Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bayview Reunion

Summertime is rife with family reunions and this Summer is no exception. This reunion to be held Saturday, August 7, is different. It is a town of Bayview reunion. All of those that have drifted away from Bayview are invited, as a part of the centennial celebration, to attend. Obviously those that stayed are welcome too.

Activities start off in the morning with a wooden boat show. It will be held at Harborview Marina, at the seawall 10:00 AM. The display will stay until 4:00 pm.

Noon to 2:00 will feature a free concert on the lawn at the Bayview Community Center, starring "Taste of Jazz." Ralph's Cafe will provide a food booth or you can bring your own picnic lunch. Providing your own lawn chairs would be good, too. Following the concert and starting at 2:30, inside the community Center, will be a reminiscence with the oldtimers about days gone by.

So far, over 40 previous residents have RSVP'd that they are planning to attend. Make sure you do too. For questions about the event, call Linda Hackbarth at: 208-683-3468. Also, the reunion committee would like to find someone locally that has video equipment and would be willing to videotape portions of the event.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ralph's Benefit

A ha-huge crowd descended upon the Laundromat and Ralph's Internet Cafe Wednesday afternoon for a fund raiser sponsored by Ralph for the benefit of the Bayview Whitecaps. For those of you that have been cloistered, The Bayview Whitecaps recently won the State of Idaho 15 and under Babe Ruth championship. Next stop is the regionals at Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The regionals pit the local and Idaho champs against Montana, their first rival and other teams from Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Washington and Oregon. This isn't just about Bayview, though. Players and coaches from Spirit Lake, Athol, and Rathdrum also are a part of this regional team.

The purpose of the fund raiser was to collect enough money to support the transportation,lodging and other expenses that the team will incur during the week spent in Klamath Falls. When the Bayview Whitecaps win the regionals, they will then travel to Arkansas for the World Championship series.

The above picture represents just a small portion of the crowd that gathered to both honor the team and donate funds for the tournament. The team ate free, and the public ate for donations. Ralph Jones, the epitome of a one man Chamber of Commerce, did it again. Oh, and did I forget to mention the raffle tickets that are on sale at Ralph's and The Buttonhook and I'm not sure about other locations? There are some great prizes as well as the satisfaction that you have helped our kids out when they needed it the most.

As a post script to this fund raiser, between the car wash the team held in Rathdrum and the fundraiser here, over three thousand dollars has been raised for the trip to Klamath Falls.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farragut Volunteers

Farragut State Park is blessed with many volunteers that make running the park a bunch easier. Yesterday, in celebration of "Pioneer Day," a significant holiday for the LDS church, over 1000 volunteers turned Farragut into an anthill of industrious people. In celebration of Pioneer Day, July 24, both the Coeur d'Alene and Hayden Lake stakes of the church joined to do public service, and boy howdy did they ever.

There were over two hundred working at the Brig Museum. some inside with paint brushes, rollers and spray guns. Others, outside, installed a cobble stone walk way from the brig to the entrance of the flag pavilion.

Even more, groups of several hundred, mucked through underbrush, clearing overgrown trails and rebuilding several eroded trails along the shoreline. Regardless of one's religious affiliation, if any, you have give them a big cheer for the hard work they put in. work that with the state budget in tatters, the park couldn't have afforded to do themselves. Asked what all of the donated equipment and labor was worth in money, he replied, "probably more than $70,000." Now, that's being neighborly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Timberlake Fire Protection District

While I'm not commenting on the recalls that are out there, I do have some thoughts that I feel should be aired. First, to have two commissioners that have barely got their feet wet after only six months on the board to become as active as they have suggests that the libertarianism of their sponsor, namely Larry Spencer, should have been our first clue.

When, after chief Krill's study was complete, and it became obvious that the budget needed help, the commissioners had several choices. One, and the one I would have supported, would have been to spell out the choices, including a levy, then presenting these choices to the electorate. Krill made it plain that one of two things were going to happen. Either higher homeowners insurance rate, or higher taxes. He also pointed out that the higher taxes would be dwarfed by the higher insurance rates. He was shouted down as threatening the district's population with pressure tactics. It turns out he was dead on. Never, was loss of local control ever on the table.

