Friday, January 27, 2012

Ralph's Internet Cafe

This blog likes to feature new businesses, but also to support existing ones. One of my favorites is Ralph's. A one man chamber of Commerce, Ralph not only pushes his business, but all of the others as well. Even his competitors. As near as I can tell, he figures that if you come to Bayview, he will get his share.

The motto, quite often seen on the reader board as you slide into town, is "Eat at Ralph's or we'll both starve." Well business is down, for sure, but Ralph just keeps on innovating. New specials every day, Chef Daveana Huff puts out great stuff, and you can get a beer or a glass of wine as well.

Bring your laptop and use the wifi at Ralph's. Espressos, lattes, chai tea, the works. Granitas great custom ice cream and much more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily specials as well. Friday nights are Mexican nights. My favorites are the beef tacos, three for $5.75. Those are served any time as well as breakfasts.

You will note there is a substantial difference in Ralph and Daveana's stature. Daveana is petite and Ralph is six foot and forever.

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Bay Views said...

OMG - It was Friday night and it was also my night to cook. I was so bummed that since I wasn't in town I couldn't enjoy Daveana's fine Mexican creations..... :(


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