Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bayview Reunion

Summertime is rife with family reunions and this Summer is no exception. This reunion to be held Saturday, August 7, is different. It is a town of Bayview reunion. All of those that have drifted away from Bayview are invited, as a part of the centennial celebration, to attend. Obviously those that stayed are welcome too.

Activities start off in the morning with a wooden boat show. It will be held at Harborview Marina, at the seawall 10:00 AM. The display will stay until 4:00 pm.

Noon to 2:00 will feature a free concert on the lawn at the Bayview Community Center, starring "Taste of Jazz." Ralph's Cafe will provide a food booth or you can bring your own picnic lunch. Providing your own lawn chairs would be good, too. Following the concert and starting at 2:30, inside the community Center, will be a reminiscence with the oldtimers about days gone by.

So far, over 40 previous residents have RSVP'd that they are planning to attend. Make sure you do too. For questions about the event, call Linda Hackbarth at: 208-683-3468. Also, the reunion committee would like to find someone locally that has video equipment and would be willing to videotape portions of the event.


Bay Views said...

I just rejected a comment that rightfully should have been posted on one of the Fire district subjects and had absolutely nothing to do with the reunion. Perhaps the "concerned citizen" could do one of two things. either comment to a post that deals with this subject, or identifies themselves. I'm fast losing patience with people that have lots of opinions but won't tell us who they are. At some point I will cut off all debate unless the comments are signed. As always, I sign my name, win, lose or draw to everything I write.

Anonymous said...

Herb, you have such a hard job, some folks are simply dense, lol!

The Centennial celebration has been a wonderful experience this summer.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

I signed my name and city I live in. Herb you have become biased and appear to support only one side. What do you want
Mr. Stan Smith

Ric said...

Herb, on a happier note, I heard yesterday that the Whitecaps won their first game. Way to go guys keep it up !!

Bay Views said...

Well, Mr. Smith, how can one take sides on a post that deals with a reunion? Some of my posts are straight news, others are intentionally opinion. we call those editorials. Some will agree with me, others won't. That is the way of the world. It is easy to start a blog. For those that want to get a different message out, start your own. Since I usually average around 90-100 visits a day, one could assume from that, some sort of following has occurred. Since this blog started, I have posted over 750 times on every subject you can think of. Recently, contraversial issues have surfaced and I don't dodge those. It goes without sayiong that Stan Smigh is right. My positions are my own. Why anyone thinks that is improper, go figure.

Anonymous said...


I do not know how many times you have to repeat yourself? Too funny.