Friday, December 30, 2011

Initials Can And Do Confuse

It was brought to my attention tonight that while there are three organizations in Bayview that have similar names, they all share initials.  Confusion can affect fund raising, event planning and many other functions.

Here are the three:

Bayview Community Center
Bayview Chamber of Commerce
Bayview Community Council 

While all do good work there are differences in function as well as membership. Apparently, in the past I have added to that confusion by using initials only. I will strive to spell out any future group activity with the full name.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm The Guy, Today Is The Day, This Is The Place

These were the first words I learned when I broke into sales following my four years in the U.S. Airforce. It was the Summer of 1960 and I set out to conquer the world. Set it on fire with my determination and belief that nothing could stop me.

In the case of retail sales, I'm the guy, represents getting to know your customer on a personal basis in a very short time. Sometimes within just a few words. People do business with people they like.

Today is the day. A person seemingly browsing from store to store is waiting for a reason to stop here and buy. You must provide that reason. Perhaps "today is the last day of the sale, or there is just one left," all are reasons that sometimes work.

This is the place represents selling not just yourself but the institution you work for.

These rules never change, except they sometimes have to be modified to fit a particular market. While I only wrote for about  five years as a correspondent to the Spokesman-Review,  I was still in sales. The crime reporter that wrote a gripping story about crimes and the travails of the victims, are sales people.

That I never attended a unniversity, nor a school of journalism, I got away with much, because my readers didn't either. They just liked my style of telling a story. Armed with three years of high school journalism, I charged forth to the often times chagrin of my long suffering editor, when I didn't march to the homogenized drummer of the University of Oregon or other fine schools or journalism. But I digress.

My point is that the unshaven man that races out to the paper box in his or her night wear was looking for entertainment and knowledge of how the world works for at least that day and through the eyes of a reporter. What, then, is their motive for buying that product? See the above. All of it.

We all know that circulation in dollars doesn't support the operation of the newspaper. Advertising does the bulk of the work.  Herein lies the basic problem. Does that unshaven guy rush out to discover the newest bargains at K-Mart? Probably not many, if any. They simply want what they bought. News and entertainment. The pulse of the world and nation or all of the above.

Comes the accounting department. An institution that is tasked with the job of making ends meet.  They have and are still failing at that job.Why? Because that forgot who pays the bills. Not the advertiser, they just look at numbers and demographics. Which medium gives them the most for the least gets the ad.

So, we having established what makes the industry work, why haven't publishers figure this out themselves. The tail is wagging the dog. Accounting departments never attended any school of journalism, not any other form of creativity. They are in the vernacular, "Bean Counters."

Yet the publishers rest their investment in the hands of people that do not produce any form of news, entertainment or knowledge. Just numbers. Circulation drops off because the number crunchers, hereafter N/C find that reducing content will also reduce losses.

So the paper shrinks, reporters are laid off or offered early retirement and the consumer, the force that drives the ship gets a notice telling them that for less we are going to charge you more. My friends, that is the definition of a death spiral and since all news people are fed into the system by the same proffessors, they don't get it, because after all they weren't taught anything about what happens when the "boss,"  the subscriber gets fed up and quits. Oh, and the editor that replaced the news editor that quit in the pride of a man that wouldn't compronise his principle? A good man, An intelligent man, but the head bean counter. Where have the cojones gone?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kootenai County Studies A Retrogressive Sell out to voters.

For the last several years, and timed with Dan English as County Clerk. the precincts have been much more convenient. In the case of Bayview, Idaho, we had to drive nine miles to vote. Our polling place was the Athol City Hall.

It is widely known that the further you have to go to vote, the less likely Joe and Jill Six-pack are likely to participate. In some cases the Commissioners do this deliberately, since many borderline voters stay home.

This plays into the hands of wacko fringe people. Those will go where ever it takes to get their vote counted. To retrogress back to the bad old days where it is made difficult to vote would be a moral crime. You commissioners are supposed to be working for us, not a few rabid right or left wingers.

I suggest you think about this real hard, because if you do this thing most voters will oust you at the first opportunity. For those of you that have long memories, Council president Rick Currie didn't lose to his opponent, he lost due to a split vote. It might also be of value to look up the tenure of past commissioners.Single terms is more the norm that long ones. Sure money is short and the county probably has to make difficult choices, the cheapest method for representative government is out voter convenience polling places.

**Update: Dan English tells me that the Bayview Polling place is not scheduled to be eliminated, however how about the folks in other areas?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Parade, Bayview Style

At precisely 6:54 pm, Saturday evening, I heard the sound of horns blaring, sirens moaning and horns honking. They were heading up Lime Kiln Road, in Bayview, Idaho. This parade having started 3 or so years ago was not sponsored by any group, at least an organized one. Pioneered by Phil Stephan and friends, this noisy, cheerful salute to the Christmas holiday, I had forgotten That tonight was the annual parade.

Kind of crippled up with reoccurring back spasms, I didn't attend the party preceding the parade, nor the aftermath which probably was just as entertaining. The last few years in Bayview have been tumultuous, with factionalism rampant. It was refreshing that non-aligned neighbors just did it themselves. I was honored that for the first time since this parade was formed, they brought the parade to me, although it was doubtful it was intentional, I chose to be pleased anyway.

