Monday, August 12, 2013

Athol Daze 2013

Athol Daze cranked off on a beautiful Saturday morning with a parade and a car show at Victory Auto Parts. Throngs lined the main highway which was blocked off by the Kootenai county Sheriff department.

The usual parade had a somber twist this year as we lost three pillars of the community all in one year. City Clerk, Sally Hansen, rode her horse and led another with an empty saddle to honor the fallen icons.

Liz Hasbrouck: Living into her 90's, she along with her long time partner Bob, donated property to the fire district, sponsored parts of the playground equipment in the park and was the originator of the popular money-in-the-straw feature on Athol Daze.

Jerene Bohn: Jerene served as mayor in the 1960's and when the volunteer fire department couldn't function during the day due to as she put it, "the guys were either out in the woods logging, or drunk." She then organized an all women fire brigade, and served as chief.

Shirley Hyke: Shirley was totally immersed in Athol as a city council person and in many other roles, including that of American Legion Post 249 club manager.

The parade was halted at the judges stand as the three were honored.

Less somber was the rest of the parade which featured as parade Marshall, 100 year old Eileen Morse, acrobats, vintage cars, the Queen Tahya Russell and princess Kathryn Phillips as well, and not to forget, the clowns, sponsored by council member Mark Dane. Bringing up the rear was the Timberlake Fire District. Leading as always was the Post 149 American Legion color guard followed by the auxiliary, who are outstanding examples of patriotism.

One of the most appreciated feature was when Councilman Mark Dane sat astride the seat on the dunk tank. As always, money-in-the-straw was the hit as children scrambled after nickels, dimes and quarters.

Lest we forget, An award for citizen of the year was given to Gust Schieve. Gust volunteers any time the word goes out. Recently, he mapped the grave sites in the city cemetery. (pictured below)



Anonymous said...

American Legion Post 149 not 249

Bay Views said...

Yes I am aware that it is post 149. I have corrected it twice, but the system refuses to print what I designate.

Unknown said...

Way to go Gust, citizen of the year!!

Your brother Craig.