Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hydro Race Volunteers

Here's your chance to get involved with the race this fall. We need volunteers for various duties, including answering the phone at our new office in Riverstone, 2049 No. Main, Riverstone.

Meet and mingle with the race organizers and participants and just an important part of getting the race done. The money is arranged, now we need people to help out.

We have just 60 days to get everything done and not enough help with all of the details that have to be addressed. Don't just watch the race, be a part of it.

Just get on your computer, go to: . Click on volunteers, tell us what your talents are and you will be contacted. Be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address. 

For those that don't have the time to spare, get your tickets through the same site.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Diamond Cup Tickets

Several people, including myself have noted some confusion in getting ticket information as well as the format for the Diamond Cup Hydroplane race scheduled for Labor Day Weekend. Tickets West has hundreds of events that tend to clog the system.

The Diamond Cup Committee, recognizing this has retooled the web site so that you do not have to wind your way through the mysteries of Tickets West. Just go to our own site at:

You will find everything layed out in a simple way so as to eliminate the confusion, then you push a button which switches you to the Tickets West order form. See you at the race. Remember, Friday, August 30, will consist of testing and qualifying plus the vintage boats in an exhibition.

Saturday will be a full day of testing, Grand Prix and H1 unlimited preliminary heats. Rounding out the afternoon will be vintage and limited vintage heats.

Sunday hosts the final heats in all three categories with the Diamond Cup final at around 4:00 pm. Times are subject to change so stay tuned and check the Diamond Cup web site for any updates.

Activities on the course will begin all three days at 8:00 am and wind up between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm. The official opening ceremonies will take place Sunday at 10:00 am.

Parking will be at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds with shuttle buses to the race site. Plan on being early to get the best seating.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's Editorial

I have read the Spokesman-Review from cover to cover for the last 20 years. The editorials appearing usually are thoughtful and express intelligent positions. I do not always agree with them, but for the most part, they are well written. Not so today, Wednesday, June 19, titled, "Idaho GOP running roughshod over voters." If the editor that wrote this diatribe or rant was drunk, he or she is forgiven, for I have also leaned a bit into illogical ramblings  having stayed too long at Happy hour.

I hardly know where to start, since apparently the writer also didn't. This omnidirectional rant apparently set out to expose every fault real or perceived that this poor downtrodden liberal writer perceived. He/she wandered from the social engineering subjects to the initiative process then back to the dictatorship of the GOP due to the 5-4 majority in the Idaho legislature.

My mental image of this editor is one of red eyes glaring at the screen, spittle spraying on the keyboard  from an outraged mouth, holding forth with everything wrong with conservative politics and everything right with liberal causes. Oh, and he/she doesn't hesitate to use examples contradicting themselves.

For instance, toward the bottom (appropriate word) of the rant, and I quote, "Even if that's the case, it's going too far to amend the initiative and referendum process for one special interest." One special interest today seemly is the expansion of Gay, Lesbian and transgender issues. I suggest to you that the GOP has not in your prejudicial words, "panicked" , they simply do not agree with your position.You need to lose about half of your adjectives, since you are embarrassing yourself as professional journalists.

An example of the writers distain is another quote from a former Bonner County official, Cornel Rasor. "I'd hire a gay guy if I thought he was a good worker. But if he comes to work in a Tutu...He's not producing what I want in my office." It is not unusual to use an extreme example to make a point rather than a mushy hard to understand one. You people use that all of the time, including in the body of your rant of today.

Then it goes on to say, "But with one party rule, such power trips are possible. And they will continue unless voters re-establish their role as the real bosses." First, I agree that bad law is passed when dealing with single issues. Secondly, our legislature, while right of many of my opinions reflect the positions of most of Idaho voters. That is called representative government.

For those of you in the editorial department that failed Social Studies in the high school you attended, I will explain: We live in a Republic, not a democracy. A state cannot usurp the power of the federal government, nor can a city or county usurp the authority of the state. This is the form of government that our founders intended and the states agreed with.

Cities tend to be more liberal than suburban or rural voters. That demographic appears throughout the country. While urging more and more special rights for minorities, whether it be sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. is is important to remember that many of these issues are also single issue items, as they are dealt with one at a time. The collective result can be daunting to those that still think the U.S. Constitution is a living document, not an ancient history book.

Here in Idaho, we do not attempt to overthrow our legislature, but hold elections for that purpose. We have extremists here as I'm sure you do as well. We weed them out as needed, as has recently happened in some so called non-partisan races, and in the case of a Constitutionalist that cloaked himself in a Republican pelt, so that he could spout ultra conservative views. The feds are currently foreclosing on his home for refusal to pay taxes. Besides, the IRS needs the money for their next warm fuzzy conference.