Unfortunately, I fumbled my camera too long, and they were out of sight. I was e-mailed before this event that there was a citizen of Bayview that calls the Sheriff department every time this or other non-permitted event took place.

For that reason, as I watched the parade speed by me, with a Timberlake Fire Truck all lit up in Christmas lights, followed by a few some decorated private vehicles, that a Sheriff car with  blue lights flashing, was bringing up the rear. Considering the nastiness thing I mentioned, I can't help but wonder if the patrol car was part of the parade, or was chasing it. Oh well, details at eleven as they say on the boob tube.

Wrapping up this story, I would like on behalf of those residents that don't have a stump to shout from as I do, thank you folks for making this another fantastic Bayview holiday.

Merry Christmas to all, whether friends or not, for this is the season for forgiveness and reconciliation. In that spirit of Christmas, I forgive all of you that have from time to time pissed me off.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A White Christmas?

According to Accuweather on line, the week of December 18 through 25th will see snow daily except the 24th with the bulk coming December 21 through 23.

Long range forecast are iffy at best, but hey, with seven out of eight days predicted, it looks positive for this year.

Bayviews' 5th Annual Christmas Parade Saturday December 17th. It will be leaving Phil Stephan's house (corner of 3rd and Fir) around 6:30 pm. Phil will be starting the bonfire around 2 pm so come on up, decorate you vehicle and get ready for our little town parade. BYOB.

Ralph's Cafe just called to tell me that you don't need to go clear down to Higgins Point or Wolf Lodge Bay on Lake Coeur d'Alene to view eagles. There are an estimated 200 Bald Eagles present in and around Bayview, scooping up spawned out kokanee. Stop by Ralph's for maps, viewing tips and directions. The trees surrounding the navy base are decorated in white heads as the eagles roost in nearby trees.One north said resident claims his roof is white from the eagle poop.

There seems to be a heckler present in town that likes to make negative comments about others while not divulging their identity. Please be advised that I screen all comments before posting them. If you are one of those people that doesn't have a life and wants to be a pest, please understand that I will not be used in that manner. The delete button is real handy. This blog is for those that wish to stay up with activities in Bayview and the content is mine. I also sign my name to all of my posts. If you wish to slam someone you don't like, take out an ad in the paper. I will not be used for these activities. I do not attack others in this blog and will not allow anyone else to do so.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A challenge Too Soon

A couple of years ago, Sandy McGurk was in Vancouver, BC, driving a Trailways bus for the Winter Olympics. Shuttling athletes to and from the various venues, she couldn't reach her husband, Tom. She finally called a close family friend, asking him to check on Tom, figuring his cell phone probably had quit. It hadn't. His heart did. The friend found him face down in his shop, where he tinkered by the hours with various projects.

Sandy was called and to Trailways credit, they immediately shipped her back to attend to the unthinkable. Tom and Sandy were solid citizens and respected by all. Tom drove truck for Coeur d'Alene Paving and drove steam engine Sundays at Silverwood.

Last week, Sandy experienced what she recognized as a heart attack while picking up her mail preparatory to heading for work at Trailways. She struggled down to the Bayview Mercantile, where she could take advantage of the WiFi present there. She called 911 and was transported to Kootenai Medical Center, where she received two stents. She was also informed she would have to have bypass surgery later this month. She will most likely live.

Unfortunately, working part time for Trailways doesn't include medical insurance and her husband's expired with his death. Shortly after the stent she spent $260 for necessary prescriptions, the last of her savings. She is currently bouncing around in the bureaucracy that constitutes, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Broke, but with many friends, it is hoped we can help her over the hump.

Once she has had her bypass, the bus driving job will be available again. That is, after a period of recovery. We need to help her over the next 60 to 90 days, until she can again help herself.

If you can, please donate to her, Sandy McGurk c/o Herb Huseland and send it to PO Box 884, Bayview, ID. 83803. This is a person worth saving.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Are Promotional Ads Misleading?

Last September, Warren and Cynthia Beyer decided to make some changes in their communications set-up. Living out on Cape Horn, outside of Bayview, Idaho can present problems since not all options are open at affordable prices.

They heard about a promotion that Time-Warner Cable was offering. This consisted of telephone, Internet and television in a package that cost only $107.00 for all three services. Cindy called the number listed, only to be directed to an 800 number. She called and the sales person on the other end, in California, explained the package and promised to have an installer out in a few days.

The sales representative didn't seem to comprehend that the end of service was 260 feet away at the neighbors House, even though Warren stated that several times. They paid the installation fee at that time, in advance of service. A technician snowed up in a few days and switched the phone service off from Frontier, then stated a crew would have to come out to dig the trench for the connection at the neighbor's home. They were now limited to a cell phone that "sometimes" worked if they were on the deck outside and atmospherics were cooperative.

Two week went by, so they called again, asking where the installation crew was. Well, it turns out nobody turned in a work order for the project. Several days passed without results. Still no phone service, with anxious parents calling without results.

