what he saw to coach, didn't interfere with the act itself and then didn't go to the police on his own. Everyone else was dealing with hearsay.

Over the years, Paterno has proved over and over his integrity, his work ethic, not only coaching his players, but mentoring them as he would his own children. He was a giant of a man. He donated a fortune to the university, endowing several departments. Nobody is remembering that.

Joe Paterno took the fall for those at the top that could have did the right thing, but didn't. Joe Paterno, dead at age 85 deserves as does his family, to rest in peace. I believe he lost to cancer because he lost the will to live. Everything he had lived for was taken from his in a panic by the top of the pyramid, hoping that it would deflect the responsibility from them.

*** From Huffington Post, a speach by Phil Knight, president of Nike.

Commenting on those events, Knight said, "it turns out (Paterno) gave full disclosure to his superiors, information that went up the chains to the head of the campus police and the president of the school. The matter was in the hands of a world-class university, and by a president with an outstanding national reputation."
Knight added, "...this much is clear to me. If there is a villain in this tragedy, it lies in that investigation and not in Joe Paterno."

Friday, January 20, 2012

Float Homes Sinking

                               Photo by Norma Jean Knowles
Just moments ago, I witnessed a two story float home on D dock at Scenic Bay Marina. It was half underwater with the snow load. When the snow turns to rain or freezing rain as forecast, we are going to see several homes start to sink. In the two sinking homes pictured, it is believed there is at least one boat crushed under the building.

The massive home owned by Eric Musson on A dock was starting to sink when it was caught. The owner, out of the area, was unable to help, but Friend, Mark Streater, saved the day, raking the snow off.It is going to get worse before it gets better. I couldn't get a picture, because I didn't  have my camera with me and I'm snowbound and on foot.

Gary MacDonald tells us that after a hard day's work, everything at the resort is safe. It is important to note that while marinas work very hard in these circumstanses to protect their clients, it is eventually the responsibility of the home owner or boat owner to check  on their property and hire help as needed for property protection. The last snow/ice emergency we has was 1996, the ice storm year. This year it could go either way, depending on tomorrow's weather.
Right now, I'd say we have an emergency on our hands. The one story units at Harborview Marina are doing well, it's the tall two story homes that typically get into trouble.  If any of you have knowledge of the conditions our there, please call me or e-mail me at Bayviewherb@gmail.com. We need to have specific info if you see a float home in trouble.

*** Update: I'm now told there was never any danger of Eric Musson's floathome sinking. It was just down a few inches on one corner.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


For the last month, someone has been misrepresenting themselves as various regulars. While it may seem to the perpetrator as funny, it's not. I have decided to curtail all comments on this blog due to the cowardly actions of this anonymous creep. If you are real and wish to comment, use my E-mail address, bayviewherb@gmail.com. If the comment is polite, Germain to the subject, I will then post it manually. It is sad that in 1000 posts over five years, this is the first misuse of the comment privilege.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S'now More

The snow that started around 11:00 am in Bayview has stopped. The weather radar indicates there will be more sporadically during the night. Another system is due tomorrow mid-morning. With over a foot on the ground, more is not particularly welcome. Traffic is light to non-existent this evening.

My gauge for determining how heavy the snow, is to look across the bay toward MacDonalds Resort. It the view is dim, it's moderate. When the resort disappears, it is heavy. Both occurred today. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Robust La Nina Arrives.

The long drought has ended with winter's first serious storm. The weather guessers are somewhat befuddled, as several scenarios are possible. The only ones eliminated were lower taxes and pestilence.

So far, we have received about 6 inches of light snow, with it predicted to continue through Wednesday evening. The first questionable period is Thursday. It will either change to rain/snow mix, all rain or all snow. Take your pick. About three systems are combining to bring between a foot and perhaps more before the week-end.

Since those of us that are here already know this stuff, this post is dedicated to those that are in Arizona or other warm places and wish to gloat. In the mean time, local attitudes have switched from, "Gee, this doesn't feel like winter this year,"to "#@$&&@ snow is pissing me off.

Attitudes tend to vary as some, like myself don't travel if I don't have to, and others who haven't a clue and go out anyway. Some of these will be found in locations bordering streets called ditches and worse. Sometimes the word ditch contains several prefixes. The definition of "have to," varies with people. Certainly going to work is one, if possible. With us retirees, it is usually, Dang, I'm out of booze, or some such.

Meanwhile I count my blessings. The leaves I didn't rake last fall are covered nicely with a clean blanket of snow. My neighbor, possibly concerned with the odds of my having a fatal heart attack shoveling show, has volunteered to take care of those less manageable chores that come with aging.

