Thursday, August 29, 2013

Burned Out

After days of people in my face over resident parking and access along Silver Beach, ticket holder problems, fickle changes in direction by management It came to a head today when the straw broke the camel's back. Faced with fans less than 24 hours from now, the sound guy switched FM frequencies. This, after a thorough airing of 90.5.

This was  by my hand, publicized through the Spokesman-Review, the Coeur d'Alene Press and this blog and by it's republication in Huckleberries on line. Fans going to the race expecting 90.5 are going to come up empty. With no time left to publicize the switch, most race fans will not hear the P.A. announcements.

While I regret the necessity of leaving, I was too close to boiling over to stay. I do not anger easily, but you don't want to witness those times I am. I feel I have a good reputation for delivering factual information (aside from opinion pieces which are entirely another thing)

With my credibility at risk and that of many in management as well, I will not be on the judges stand making announcements this weekend. When I am through, I first examine if in fact I wish to take that step. I do not intend to allow the situation to regress where I end up with a heart attack or stroke.

I wish the race well. I'll be home and out of it. It's just too bad that management couldn't lend support to the office instead of dropping everything in my lap. When trouble rears it's head, the "Wheels" are out of sight. Y'all have a great week-end.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diamond Cup - Final Lap

We are solving problems as they occur and discovering others as we go along.

One hitch is the P.A. system will be severely limited. To counter that, we will have a low power FM station broadcasting the P.A. announcements as well as Mike Fitzsimmons calling the race. Anyone that has a portable radio can dial in 90.5 on their FM radio.

Other than that, we expect traffic delays, crowds both at the fairgrounds and at the venue itself. If you own bicycles and can park away from the race course, ride in on bikes you can access any part of the viewing area. Should you wish to leave your bike there is a supervised bike corral across from the Beach House.

I'll be perched up on the judges scaffolding sharing the P.A. duties with Mike and another guy. Have a great time at the race and remember, this is our first time at holding an unlimited hydro race. It will be a learning experience.
Mistakes will be made and improvements for next year incorporated. Please give us a pass this first year, but let us know after the race if you encountered an unreasonable situation.,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yvonne Wallis, Revisited

It has been more than two years and three surgeries since Yvonne Wallis was nearly killed and her daughter-in-law was, by a hammer wielding crazed neighbor.

Since then she has gone through hell with several trips to Seattle for treatment, six months of twice daily absorbing a liter of antibiotic, taken intravenously.

She is doing well now. She is living healthy, looks great and gets regular exercise. She is a new person Partly due to the love the community has shown her. It prodded her out of her recliner with a wish to participate in life again.

Throughout the whole time the community stood with her, donating money, personal services and then her church doing a complete interior remodel of her home.

Today she has another need. Her car broke. She needs a new starter which with labor will run between $200 and $250 to replace.

Her budget, which derives from social security disability, doesn't allow for keeping a reserve for contingencies. I'm asking once again for community support. This time not thousands, but just a little from a few will enable her to shop for groceries and visit her kids. Please if you can, send a few bucks to me in her name.

Yvonne Wallis c/o Herb Huseland, PO Box 884, Bayview, ID 83803.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scott Dorman Fun Run

The Scott Dorman Fun run will take place Sunday, August 18 at 9:00 am. This memorial fund raiser is in memory of Scott Dorman, felled about three years ago with Fanconi Anemia.

The run starts at Fedora Pub and Grill and will be followed by lunch there. Prizes and awards, T-shirts and goodie bags. This is a 5 K run Registration is $10.

For more information, call Jamie Tapia @ 509-768-1182 or check the web site at

Monday, August 12, 2013

Athol Daze 2013

Athol Daze cranked off on a beautiful Saturday morning with a parade and a car show at Victory Auto Parts. Throngs lined the main highway which was blocked off by the Kootenai county Sheriff department.