Desperately, they called Frontier asking that their previous phone number be reinstated and hooked up.They were told that they no longer owned that number and couldn't reinstate it. Eight weeks from the beginning of this travesty, Time-Warner decided to send out a crew which dug the trench. During the next call, she was told a technician would be out the following week to hook everything up.

Week nine! The installer came out, tried to install dial up for Internet, which was unacceptable. Her then stated he had no order to install a phone. At that point Warren essentially threw the guy out cancelling all of the services that were or were not about to be installed. Currently, the Beyers are shivering out on their deck whenever a phone call comes in.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Today's Tidbits

Who says there's no free lunch. There is in Bayview, Idaho. Several leading citizens have put together a free lunch for residents of Bayview and vicinity, every Wednesday at noon at the Bayview Community Center, followed by pinochle at 2:00 pm. If you plan to attend, please call 683-1680 so that enough food can be prepared. (donations accepted)

Over at the Captain's Wheel, there will Be music every Saturday, starting at 6:00 pm for your early evening enjoyment. This week-end it will be Paul Celeri doing his DJ thing. He has fantastic equipment so don't miss it. Wednesday there will be open auditions for future gigs starting around 5;30 TO 6:00 PM. A week from Saturday will be, "Radioactive Blue, same time.

Monday morning, a good friend, Sandy McGurk experienced a heart attack while at the post office. She drove to the Bayview Mercantile, where her cell phone would work and called 911. A stent was inserted in one artery, with bypass surgery scheduled for late this month. Sandy lost her husband, Tom a couple of years ago from a massive heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this feisty, brave lady. Those who wish to help financially, can drop off donations at the Bayview Mercantile.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Are The 99

We here in Bayview and Athol are a little different than those in the cities. Where dissidents and Anarchists camp out bleating against the system, the country and the fact that there are those that have more than they.

Here in Bayview, Athol and vicinity, we, the 99 are home comfortable in the knowledge that there will indeed be a better day. I have searched fruitlessly for the 1% that might represent the campers, but no. Not even one encampment and with Farragut so close ... Well you would think, right?

Could it be that the normal citizens or our area are the 99 and those poor fools in tents purchases from top flight sporting goods stores, are the 1% Hell, they are wrong about everythi9ng else, so why not.

Thsi attempt to destroy our society will not work of course, but it does point to the necessity for constant vigilance and remembrance that democracy, even here in our neighborhood, is not guaranteed but for words in a constitution, which so far have been enough.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr Tire Leads Tire Givaway

Many of us have tires in our garages that fit the car we don't own anymore. I know I do. In chatting with Eldon at Mr. Tire in Athol, Idaho, we came up with a plan.

Several people have dropped off tires they don't need anymore, enabling Eldon to help out those less fortunate that are having tire problems. Many times in the past, he has donated used tires free to those that could not afford to fix a flat tire. Recently, Mr. Tire decided to formalize this act of kindness into a drive to collect those tires you don't need.

I know for one, that I have at least 3 tires from my old K-car, long deceased. Here's the deal. Bring those unwanted used tires to Mr. Tire located on Hwy 95 one block north of Hwy 54. He'll give them to needy motorists for just the cost of mounting and balancing. You can reach the store at 208-683-2195.

Perhaps various groups could make a tire drive into a community project. Let's get on this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Round Trip Finished ... At Last

Exiting Harborview Medical Center with Yvonne, my neighbor in need, I hit the freeway last Wednesday, during what started as a Seattle downpour. Realizing that it might be entirely different on Snoqualmie Pass, I headed east in a hurry. Sure enough, by North Bend, the rain had started to turn to snow.

As we topped the pass and started down the other side it became apparent the losing altitude was not going to change the snow back to rain. Finally, somewhere east of George, Washington, the snow quit and we outran the storm.

Several pit stops along the way at rest areas later, we encountered a totally deserted on past Ritzville. We headed out on the home stretch stopping only to grab a couple of things at Super One in Hayden. Coming out of the store, the car wouldn't start. We called Mike Heath, Yvonne's son to rescue us. The next day I met a tow truck at the store where we had the car towed to C&L in Athol. This Thanksgiving will be much more meaingful than most, since one stop earlier would have stranded us at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere.

By Friday afternoon and a new starter, the car was ready to come home. I wasn't. Having nothing important to do during the week-end snow storm, I left the car at C&L. Tuesday, I picked up the car to complete what was a seven day trip. I am now humming, "On the road again."

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

A free Thanksgiving dinner is being served at the Bayview Community Center. This feast is free, though contributions are welcome. Mark Thursday, November 24, 2:00 pm on your calendar for a hassle free dinner.

Turkey & all the trimmings, beverage, dessert.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

To Seattle And Almost Back

What was intended as a round trip to Seattle didn't quite make it. I left Tuesday morning with Yvonne Wallis for her scheduled appointment with plastic surgeons. This was only an outpatient visit to measure her recovery and plan for future surgery to cover where bone had been removed almost one year ago.