Aging is a total mystery to me. I wasn't prepared, nor trained to have this thing. It seems like just last year I was chasing fast women. Nowadays I've downsized my ambitions to those using walkers.  The upside of course is that I woke up alive again this morning.

Bayview, Idaho is quiet today. If it weren't for the snowmobilers there wouldn't be any sounds at all. My pet squirrel is house bound and unable to collect his/her daily quota of peanuts, but hopefully some have been saved for these kinds of condition. Speaking of Snowmobilers, why is it they enjoy whipping through private roads and driveways braying their incessant unmuffled sounds, when streets in undeveloped areas, forest roads and such are readily available? I think a snow storm brings out the little kid in grown men, so they must zoom though the area, thinking, look at me, while doing their versions of wheelies milking the throttles so that you won't miss the opportunity to look at them performing. "May you grow old with a hearing disability from these antics."

Anyway, enough resentment about you snowbirds and your desert treks. May a dust storm obliterate your RV parks causing you to miss cocktail hour.   

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Is Here

The weather bureau has teased us with warnings of cold, snow and all but famine and pestilence. Outside of the eleven inches  we got back a month ago, we have been dry and clear. cold but not too much.

Things are about to change. a small system is chugging toward us from the Canadian coast, full of cold air and a little snow. That will occur Tuesday. What follows is a massive low out in the pacific that will follow the cold air into the region with heavy snow fall.

The Weather Guessers aren't real sure about the eventual direction of the latter storm. It may hit us straight on with over a foot of snow, or it may pass us to the north or even the south.

In any event, if you haven't changed over to snow tires, you may be too late. Even Seattle has had snow and  with those steep hills in down town Seattle, trust me, even with good equipment, it's bad. Try stopping just before the crown of a West East street. The light is just short of the intersection. With packed snow/ice, stopping just short of level is not a got idea. The light changes, you are screwed as well as the cars behind you.

Here in north Idaho we are blessed with good plows, small rocks opposes to sand for traction and strong windshields. I will be writing about that and dangerous swales while cool for good runoff, tend to kill those sliding off the road on icy pavement.Check out the placement of crosses along hwy 95. Every one due to roll overs due to the steep slopes of the drainage swales.Anyway, good luck for the following weeks and remember, Winter is just getting started.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Town Turns Out

Friday, January 6 was touted by the Captain's Wheel as a pot luck and customer appreciation night. In addition, it was Staff night out. Out of a town that appeared to have shut down, rolled up the sidewalks and fled, people came out of the woodwork it seemed.

The bar was tended by volunteers for the most part, though Teresa Long hung in there to the last. She remarked the other day, "you know, it was the very first night this winter I had to sound last call."

I have been reliably informed that management is deeply appreciative of the support and hopes that many first time guests will reappear. There were even many of our neighbors from Athol, Careywood and beyond.

Since this occasion went so well, they are throwing yet another party. February 6, Super Bowl Sunday will be another pot luck. Details to follow.

Don't forget we still have several businesses open and thriving. The Mercantile, Ralph's Internet Cafe and the Bay Cafe as well. C'mon down, we're still here.

Oops: The swallow story turned out to be false, based on the observations of a noted bird watcher in our area, Chuck Murray. He claimed another flock of a different nature. The swooping and diving nature of swallows apparently got some observers to swallow the story whole.

Monday's Spokesman-Review predicts 1-3 inches of snow in the next three days. Accu-weather is predicting 12 to 14 inches of the white stuff in the vallys and over two feet in the mountains.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current Resident At MY Home

Many people have wondered what passes for logic, ability to think clearly and finally methods for those activities. I give you a self-portrait of the resident at my place.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swallows In January???

Several reports of flocks of common barn swallows that we normally see in the spring along with the legendary Capistrano return on specific dates has gone astray. Yesterday and today,Bayview found flocks of swallows  observed swooping and diving as they are known to do. In no body's memory have  swallows shown up in mid-winter.
With feed being flying insects one would assume food will be sparse. If these birds that normally arrive in spring die as a result of starvation, look for a real bad mosquito year.

Several opinions were put forth this afternoon as to the  cause. One wag suggested the Japanese earthquakes and possible disruptions in the earth's rotation. Another though the recent warm air bringing unusual rainy weather might be the cause.
Please keep in mind that these scientific opinions resulted from discussions  from the Bar at the Captain's Wheel. Still ... How weird.

