Friday, January 20, 2012

Float Homes Sinking

                               Photo by Norma Jean Knowles
Just moments ago, I witnessed a two story float home on D dock at Scenic Bay Marina. It was half underwater with the snow load. When the snow turns to rain or freezing rain as forecast, we are going to see several homes start to sink. In the two sinking homes pictured, it is believed there is at least one boat crushed under the building.

The massive home owned by Eric Musson on A dock was starting to sink when it was caught. The owner, out of the area, was unable to help, but Friend, Mark Streater, saved the day, raking the snow off.It is going to get worse before it gets better. I couldn't get a picture, because I didn't  have my camera with me and I'm snowbound and on foot.

Gary MacDonald tells us that after a hard day's work, everything at the resort is safe. It is important to note that while marinas work very hard in these circumstanses to protect their clients, it is eventually the responsibility of the home owner or boat owner to check  on their property and hire help as needed for property protection. The last snow/ice emergency we has was 1996, the ice storm year. This year it could go either way, depending on tomorrow's weather.
Right now, I'd say we have an emergency on our hands. The one story units at Harborview Marina are doing well, it's the tall two story homes that typically get into trouble.  If any of you have knowledge of the conditions our there, please call me or e-mail me at We need to have specific info if you see a float home in trouble.

*** Update: I'm now told there was never any danger of Eric Musson's floathome sinking. It was just down a few inches on one corner.

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