Monday, July 19, 2010

Idaho State Champs

Back Row L-R Coach Kim Rogstad, Sam McNamara, Trevor Masterson, Troy Carr, Jeremy McKinney, Jesse Monks, Coach Scott Carr, Coach Bill McNamara.
Front L-R: Johnny Hayden, Chadley Miller, Dustin Cebellos, Derek Hansen, Kris Jackson, Quentin Reese, Tristan Jordan, Casey Rogstad.

The Bayview Whitecaps came home Monday,with the Idaho state championship for 15 and under Babe Ruth teams. The play-offs held in Boise last week-end was the end of a fairy tale season. The team, not realizing the rules had changed in the Panhandle League Babe Ruth division, learned after two games that the league was only going to send an all-star team to state. They wanted Bayview to donate two players to that goal. The kids and coaches voted to stay true to the term, "team."

Faced without a league schedule, undaunted, they set out to fight through the season as an independent. In order to qualify for state, they needed to play several games more than scheduled. They played some teams that were in the 18 and under category, just to score the required games. They actually won some out of age games, too.

Before they were evicted from Panhandle schedules, they played two games that told the story. Bayview vs. Bonners Ferry 21-zip and Les Schwab, of Sandpoint 29-0. Ranging to Montana where they played in the Kalispel Invitational, managing to place first in the tournament.

Today, they stand alone as Idaho State Champs in their 15 and under age division and are on their way to Klamath Falls, Oregon for the northwest playoffs. This contest features teams from Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana. The winners of this playoff go to Arkansas for the national title series. Are we proud of our kids? You betcha.

Only one problem remains. How to finance the remainder of the tournament. Many donors in Bayview have given, including the lead sponsors, The Bayview Chamber of commerce. They need more. Much more. They will have to spend a week in Klamath Falls, and if they win there, even more in Arkansas. The Bayview Chamber is handling donations for the group. If you have the ability to help, your donations can be sent to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce, specifically tagged as for the team. PO Box 121, Bayview, ID 83803. I'm donating, how about you?

A quick post script: I ran into Coach Kim Rogstad and his trusty sidekick, Coach Bill McNamara at the Buttonhook tonight having dinner, along with their lovely brides. It turns out he is exhausted from the fund raising effort at a car wash held in Rathdrum at Hico. He and the kids raised a whopping $1068 toward the trip to Klamath Falls for the regional playoffs. Asked whether the team would be in the 16 and under division next year, he grinned and said,"probably not. we'll go straight to the 18 and under since we already beat several teams in that age group." You go Guys, and don't forget there are raffle tickets available for just this week in Bayview at most outlets. We have them at the Buttonhook and I'm sure Ralph's, but not sure about other locations.

1st game Idaho (Bayview) 8 Montana 3
2nd game Idaho 7 Alberta 10
Next game Friday, Idaho vs. Kitsap County, Washington.


Ric said...

GREAT artical Herb !! One suggestion about a little info on the players. age, interest etc. Thanks again Ric

Bay Views said...

All players except one are 15. The exception is Tristan Jordan, age 14.

Anonymous said...

sorry herb you are miss informed
there are 7 players that are 15 5 players that are 14 and 2 players at 13 Tritan being one of these.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything you have done for my son and all the boys on the Bayview Whitecaps team. We appreciate you so much. Kim Hayden