Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Recalls

Well, here we go again. Following on the heels of a failed attempt to recall commissioner Jon Guinn, a petition containing the required 20 registered voter signatures has been accepted by the Kootenai County clerks office, elections division. This petition or rather two petitions, ask for the recall of Rudy Rudebaugh and Mr. Fish, both elected last fall to positions as Timberlake Fire district Commissioners. Here is the wording of those complaints.

"We, the undersigned citizens and registered electors of Timberlake Fire Protection District, respectfully demand that David "Rudy" Rudebaugh, holding the office of commissioner of Timberlake Fire Protection District, Zone 4, be recalled by the registered electors of the Timberlake Fire protection District for the following reasons, to-wit:

Violation of Public Trust by conferring in private with other commissioners in violation of the Idaho open meeting laws, to arrange for an outside agency to manage operations for Timberlake ire Protection District and immediately improperly terminate the fire chief; irresponsible use of taxpayer money for excessive, unnecessary legal advice, consulting fees and unnecessary special meetings; and for supporting an MOU with Northern Lakes Fire District for an annual rate of $80,000, which is 11,000 more than what the fire chief was being paid;
that a special election be called, that we,each for himself say: I am a registered elector of the Timberlake Fire Protection District, my residence,post office address, and the date I signed this petition are correctly written after my name."

After calling the election office of the Kootenai county clerk, I was informed that an identical petition naming Commissioner fish was submitted. I will try to keep everyone informed without prejudice to one or the other positions. Tomorrow I will publish one of two responses that I have received by commissioners, and others as and if they are submitted. These are serious subjects that require serious thought as well as discussion. In this blog I at this time do not anticipate taking sides, as I think everyone should think this through and respond without my help.

If, in fact information comes to light that needs to be aired,I will do so, but leaving room for dissenting opinions. As always, feel free to leave comments, but keep it on subject and without getting personally abusive toward anyone involved. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Unfortunately, the Fire District has removed their web site, which restricts availability of information to the public.


Anonymous said...

The District's web site has not been removed and is up and running.

Anonymous said...


The website is still up and running.

Norma Jean

Bay Views said...

Well, that makes one of us. I can't get it to come up, but then this is the acursed internet, isn't it.

Anonymous said...


There is a meeting Monday the 19th @ 6:00pm at the Bayview Community Center for the Fire District.


Anonymous said...

Herb, the press has a good article also :http://cdapress.com/news/local_news/article_77f2da7d-1813-545c-ba09-c94419bd5b91.html
would you post the actual petition so everyone can see who is leading the recall and the initial followers so its in the open with no hersay.

Thnaks for committing to trying to stay netural in this delicate topic. :)

Bay Views said...

I thought about posting the names, but notwithstanding recent court decisions, I feel that the issue shouldn't be decided either way based on the personal predudices for or against these signators. This list can be obtained through the election department if it is really important to anyone to have those names. Sincd my support or opposition might trigger some personality problems. I am going to sit this one out, at least for now. I think the issue needs to stand or fall on it's own merits.

Anonymous said...

Attention Timberlake Fire Protection District Citizens:

On 12 July 2010, a group of citizens are asking you to consider a recall petition of myself “David Rudy Rudebaugh”.

I openly submit to you the following information for your consideration:

a. Violation of open meeting laws in which I have jeopardized public trust!
I ask those who are making this allegation to provide specific dates, time, and locations and with whom this occurred with. If there is legitimate information that this did occur please report it
directly to the Kootenai County Prosecutors office for investigation as outlined in the state statues.

b. Immediately improperly terminate the fire chief:
As per Idaho Open Meeting laws take govern the use of executive sessions, no violation occurred. Again, I ask those alleging this to take their information to the Kootenai County Prosecutors office for investigation. Based on the current direction decided by the Board of commissioners the Board of commissioners may be guilty of one improper action which was to give the fire chief a severance package, but the Board thought that was appropriate.

c. Irresponsible use of Taxpayer Money:
The Board was put into a position in February based on the action of our formal fire chief which led to potential liability for the district. Based on what transpired, the board needed to handle personnel issues and liability issues, in addition to public education. This unfortunately necessitated several special meetings.
Many issues which were not created by the Board during the first 6 months of this year have required legal guidance and sadly we have one commissioner who is not an attorney providing advice. His opinion at times differs from our District’s attorney, who is one of the most knowledgeable in the state. The commissioners chose to seek proper legal advice as required to insure the District is properly dealing with its liabilities.

d. Supporting an MOU for $80,000.00 which was $11,000.00 more that the fire chief’s salary:
Yes, the MOU is for $80,000 in which 3 Board members supported. The loss of $11,000 is false as the actual savings to the district after paying for the MOU is approximately $86,000.00. This is to be allocated to equipment and facility needs which will provide greater safety not only for the District members but also the districts citizens it serves.

Fellow Citizens, when I decided to put my hat in the ring to serve as one of your commissioners I had one main objective which was to “Provide responsible decision making for the taxpaying citizens”, in which I remain committed to do for the long term interest of the district.

Thank you for your consideration of the facts,


David ‘Rudy” Rudebaugh
Commissioner Zone 4
Timberlake fire Protection District

The above information is that of commissioner Rudebaugh and is not a statement from the Timberlake Board of Commissioners.

CS said...

Thank you for a clear and unbiased statement of the issue.

a concerned member of the district said...

I think after all is said and done, you Rudy, and you Marty should resign your positions on the board now and save us all the and yourselves the embarrassment of being recalled.

The way you have handled yourselves as Commissioner's is shameful to say the least.

You both acted on your own self interests, behind the backs of the citizen's of the community in my opinion.

Your actions were certainly not in the best interest of the district, otherwise you would have included ALL of the commissioner's in the descision to seek outside management, and the removal of Jack Krill from his position as Chief.

All done, in my opinion, because you and the Fire Department Chief had differences of opinion that didn't meet your personal agenda.

Step up, be a man and resign now!