We stayed in Seattle at the SCCA House which is a non-profit hotel housing patients and caregivers while in town for treatment at both Harborview and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The drive over was great. Sunny skies all the way.
We drove over to Harborview at about 8:30 and had breakfast at the cafeteria in the hospital. We then headed up stairs to the plastic surgery and burn center. The surgeon noted more healing was needed and set the plan up for the hopefully final surgery for April. This was a relief, since I didn't enjoy the prospect of driving over Snoqualmie Pass in January or February where storms have been know to dump several feet of snow in one day or night.

Coming back was a little more adventuresome. When we exited the hospital parking garage we were greeted by a Seattle deluge. Since it had only started during the period from about 10:00 am to 11:00, we figured we could outrun most of it. We eventually did, but not until about Moses Lake or so, snow all the way from North Bend to where we hit dry pavement in mid-state. We always stop at most rest stops since they can be spaced many miles apart. The last one was totally deserted.
We cranked the car up and headed for the homestretch.

Stopping off at Super One foods in Hayden, I needed a new supply of peanuts for the squirrel I adopted last summer. We headed for the car and cranked it up... except it didn't crank. Turning the key did nothing but produce a bunch of lights on the dash. Since my headlights worked I assumed it was one of those infernal safety switches or,computer modules gone nuts. After cursing modern engineering for a few minutes, I called Yvonne's son for a rescue. We shuddered at the thought of this happening at one of the deserted locations in the middle of nowhere. God was watching out for us.

Today, between GEICO road service and son, the car resides at C&L Auto Repair in Athol, almost all the way home. I received a call from C&L telling me I need a new starter. Just think. One more start and I'm home. One less and I'm stranded in the middle of no where in a snow storm.

Update: C & L called to tell me that the car was ready and a good Samaritan stopped by to pay the bill. Will generosity never end in this village I call home? To the anonymous donor, my heartfelt thanks.

Update: It appears that the anonymous donor was Chan Karupiah.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weather Or Not

Well, the weather guessers are predicting a bunch of snow for this winter, but this morning produced an unusual thunder storm with hail, snow and what they call grapple, which essentially, some of all of the aforementioned.

Accuweather is predicting around nine inches of the white stuff for tonight and tomorrow, but forgot to mention the snow level, so it might be in the higher elevations, but be prepared. It looks like we are dodging the proverbial bullet, as they are predicting an arctic outbreak for Thursday, Friday and the week-end.

I leave with Yvonne Wallis tomorrow and am, devoutly hoping for decent weather while crossing the state of Washington.The folks at the University of Washington needed another outpatient visit. A huge thank you to all of the folks that have donated to her costs prior to scheduling the (hopefully final) surgery to replace the hole in her head with a permanent plate. Currently and since August she has had to wear a helmet to protect the gap in her scull.

We'll be back Wednesday pm and will let everyone know what's going on by Thursday. Again, both Yvonne and I wish to heap a huge thank you to all of those folks that have donated so that these trips and expenses therein can be afforded.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Local Taxing Districts Can Be Taxing

Kootenai County has many small taxing districts. Road districts, Fire and water and sewer as well. Most of the time these are operated without much friction by dedicated local citizens that spend many hours of thankless work keeping things moving. Until, of course something goes wrong.

A sudden rate increase, as recently happened in Bayview, or a couple of years ago a dust-up with Timberlake Fire District contracting out management to another larger district, can provoke instant negative involvement from otherwise quiet members.

Currently, a problem has cropped up in Carlin Bay. A community of upscale homes, many on waterfront, has hit a bump. It seems the Carlin Bay Property owners Association is calling for an expensive upgrade to it's sewer system, which depends on a leaky sewer lagoon. Officers of this organization are pushing for a huge increase in taxes to maintain and improve the system as it exists.

Others, perhaps even the majority, want to merge with another larger district with infrastructure already in place. Here is where the problem is. Many of these small boards are made up of community leaders that do not want to relinquish control. The big frog in a small pond phenomenon is an issue in many of these districts. Some personalities have a need to control others. On a larger stage, we call them politicians.

In the case of Carlin Bay, a water district of about 140 members, of which many are vacant lots owned by absentees. some members are claiming violation of bylaws, unequal assessments and various other sins of commission and omission. I was contacted by a member of this organization that vehemently oppose the board of directors, and base this information on their representations.

As Carlin Bay and other small districts grow, all will face at some point consolidation. In the case of sewage disposal, environmental concerns will force actions that thirty years ago were ignored. Existing effluent, both above the ground in personalities, and below in amounts taxing nature's ability to neutralize will force modernization and consolidation, but probably not peacefully.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Holidays Great For Some

Soon the holidays will be upon us. First Thanksgiving representing the thanks for the original Pilgrims survival, and more currently for the blessings that most of us have received in the past year.

This will be followed by Christmas which even if one isn't a Christian usually is celebrated.For most of us it is a time of cheer and celebrations with family members.

One family will not be among that majority. Michael Heath and his mother, Yvonne Wallis will celebrate Christmas by having nightmares, reliving the brutal attack by their deranged neighbor, Larry Cragun. While Yvonne, through the generosity of the community, will probably survive, Michael will never have his wife of twenty-two years back. She was killed during the attack. Mike has been unable to function normally due to his grief and the necessity of caring for his mom.