Friday, January 06, 2012

A Community Outrage

Mr. Randall Butt, Manager
Farragut State Park
Bayview/Athol, Idaho
Hand delivered to the Farragut State Park headquarters, Monday, December 19, 2011
Dear MrM. Butt,
It is nearly midnight on Sunday, December 18 and I have been literally staring at my computer screen since 10:30 p.m. Ihave watched my screen saver go one and off multiple times as I stare at a blank “sheet” of paper with your name at the tcp.
Almost fifty years ago I attended a ceremony at the viewpoint located on the northern tip of Farragut State Park. Park personnel, Bayview residents, my family, and even the assistant Director of Idaho’s Fish & Game department were there to dedicate the viewpoint to the memory of my grandfather, Alvin MacDonald. The View ofthe lake was a spectacular and sweeping panorama ofthe lake and the surrounding mountains.
Over the years the trees and brush have continued to grow and much ofthe view was hidden by this growth.

My father and I have each volunteered over the years to trim the
trees and brush under park supervision so the view could be retained. We were willing to pay for our employees time to help with the effort. Our offer was made multiple times to park personnel, but they always replied that they would take Car@ Of il. I brush removal was done just below the viewpoint area on several occasions by park personnel. Their efforts helped, but the View has certainly been diminished over the years.
A few days ago one of my customers mentioned that the park was doing some tree removal in the viewpoint area. I thought, “good, it would be nice to see some more ofthe lake again. So, earlier today I drove to the gate near Vista Bay Resort and walked to the viewpoint. To put it simply, I was absolutely unprepared for the moonscape that I found. Last year, or the year before perhaps, someone did some logging and tree removal on the south side of the road that leads to the viewpoint. I walk out there very often and I was  actually quite pleased that the loggers left several gnarly atypical  trees standing. The trees are really quite homely, but they had “character” I applauded the fact that even though they were not beautiful in a traditional sense, they still had very interesting shapes.

I was expecting to see a similar treatment with large, medium, and small trees and bushes left to grow. Imagine my shock when I found that the whole area north ofthe viewpoint road was literally a clear-cut. Even though I have had several hours of time to calm down, I still find myself alternating between seething anger and absolute dismay. What were you people thinking?!‘?!? Was anyone thinking?

Writing this letter to you assumes that you, as the park manager, are responsible. However, I know that the property iuvoîved is Fish & Game property, Maybe you dídn’t make the decision. But, if you didn’t, did you have input? If you loved the area involved and had grave concerns, did you, as a steward of the land, think to contact area people to advise them that your park, our park, Idaho’s park, was going to be scalped? If you didn’t have those grave concerns did it ever enter your mind that maybe, just maybe, someone might have grave concerns?

My nature, as a person, is to respect the hard work that all people do as they perform their jobs. I am willing to leave people alone because generally I want to be left alone. I don’t want people breathing down my neck all the time so I am willing to trust the judgment of  others who are in positions of authority. You have made a huge error in judgment and right now I don’t know the level of your culpability. What I do know is that in my opinion someone needs to be tired. Maybe multiple people need to be tired. Our trust was put in you and in others in similar positions and We have been totally betrayed by the heavy handed butehering ofthe landscape that was perpetrated at the viewpoint.

l know that it is winter and things will green up when spring arrives, but you simply cannot replace trees that were 30, 40, 50, 60 years old. With some thought and planning trees could still have been removed, but some could be left to ñame and accentuate the view of he lake. How disappointing it is when such a failure of Vision is there for the whole world to see.

I have been a supporter of you and of the park for many years. I have long had the opinion that relatively Wild and untouched areas that are still accessible to the general public need to be protected. It is discouraging to  out that protection is obviously not a priority for you.

This letter is not written as a rhetorical exercise. I do want some answers as to who was responsible so the people who share my concerns can better direct their actions.
If you are so inclined I have no interest in receiving a telephone call. At this point I am truly sorry to say that my level of trust is at zero. A letter in reply would be appropriate.


Gary MacDonald

Monday, January 02, 2012

Customer Appreciation Month

The presents aren't through coming. For the entire month of January, the Captain's Wheel Restaurant and Lounge has declared every day, all day as happy hour with reduced prices on all beverages. Fifty cents off.

In addition to the discounts, there will be a jam session every Wednesday with bands Saturday nights.

To kick the month off properly, a special Friday, January 6 will feature a pot luck dinner at 6:00 pm. In addition to the discounted drinks, Coors light and Bud light draft beer will be .25 cents

Pat &Heidi invites everyone down to party hearty.