Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Town Turns Out

Friday, January 6 was touted by the Captain's Wheel as a pot luck and customer appreciation night. In addition, it was Staff night out. Out of a town that appeared to have shut down, rolled up the sidewalks and fled, people came out of the woodwork it seemed.

The bar was tended by volunteers for the most part, though Teresa Long hung in there to the last. She remarked the other day, "you know, it was the very first night this winter I had to sound last call."

I have been reliably informed that management is deeply appreciative of the support and hopes that many first time guests will reappear. There were even many of our neighbors from Athol, Careywood and beyond.

Since this occasion went so well, they are throwing yet another party. February 6, Super Bowl Sunday will be another pot luck. Details to follow.

Don't forget we still have several businesses open and thriving. The Mercantile, Ralph's Internet Cafe and the Bay Cafe as well. C'mon down, we're still here.

Oops: The swallow story turned out to be false, based on the observations of a noted bird watcher in our area, Chuck Murray. He claimed another flock of a different nature. The swooping and diving nature of swallows apparently got some observers to swallow the story whole.

Monday's Spokesman-Review predicts 1-3 inches of snow in the next three days. Accu-weather is predicting 12 to 14 inches of the white stuff in the vallys and over two feet in the mountains.

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