We have emphasized, perhaps wrongly that only Yvonne needs help. They both do. We are heading back to Seattle November 15 for a one day outpatient preparation for later surgery to install a permanent plate in her head to cover the hole that now exists. We have adequate funding for the trip, but oh so many other needs are apparent. Living in a single wide trailer, she hasn't money to winterize her windows and other needs as well. There is still the hopefully final trip in which her surgery is performed. Based on our experience from the first procedure, we will be in Seattle for several days, perhaps up to 10 days as last time. That will incur much more cash outlay.

We can't turn back the clock, nor make everything right, but each time she receives a gift of love from people that care, she brightens up, knowing that not everyone is evil. If you wish to donate toward her and Mike's expenses, you can send a check to me: Yvonne Wallis, c/o Herb Huseland PO Box 884, Bayview Idaho 83803. For those of you that have already helped, God bless you all.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Captain's Wheel

The Wheel is planning to maintain the 7 day schedule through the winter. Live music will occur every Saturday night, starting at 6:00 pm. This is not a misprint. The music will start at 6:00 pm. Saturday November 5th will feature music by Pauli, with Moore music November 12. As more bands are booked I'll attempt to keep up with listing them here.

Donation cans will be at most locations in Bayview to help with Yvonne's expenses. Please donate what you can.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Depression two

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unbelievable Generosity

Unbelievable Generosity took place at Scenic Bay Marina in Bayview, Idaho yesterday. Hearing that Michael Heath had no place to sleep or park his old motor home, Chan Karupiah, owner of Scenic Bay Marina and RV park, donated an RV space next to his mother's trailer for the off season to Heath.

Many of you remember Yvonne Wallis and her trials after the dastardly hammer attack last December, But Heath lost more. His wife was killed in the attack. Yvonne, still awaiting yet more surgeries to her head, has only Michael as her care giver. He cooks for her, cleans house, does her laundry, takes her to doctor appointments and much more. With Yvonne's mobile home having only one bedroom, Michael has parked his motor home on an old forest service road for the summer.

Chan is to be congratulated for his generous nature. Many things he does for others fly under the radar, as he never publicizes his acts of kindness. Chan also assisted in covering some of the expenses of our last trip to the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Heath will only have to pay for power he uses.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Team Yvonne

Friends and neighbors have set up a fund raising site where you can purchase "Team Yvonne" T-shirts and Sweatshirts on line. By visiting the e-address listed below, you access the company that sells them. All proceeds will go to Yvonne.

I urge you to show your support for this unfortunate victim of a criminal attack. Ten months downstream she still faces more surgeries on her head.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch On Us

Hobart Jenkins, Jackie and Tom Lloyd have put together a meals program named Lunch On Us (LOU) to be served every Wednesday at the Bayview Community Center beginning December 7, 2011. It will be open to those in need and in particular to seniors in the low to moderate income bracket; however, no one will be turned away. Lunch is free but contributions will be gratefully accepted.

What we are asking of you is to spread the word to those who could benefit. If you know them personally perhaps you could just say that a lunch program is starting in Bayview and “needs” participants in order to apply for current and future grant money. We don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed or have their pride hurt. We just want to help at this dire time in so many people’s lives.

A head count for the first few meals is needed so we can plan on the amount of food to buy. Please call or email and let us know if you will join us for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center on Thursday, November 24th at 2 pm or any of the following Wednesday lunches beginning on December 7th at noon.

A generous donation from Carl and Wendy Costello has been received as seed money specifically to be used for this project and to cover the Community Thanksgiving Dinner as the kick-off.

Hobart Jenkins, Tom Lloyd and Kathi Ellis will continue to follow grant money. We hope to receive enough donations and grant money to make this an ongoing and viable project. Your tax-deductible donation (earmarked for LOU) can be sent to:

Bayview Community Center Foundation, PO Box 493, Bayview, ID 83803.

The volunteers starting this program are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it going and keep it going. However, we certainly could use more volunteers.

We appreciate you getting the information out.

For questions, call Jackie or Tom Lloyd at 683-1680; e-mail:

Thank you,

Lunch On Us
A Bayview Community Center Foundation Program

For questions and information call: 683-8040 or 683-168. On line at :

Monday, October 24, 2011

Heading Back To Seattle

I just confirmed the next appointment for Yvonne Wallis as November 16. We will trek across Washington state yet another time. I'm a bit fuzzy as to the purpose of this visit, but it is in preparation for the final trip which will be more extensive and require several days unfortunately during mid-winter.

With the unprotected gap in her skull, Yvonne has to wear a football type helmet when walking or traveling. It is very uncomfortable. We are all looking forward to having all of this in the rear view mirror.

This will be a quick trip over stay one night and back the next. Yvonne wishes me to thank all of you that have donated for the expenses incurred from these trips to Seattle and back.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not Ready For Sainthood

In today's Spokesman-Review, a comprehensive review of the events surrounding the attack on Yvonne Wallis, her son Mike, grandson Jed and Mike's wife, Patty. The story, by Allison Boggs hit the front page above the fold for those of you that understand journalistic language.

