Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Robust La Nina Arrives.

The long drought has ended with winter's first serious storm. The weather guessers are somewhat befuddled, as several scenarios are possible. The only ones eliminated were lower taxes and pestilence.

So far, we have received about 6 inches of light snow, with it predicted to continue through Wednesday evening. The first questionable period is Thursday. It will either change to rain/snow mix, all rain or all snow. Take your pick. About three systems are combining to bring between a foot and perhaps more before the week-end.

Since those of us that are here already know this stuff, this post is dedicated to those that are in Arizona or other warm places and wish to gloat. In the mean time, local attitudes have switched from, "Gee, this doesn't feel like winter this year,"to "#@$&&@ snow is pissing me off.

Attitudes tend to vary as some, like myself don't travel if I don't have to, and others who haven't a clue and go out anyway. Some of these will be found in locations bordering streets called ditches and worse. Sometimes the word ditch contains several prefixes. The definition of "have to," varies with people. Certainly going to work is one, if possible. With us retirees, it is usually, Dang, I'm out of booze, or some such.

Meanwhile I count my blessings. The leaves I didn't rake last fall are covered nicely with a clean blanket of snow. My neighbor, possibly concerned with the odds of my having a fatal heart attack shoveling show, has volunteered to take care of those less manageable chores that come with aging.

Aging is a total mystery to me. I wasn't prepared, nor trained to have this thing. It seems like just last year I was chasing fast women. Nowadays I've downsized my ambitions to those using walkers.  The upside of course is that I woke up alive again this morning.

Bayview, Idaho is quiet today. If it weren't for the snowmobilers there wouldn't be any sounds at all. My pet squirrel is house bound and unable to collect his/her daily quota of peanuts, but hopefully some have been saved for these kinds of condition. Speaking of Snowmobilers, why is it they enjoy whipping through private roads and driveways braying their incessant unmuffled sounds, when streets in undeveloped areas, forest roads and such are readily available? I think a snow storm brings out the little kid in grown men, so they must zoom though the area, thinking, look at me, while doing their versions of wheelies milking the throttles so that you won't miss the opportunity to look at them performing. "May you grow old with a hearing disability from these antics."

Anyway, enough resentment about you snowbirds and your desert treks. May a dust storm obliterate your RV parks causing you to miss cocktail hour.   


Anonymous said...


If you need any help, call me.


Bay Views said...

Thanks, NJ, but I'm fine. Mike Heath kindly shovels me out and I really don't have any where I need to go.

Anonymous said...

Herb, while I would be more than willing to help if need be, your pesky poster made the post not me.

Norma Jean