The usual parade had a somber twist this year as we lost three pillars of the community all in one year. City Clerk, Sally Hansen, rode her horse and led another with an empty saddle to honor the fallen icons.

Liz Hasbrouck: Living into her 90's, she along with her long time partner Bob, donated property to the fire district, sponsored parts of the playground equipment in the park and was the originator of the popular money-in-the-straw feature on Athol Daze.

Jerene Bohn: Jerene served as mayor in the 1960's and when the volunteer fire department couldn't function during the day due to as she put it, "the guys were either out in the woods logging, or drunk." She then organized an all women fire brigade, and served as chief.

Shirley Hyke: Shirley was totally immersed in Athol as a city council person and in many other roles, including that of American Legion Post 249 club manager.

The parade was halted at the judges stand as the three were honored.

Less somber was the rest of the parade which featured as parade Marshall, 100 year old Eileen Morse, acrobats, vintage cars, the Queen Tahya Russell and princess Kathryn Phillips as well, and not to forget, the clowns, sponsored by council member Mark Dane. Bringing up the rear was the Timberlake Fire District. Leading as always was the Post 149 American Legion color guard followed by the auxiliary, who are outstanding examples of patriotism.

One of the most appreciated feature was when Councilman Mark Dane sat astride the seat on the dunk tank. As always, money-in-the-straw was the hit as children scrambled after nickels, dimes and quarters.

Lest we forget, An award for citizen of the year was given to Gust Schieve. Gust volunteers any time the word goes out. Recently, he mapped the grave sites in the city cemetery. (pictured below)


Friday, August 09, 2013

Doctors & RNs Needed

The Diamond Cup needs volunteer doctors for triage purposes for the three days the race will be run. We need either three volunteer doctors licensed in Idaho each day, or one doctor willing to serve all three days. The First Aid tent will be manned from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 30, 31 and September 1.

We are required to conduct physical exams on the drivers every morning, Saturday and Sunday race days, prior to race activities. These take place at 6:30 am both days. These can be conducted by Registered Nurses. We need three for just the am physicals. You, of course are welcome to stay for the race.

Volunteer doctors and nurses will receive a pass plus four more for friends or family which is good for the day they serve. Hopefully, there are a few in the medical profession that have a need for speed.   

Sunday, August 04, 2013


When did retreat become our national policy?  Last week, the United States closed 21 embassies around the middle east. Why? Because a rabble of Jihadists scared us. Perhaps I have outlived my culture.

Back not two many years ago, if we were threatened by irregular forces, we would send in a Marine heavy weapons platoon to protect what is American soil in other countries. Now these wild eyed jerks can yell boo and we retreat from our embassies. What must other countries think of our policy of, "cut and run?"

Where has our leadership misplaced it's spine? Or did our current government ever have one? Once we were the most powerful nation in the world. Like in Rome, while the emperor fiddled, our current administration dithers in fear. Ronald Reagan must have rolled over in his grave when the state department disengaged in foreign policy, pulled up it's skirts and ran like hell.

While we paid attention to ideologies and personalities, our government has been busy taking our liberties away from us, then removing us from any foreign policy that makes sense. I mourn for what was a great country. My country.

Now that radical Islam has us on the run, is is doubtful that we can ever claw our way back to a position other countries will respect. We have surrendered without a shot being fired.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

An Athol Icon Retires

Friends & Family!

After 30+ years in business, my grandmother Fran Harms is closing her craft store Square Granny's Craft Store in Athol and I would be very thankful if you could share the attached flier via email or facebook with your crocheting/knitting/crafting friends!  She has a TON of inventory including hundreds of skeins of yarn (starting at $1) and all sorts of crafting supplies which will be at least 50% off. There are hundreds of craft books and patterns marked down to $1 each.  

The sale will be 8 a.m. to noon during Athol Daze, Saturday Aug. 10. If anyone would like to shop but can't make it then, they can contact Taryn via phone or text at 208-661-3891 to set up a weekday appointment. 

Hope to see you there!