In that discourse, I was praised for jumping in and attempting to do what I could to help. Initially, it was covered dishes and moral support. Eventually it became known that Yvonne had an infection surrounding the plate that had been inserted into her scull following emergency surgery.

After consulting with Yvonne, and considering her fears and lack of comprehensive skills following her head injury, I determined that Angel Flight wasn't an option for several reasons. First of those was flying her over to Boeing Field, turning her over to a cab driver and dumping her off at Harborview Medical Center wasn't going to work. First, she was afraid of heights and flying. Secondly, she was obviously not capable of dealing with the various bureaucracies that proved to be daunting even to me.

After considering these options and rejecting them, it was clear that she had to be transported by car with a companion along to smooth out the bumps. Rolling that one around in my head, It came clearly to me that I was the obvious choice. First, I'm retired and had the time. Secondly, I had family and friends on the coast that I could stay with while she was hospitalized.

That is what we did. She had two days of pre-op interviews in which I was an observer. We stayed in a non-profit motel ran by the Hutchinson Cancer Center for three nights, followed by the unbelievable course of events that followed at Harborview. I will cover those in another post.

Eventually, she was released and we beat feet back to Idaho. For Two weeks, she had to stay at Life Care Center, which proved to be everything they claimed. The Cadillac of Nursing homes.

She was finally released in an unconventional way, which again I won't go into here.

Now to the title of this post. Most of my life I have been a self centered egotist that looked out for myself sometimes at the expense of others. I am sure that reflected in the multiple marriage failures I Went through. As one ages, if you are lucky, one learned from mistakes made. Sometimes through wisdom, sometimes through God given opportunities that tend to be accidental.

The incident with Yvonne was the later. Suddenly I could do something useful in helping others. It worked for both of us. I, for the first time in a very long time felt good about myself. Truthfully, I think I gained much more by helping than Yvonne received of my assistance. I have many warts. I'm thankful that before I go, I will have done at least one good thing for someone other than myself. I just wish it hadn't taken 70 years to figure it out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have hesitated to write this post fearing the ladies would think I take breast cancer lightly. I don't. My sister died of that disease a few years ago and I have friends here in Bayview that have suffered and survived.

Still, how about equality here. Us guys, including yours truly, suffer from Prostate Cancer, but does anyone hold a month long celebration of prostates? Not even. I would wager, (without the facts of course) that as many men die of prostate cancer as women with breast cancer.

I finally figured it out. First, breasts are cute, and boy howdy, visible. Prostates on the other hand, hide in the background, occasionally, when faced with an appropriate situation, spit a little. Sometimes it is in an inappropriate event, but today we won't go there.

To sum it up, while a prostate never shows it's face, if in fact it has one, breasts are proudly displayed for the world to see. Some, more than others. In summing this up, I think I've lost my own argument. Vive le Tetons, may they dominate forever.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water & Sewer Open Meeting

Several lessons were learned this afternoon, as the public learned to pay closer attention to the Bayview Water & Sewer Board meetings and the board learned some things about accountability.

A mostly hostile crowed of over 30 rate payers packed the audience after the board announced rates were going to double for the next year and beyond. Two problems were evident. One, the sticker shock with the sudden harsh increase, and the casual do what the law requires regarding notification. Chairperson, Chuck Waller seemed to feel all citizens should pour over the legal notices, just in case it affected them. That was an ill advised lack of judgement in my humble opinion.

He constantly referred to state regulations. What he didn't or wouldn't admit is that those state notification rules are for minimum participation, not maximum. Still, as the meeting proceeded, it became clear that the board members were sincere in hearing every one's concerns. The end result is that the board will, in the future do more to publicize important events.

My observations, which aren't necessarily that of others, is that the openness of the board to hear complaints until the crowd had at last, two hours later, wound down. Some showed up with recall on their minds, only to realize that the board made decisions as they were elected to do, and where some would have acted differently, they didn't run for office. It was noted that directors have six year terms, one board member thought is was only three.

Disarmed and satisfied that the electorate had it's voice heard, it is my feel that things will calm down, the board will make sure that not just the bare minimum legal notice is observed, where elections and rate adjustments are discussed, that widespread notification takes place.

What we saw today was democracy in action at the grass roots. It isn't always comfortable, but always necessary.

On an entirely different subject, it seems that a potbellied pig has been hanging around the post office and environs.Word has it that a couple owning a pig as described felt it necessary to flee Bayview in disarray from their home on 5th street recently. It would be a kindness if someone were to capture the pig and call animal control. I'm sure there are several people enamered with potballys that would either adopt the animal or eat it. Either way, it won't survive the cold weather coming.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two great Developments

Two really great things happened Thursday, October 13. One was a successful cataract surgery done on my right eye. I checked in at the V.A Medical Center in Spokane, Washington where they started to play musical chairs with me. Normally, same day surgery is done on the sixth floor. That floor, however was undergoing a total remodel. So I checked in with my Daughter-in-law, Jennifer Huseland who would subsequently pick me up after the procedure.