Perhaps he over reacted in pulling as many units out of service for safety inspections, but maybe the intransigence of the board of commissioners forced him into a dramatic act.

The bottom line here is that these newcomers to the board ran for office for specific reasons and had a preconceived agenda. Once elected, one wonders where Spencer is. Perhaps he has thrown his own disciples under the bus. There are other choices. Unfortunately the electors may make them for the commissioners. The moral here is do not ever, especially in a small community, think you are smarter that those that you supposedly represent. Personally, I support the dissolution of Timberlake and return to Bayview Fire District as it was just a few years ago. Soon we will lose our representation on the board, when as announced, Kirk Quillan will resign to be replaced by a minority Bonner county commissioner, elected by a fraction of those in the district as whole. Perhaps it is time for secession.

We are a conservative area, in a conservative state. That doesn't mean the people do not want their voices heard. I think the commissioners have stepped in do-do and could very well be thrown out. The resignation of Weise followed by his reconsideration is a clue to the motives of the board. They could have, and should have magnanimously accepted his reinstatement, but chose to follow the low road, elimination of a vote against the majority agenda. I am, as well as many others, displeased.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Idaho State Champs

Back Row L-R Coach Kim Rogstad, Sam McNamara, Trevor Masterson, Troy Carr, Jeremy McKinney, Jesse Monks, Coach Scott Carr, Coach Bill McNamara.
Front L-R: Johnny Hayden, Chadley Miller, Dustin Cebellos, Derek Hansen, Kris Jackson, Quentin Reese, Tristan Jordan, Casey Rogstad.

The Bayview Whitecaps came home Monday,with the Idaho state championship for 15 and under Babe Ruth teams. The play-offs held in Boise last week-end was the end of a fairy tale season. The team, not realizing the rules had changed in the Panhandle League Babe Ruth division, learned after two games that the league was only going to send an all-star team to state. They wanted Bayview to donate two players to that goal. The kids and coaches voted to stay true to the term, "team."

Faced without a league schedule, undaunted, they set out to fight through the season as an independent. In order to qualify for state, they needed to play several games more than scheduled. They played some teams that were in the 18 and under category, just to score the required games. They actually won some out of age games, too.

Before they were evicted from Panhandle schedules, they played two games that told the story. Bayview vs. Bonners Ferry 21-zip and Les Schwab, of Sandpoint 29-0. Ranging to Montana where they played in the Kalispel Invitational, managing to place first in the tournament.

Today, they stand alone as Idaho State Champs in their 15 and under age division and are on their way to Klamath Falls, Oregon for the northwest playoffs. This contest features teams from Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana. The winners of this playoff go to Arkansas for the national title series. Are we proud of our kids? You betcha.

Only one problem remains. How to finance the remainder of the tournament. Many donors in Bayview have given, including the lead sponsors, The Bayview Chamber of commerce. They need more. Much more. They will have to spend a week in Klamath Falls, and if they win there, even more in Arkansas. The Bayview Chamber is handling donations for the group. If you have the ability to help, your donations can be sent to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce, specifically tagged as for the team. PO Box 121, Bayview, ID 83803. I'm donating, how about you?

A quick post script: I ran into Coach Kim Rogstad and his trusty sidekick, Coach Bill McNamara at the Buttonhook tonight having dinner, along with their lovely brides. It turns out he is exhausted from the fund raising effort at a car wash held in Rathdrum at Hico. He and the kids raised a whopping $1068 toward the trip to Klamath Falls for the regional playoffs. Asked whether the team would be in the 16 and under division next year, he grinned and said,"probably not. we'll go straight to the 18 and under since we already beat several teams in that age group." You go Guys, and don't forget there are raffle tickets available for just this week in Bayview at most outlets. We have them at the Buttonhook and I'm sure Ralph's, but not sure about other locations.

