Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swallows In January???

Several reports of flocks of common barn swallows that we normally see in the spring along with the legendary Capistrano return on specific dates has gone astray. Yesterday and today,Bayview found flocks of swallows  observed swooping and diving as they are known to do. In no body's memory have  swallows shown up in mid-winter.
With feed being flying insects one would assume food will be sparse. If these birds that normally arrive in spring die as a result of starvation, look for a real bad mosquito year.

Several opinions were put forth this afternoon as to the  cause. One wag suggested the Japanese earthquakes and possible disruptions in the earth's rotation. Another though the recent warm air bringing unusual rainy weather might be the cause.
Please keep in mind that these scientific opinions resulted from discussions  from the Bar at the Captain's Wheel. Still ... How weird.

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Anonymous said...

Must be the free beer ... ops cheap beer