Shortly thereafter I was moved to the 4th floor for pre-op prep. After a period of time and several eye drops plus being stabbed in the back of my hand with an IV pic. I was then moved to the 8th floor for the actual procedure. I chatted with John Givens, the RN anesthetist. I related to him that I had been taught to administer IV's through a pic-line, which is a semi=permanent pathway to the bloodstream where an IV can tap in.

He started to look at me kind of strange, then said, "do you live in Bayview?" I replied that yes I did. He then asked "Do you know Yvonne Wallis?" I gain replied in the affirmative. Then he related that he is an Elder at the Real Life Church in Post Falls and that he met Yvonne one night when a neighbor brought her for prayer. She told him the whole story from beginning to end about the attack on her and her Son, Daughter-in-law and Grandson. The daughter-in-law, Patricia Heath did not survive the attack and Yvonne is still facing more surgery. It is indeed a small world.

The other great thing that happened on that day is that the IV regime was over and she no longer had to be treated every twelve hours for infection.The pic-line was removed and Peace descended upon her household at last. Yvonne will have to return to Seattle at least twice more. Once for pre-operative planning and determination of what type of plate would be emplaced in her head to permanently close the medical side of her treatment, hopefully.

At some time, probably in December or January she will have to go back to Seattle for that procedure. The trial for the attacker, Larry Cragun, is set for January 3 of 2012. I will keep everyone posted as developments occur.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Bayview Water & Sewer Meeting

This from Sheryl Puckett:

"Tuesday, October 18th, at 3:30 p.m. Bayview Water & Sewer is holding their monthly meeting at their office in the mobile home behind the fire station. If you're concerned please attend this meeting and come with questions.
Starting January 2012 the water bill will reflect the rate increase. Sewer charge will go from $20.00 to $26.00 and basic rate will jump from $11.00 to $21.00 each month."

It is unfortunate that the monthly meeting will fall during normal working hours precluding attendance by those in the community that are concerned with the rate hike. If the board really desires community involvement, an evening meeting would be more appropriate, as all other community organizations do.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Help Needed

We are looking for anyone that has a set of 215/60 R16 snow tires. Yvonne Wallis, victim of the hammer attack last December, has to go to several medical appointments, plus physical therapy. Soon the snows will fly and here tires are wore out. It there is anyone out there that sold a car but still has this size snow tires, please contact me by either or by phone 208-683-9107.

We think we have enough cash to make the trip back to Seattle for her surgery, but now it appears that it will take two trips. We'll hope for the best on that one.

***We have a pledge for $200 for the tires. We need just $200 more to solve the problem.

Friday, October 07, 2011


photos courtesy of the Onion Creek School.

Using the analogy of streets, at the risk of getting Doug Clark started again, I'd like to address aging. First, there is no training for this. One day you are lively, svelt and full of piss & vinegar. Liken to the four seasons here in North Idaho, the following day you are old.

My face in the early years started out like a smooth newly poured sidewalk. Soon I turned into an average street. Later, my countenance became more like a blacktop street with a chuck hole here and there. Now, it's more like a washboard gravel road, leading nowhere and becoming slightly overgrown. As I age, I'm more compelled to chase my family's past. We'll leave out the part during prohibition where my Dad, an uncle and cousin cooked up some suspicious remedy for what ailed the folks in the area.

In a recent post, I mentioned the school my Mom taught at, the Spirit School in the area north of Colville. Spirit doesn't exist anymore. It used to sit on the Colville Northport highway, referred to as the Aladdin Road. Aladdin doesn't exist anymore either. The original Spirit lay athwart the Y just north of the Blue ridge mine. According to folks I've made recent acquaintance with, there was a store, gas station and post office.

Since finding that school, I found the school my Mom first taught. It is the Onion Creek School, that sits on the side of a mountain between Colville and Northport. According to some of my sources, the local economy is driven by agriculture. Some of that is allegedly kind of not legal. The noise level in the area is raised by DEA helicopters blanketing the area. I would guess they aren't growing carrots and tomatoes up there, but I digress.

The older I get the more interested in the past of my family. Next summer, I will trek with my son, up to Onion Creek for a trip down nostalgia street. The Onion Creek School is not just a school. It's also a school district all it's own. They currently have 43 students and the original school is still standing, along side of the teacher's cottage.

According to Myra who is either the school secretary, or maybe district administrator, they still use the little school my Mom taught at as a rookie first assignment teacher. That would have been around 1927 or so. Pictured above, are the school and teacher's cottage.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Oktoberfish 2011

Oktoberfish, a fall fishing derby on Lake Pend Oreille is sponsored by Ralph's Internet Cafe and The Captain's Wheel Restaurant and Lounge. This year was a good one. 109 contestants set out to capture the wily Rainbow Trout. Lake Pend Oreille, if Idaho Fish and Game weren't so picky, holds the state and national record at 43 plus pounds. Unfortunately the Gerard strain has been disqualified for that honor.