1st game Idaho (Bayview) 8 Montana 3
2nd game Idaho 7 Alberta 10
Next game Friday, Idaho vs. Kitsap County, Washington.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fire Danger Stupidity

I was out boating with friends this afternoon. We were casually motoring along the shoreline between the Bernard Peak slide toward the cement plant, east of Bayview. We came upon a column of smoke on the shoreline. Ironically it was just west of the huge fire that broke out in 2000, caused by irresponsible tourists. First, fires below the high water mark is a violation of ecological laws. Secondly, this fire was on a narrow beach adjacent to very flamable vegetation. It wasn't a cook fire or even a camp fire. It was a lets make this burn, recreational fire. One that given it's location, brought back memories of the Lakeview fire right next door, so to speak.

One of the passengers took pictures of all three of the kids cavorting around about an eight foot long log on fire. The other, the boat anchored out with the adult or adults on board, seemingly unconcerned as to the fire danger the ignorant teens had created. When I got to shore I called Kootenai County dispatch to report a potential fire danger. They seemed confused as to the jurisdiction, so I called Dick Hansen who told me it was US Forest Service land.

I called fire dispatch at Pappy Boyington Airfield in Hayden and talked to John Ryan, who stated that yes he had received the information from dispatch. I then offered to and did forward the pictures of the teens cavorting behind the fire and the vessel they arrived in. He responded that yes, someone should check to see if the fire was out, but his supervisor wouldn't ask Timberlake fire District to respond, because they would then have to pay the fire district for their expenses.

At this point, the fire may spread or it may not. But Ryan mused that apparently the bureaucracy would rather spend millions putting out a fire but nothing to prevent one. Your federal government at work. Disgusting at best, flagrantly negligent at worst. The key here is that these morons that work for the US Forest Service are not called upon to account for these negligent non-acts. Am I disgusted? You betcha!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Recalls

Well, here we go again. Following on the heels of a failed attempt to recall commissioner Jon Guinn, a petition containing the required 20 registered voter signatures has been accepted by the Kootenai County clerks office, elections division. This petition or rather two petitions, ask for the recall of Rudy Rudebaugh and Mr. Fish, both elected last fall to positions as Timberlake Fire district Commissioners. Here is the wording of those complaints.

"We, the undersigned citizens and registered electors of Timberlake Fire Protection District, respectfully demand that David "Rudy" Rudebaugh, holding the office of commissioner of Timberlake Fire Protection District, Zone 4, be recalled by the registered electors of the Timberlake Fire protection District for the following reasons, to-wit:

Violation of Public Trust by conferring in private with other commissioners in violation of the Idaho open meeting laws, to arrange for an outside agency to manage operations for Timberlake ire Protection District and immediately improperly terminate the fire chief; irresponsible use of taxpayer money for excessive, unnecessary legal advice, consulting fees and unnecessary special meetings; and for supporting an MOU with Northern Lakes Fire District for an annual rate of $80,000, which is 11,000 more than what the fire chief was being paid;
that a special election be called, that we,each for himself say: I am a registered elector of the Timberlake Fire Protection District, my residence,post office address, and the date I signed this petition are correctly written after my name."

After calling the election office of the Kootenai county clerk, I was informed that an identical petition naming Commissioner fish was submitted. I will try to keep everyone informed without prejudice to one or the other positions. Tomorrow I will publish one of two responses that I have received by commissioners, and others as and if they are submitted. These are serious subjects that require serious thought as well as discussion. In this blog I at this time do not anticipate taking sides, as I think everyone should think this through and respond without my help.

If, in fact information comes to light that needs to be aired,I will do so, but leaving room for dissenting opinions. As always, feel free to leave comments, but keep it on subject and without getting personally abusive toward anyone involved. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Unfortunately, the Fire District has removed their web site, which restricts availability of information to the public.

Monday, July 12, 2010

After The Wind Died Down

A magnificent view of the sun setting over Bernard Peak and east toward Lakeview

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When Weekends End

Bayview was inundated with tourists, weekenders and such this just past weekend. Restaurants and other venues were slammed as a reduced capability without the Captain's Wheel continues to be felt in the community.

One observation is that while speed boats, ski boats and the like have suddenly appeared in Scenic Bay, they were totally absent just two or three years ago. Also, flagrant safety violations abound. It would appear that those that can afford to buy fast boats, don't necessarily know how to operate them safely.