So while it is admirable for you to be concerned for us with our dictators in Boise, we suggest you concern yourself with the one party rule in your U.S. Senators and governors, elected by King and Pierce Counties, not the state of Washington.

Another closing thought, is that since you opted to desert Idaho by discontinuing the weekly Idaho Handle Extra and the Prairie Voice, you keep your nose out of our decision making process and pay attention to those readers in Spokane, most of which are the only ones left. So if you hear an echo, it is the Idaho readers you have lost and cannot now hear your drunken opinions.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diamond Cup Press Conference

A press conference was held Wednesday with the announcement that the Unlimited Hydroplane races will indeed return to Lake Coeur d'Alene, but at a better location. In the old days, to much shoreline was free and fund raising had become impossible.

By using the State Parks land between the Beach House and Tony's, bleachers will be erected and ticket sold. (Through Tickets Parking will be at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds with shuttle buses taking fans to the race course. Plan your Labor Day Week-end for the big race. Most of you weren't around back in 1968, but trust me, It is top notch entertainment.

Bayview Daze Fireworks

Bayview Daze is almost upon us, and with the events come our annual fireworks show. Some fundraising difficulties have arisen over the last two or so years. Much of it is due to estrangement between what is called Bayview Chamber of Commerce, when in fact it isn't a pro business organization at all, and many of the business leaders in town.

Perhaps it is time for the marina owners to step up. Chan Karupiah, owner of five of the seven marinas in Scenic Bay suggested the other day, that he and owners of MacDonald's and Bitter End marinas get together and develop a plan to subsidize the annual activity.

I personally think it is  a great idea. Most of the movers and shakers that once participated in chamber leadership have dropped out after terms of their offices expired. Perhaps they should rename themselves something like Bayview Community Improvement club or some such.

Business leaders are usually happy to help raise funds and even donate large amounts, but have problems working with the chamber leaders that appear sometimes, anti-business. Let's invite the principle business owners to the table to run the show collectively.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Homosexuality. Equality or privelege

I have been following two parallel arguments, both featuring how society should handle  a subject just a few years ago was felonious behavior. Now most of us have become used to   the assimilation of what used to be referred to in law as sexual deviation. The issue? Homosexuality. Should they be treated with respect? Absolutely! Now comes the complications.

We here in North Idaho, a bright blue state, have, in Coeur d'Alene, a quaint medium sized town that happens to be a destination resort. The Coeur d'Alene Resort, a five star destination hotel and marina dominates the downtown waterfront. We have the usual coffee houses, specialty cafe's, wine cellars and the like. It wasn't always like this. Back in the 1970's our tourist trade was on it's lips. Mining, which is what built the town along with logging had slumped into recession. The mines were shutting down, the mills were disappearing at an allarming rate, and Kootenai county was looking for  a new identity.

Duane Hagadone, Jerry Jaeger and others in about ten years turned the town into a tourist destination resort. Some feel, with justification that the Resort tended to bully the rest of Coeur d'Alene. That happens when you obtain power. Most like power and find no ready reason to surrender it.

Over all, Hagadone, with some notable exceptions, has rescued this city from the doldrums. It, of course would have eventually happened anyway, but since he owned most of the downtown waterfront, hey, he led.

OK, I didn't intend to relate the entire history of coeur d'Alene, just what has at led to the present. The serious recession a few years ago brought huge numbers of immigrants from the cities of California. We here, were not quite ready for this culture shock. Over the years. One of the imports was the acceptance of what we considered deviant sexual behavior. Sodomy.  We even have specialty bars that cater to the lesbian/Gay community. No problem there. Everyone should have the right to associate with those of their choice.

Now, our town has erupted with extremism from both sides. The National council of Boy Scouts has allowed gay boys entrance. Now six year olds most probably are not aware of their sexuallity, but as you climb into puberty, these things appear.I was a cub scout, a boy scout and an explorer scout as a young man and enjoyed the associations with others my age,that we had on camp outs and other activities.

Now come the do gooders in our current society. Those that weren't around during my formative years. I have no problem with giving respect within the community equally to hetero or homosexual people. It is when it hinges on privilege, rather than equality that I say, Whoa!.

Currently, the city Council of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has passed an ordinance that has not just red necks in an uproar, but the Christian community as well. Mike Kennedy, (no relation) and a man I normally respect, has kicked over the traces and authored this ordinance that tromps all over the religious community which holds that the bible condemns sodomy.

At the same time, the sponsorship of boy scout groups are being dropped by many organizations, with most being churches. I am 75 tears old and have seen much. Good and bad. I have never seen basic principles of the religious community being tromped on with impunity. Congregations are being ripped apart all in the interests of social engineering. Undoing in that last thiry years what took 2013 years to establish, and more if you include the Jewish old testament. Christ has been outlawed.

The text of the penalties clause is attached.