Tonight, Sunday, the bay is clear and calm. The boaters have gone home and you can hear fish swimming by, as the silence is awesome. After the tourists leave and the silence descends, I have to believe this is why we live here.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Off The Wall Stuff

If you are a drinker and feel adventuresome, then head for the Buttonhook Sunday afternoon. Heidi, the Sunday bartender has issued a challenge. An invent your own drink bash. This is kind of off the wall, but then so is Heidi. Patrons are reminded that they should at all times be conscious of driving while intoxicated. If you should feel the tug of this challenge, we suggest you either walk to the 'Hook or get a designated driver.

We at Rusty's Buttonhook realize that past management has featured expensive food at the expense of the locals. Not true anymore. We are an any person restaurant that strives to serve a broad spectrum of guests. Come on down for either the great chow, or ... Heidi's party, Sunday.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Bayview Daze 2010

Bayview Daze went off well for the most part. Ralph did a great job announcing the parade and the By-Gone Babes were hilarious. Kudos for the National Guard Band for the great concert. Here are some pictures of the events.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Open Letter To Bayview

Dear Bayview Friends and Neighbors of Terry Shepherd,

Bayview has had some loving and caring citizens over the years.
Today we need to help one of our own. Terry has looked out for
and cared for many of us. Free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner
come to mind. She has never turned away any that were hungry or broke.
Terry provided care for those who needed, not only food but help
managing their medical and personal needs.

Terry's Cafe was closed this year because the landlord would not repair
the items which the Fire Chief said had to be fixed before reopening.
When it became apparent that the building was not going to be brought
up to code, Terry moved her business to Spirit Lake. She has been sued
for $14000 in rent for the balance of her lease. We felt that Bayview
should repay her for the kindness shown to us over the years, so we helped
her work with an attorney to resolve this issue. The settlement cost Terry
over $4500.
So, friends of Bayview, if you see it in your heart to help Terry defray
the costs in this matter, we would appreciate it.

Please leave any contributions at the Bayview Mercantile or mail them
to Terry Shepherd, c/o P O Box 95, Bayview, ID, 83803

Thank You,
Chuck Waller

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Montana Plane Crash

I was saddened by news that the Piper Cherokee Arrow crashed after being observed at altitudes below 500 feet. I have many hours in a Cherokee Arrow 200, which I assume is the accurate description of the plane. I once rented such a plane at the Kalispell airport to fly some friends to Westport for a fishing expedition. It was in 1971 or 2 and could well have been that same plane.

I have two important points to make that non-flying reporters might have missed. One, there isn't much more dangerous than a pilot with one year's experience. At that point, they and I back when, think they have all of the knowledge and experience to navigate anywhere. Unfortunately, many flight instructors nowadays don't have much more maturity than their students. I was fortunate, since my instruction occurred in the late 50's. My primary instructor flew the hump between India and China during WW11.

That brings me to the second point. Well actually a second and third point. One, you never fly low and slow in mountainous terrain. The up and down drafts can kill even experienced pilots. I won't get you involved in the variables. Those of you that are pilots know exactly what I'm talking about. Those that aren't ... well you probably wouldn't understand. Suffice it to say that if you are near the wrong side of a steep slope when hot air is flowing down slope, and at a low altitude, you are dead. Mountain flying is not for the inexperienced. These down drafts can thrust you down many hundreds of feet under the wrong circumstances. At three hundred feet he and those that trusted him were doomed.

The Piper Cherokee Arrow 200 is my favorite airplane. It cruises at around 143 or so in level flight and is a dream to fly. Unfortunately, with a full load of four, It climbs like a pig.You just can't ask it to do something that it hasn't the ability to do. I once came close to killing myself and passengers when I took off on a hot day in Omak from a short runway. I had 1200 plus hours and used bad judgement. We survived. This young man, indubitably more impressed with his ability and that of the aircraft than deserved, died. It is unfortunate that he took three other fine young people with him.

Every student pilot learns early in his or her training one simple rule. "There are old pilots and bold pilots, but damn few old, bold pilots."