This year;s winners are as follows:

1st prize went to Cory LaRue at 14 pounds seven ounces. Cory has shown up before in the winner's circle.

2nd prize was won by Randy Vanerkolk with a 13.2 trout.

Edging out Nellie Bell who held 3rd until Roy Stokes showed up was edged with Roy's 11.4 Rainbow.

Pictures above, show the winners in reverse order, R-L
Second picture shows Ralph Jones awarding the Traveling Golden Trout Trophy to Cory.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bayview Water & Sewer

Several people have contacted me regarding a recent substantial rate increase. It may well be that the increase in totally necessary, but no local notification of the meeting or the agenda was given.

While it is true that posting a legal notice in the Coeur d'Alene Press is all that is legally required, one does wonder why a greater effort to inform the community was not made. We are not a big city. We are a close knit village of few, where informal notification would have been in order.

I believe that our commissioners are honorable people doing a thankless job. Nevertheless, I am hearing from some that by posting just the legal necessity, it was an attempt to circumvent the customer base. Perhaps a special meeting could be called to more thoroughly explain the whys involved, this time with better notification. It would also serve to placate those who are of a suspicious nature.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boileau's Marina Reborn

The 83 boat slips that were owned by Cydco have been sold. The new owners, Scott and Jeannie Bjergo, who also own the Bayview Mercantile have purchased the marina. Currently they are taking names, boat sizes and phone numbers from those that are either already in the slips or want to be for next season.

While electricity will once again be available, it is not anticipated that will happen before spring. The Bjergo's are fine citizens of Bayview and will do a great job. Information can be obtained by calling the Bayview Mercantile at 208-683-2216, or 682-9201.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Red Schoolhouse

Saturday, September 24 turned out to be a wonderful day in many ways. I headed to Spokane to meet up with my youngest son, Brian. Brian teaches 4th grade at Northwest Christian School in North Spokane, soon to move to Colbert, where the high school is.

We had planned to trek up to Aladdin, north of Colville, Washington. My Norwegian Grandfather homesteaded on 160 acres up Meadow Creek. The last time I saw the old Log Home he built was 1948 when I was ten years old. It probably has burned down, as the homestead was acquired by the national forest years ago.

My Dad founded the Blue Ridge Mine, near the old Grace Ranch who was my step Grandfather. He sold out in about 1938 to a milling company, Goldfield Mill. hundreds of tons of Lead and Zinc came out of the hillside, with the lead sorely needed during WW11 for lead acid batteries.

Just up the road about three miles was the one room schoolhouse where my mother, Nina Huseland nee Barton,taught grades 1 through 8. Most farm kids ended their education after the 8th year. We set out to find the old school, called Spirit. We had information that it was still standing after 98 years. We found it north of the mine about 3 miles on the right side of the road. It was repainted barn red and is now a private residence. Originally it was white. We shot a photo and headed back to Spokane, our search having been rewarded with success.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bayview Happpenings

This week end features the Larry James Band (no relation to Jesse, we think??) playing at the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, Idaho. Music starts at 8:30 and lasts until 12:30.

October 1 and 2 is the Oktober fish derby sponsored by Ralph's Internet Cafe and the Captain's Wheel. For information on the derby, call Ralph's at 208-683-2218.

Yvonne Wallis appears to be beating the infection she has been cursed with and may be off anti-biotics sooner than thought. As soon as wwe can get set up, we hope to head for Seattle for the final chapter in this horror story. We think, if all pledges are received that there will be enough money for the November trip.

The warm weather is not expected to hold very long, so if you haven't had your tomatoes frozen out yet, be ready to rescue them in a few days.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yvonne Wallis

For those of you that have followed the saga of Yvonne since the senseless hammer attack of December 20, 2010, here's what has happened and will happen in the future. This is where it happened.

Having been hit savagely on the head with a hammer, she received a depressed scull fracture. The affected bone was removed and a plate installed in it's place. Infection set in and caused more lengthy treatment. She now has to wear a helmet, since part of her skull has been remored and hasn't been replaced yet.

She was driven to Seattle August 17 or this year. Three outpatient sessions with University of Washington doctors and technicians followed Wednesday, August 17, with an additional appointment Thursday. Friday was was admitted to Surgery at 6:00 am for neurosurgery assisted with plastic surgery to pull skin and flesh over the hole. The previous plate was removed and the cement around it also.

That was followed by intense antibiotics, administered by IV. Finally, after a week in recovery, she was released to Life Care Center in Coeur d' Alene, where she received two weeks more of IV antibiotics administered through what is called a pic line, which is a semi-permanent path into her veins, so that repeated treatments can be given.

She is now at home, where a few friends and neighbors have volunteered and were trained to give those treatments twice a day, for probably the next six weeks. Assuming that the infection will be beaten by then, she will be transported back to the University of Washington for a permanent plate to be installed. Nothing is guaranteed. She is still in a life threatening condition and without great care, could fail to survive.

Somehow the money spent for the first trip to Seattle, which exceeded $500 must be spent again. Neither she nor the folks in the community that helped out of their own pockets can afford to sponsor the trip alone. If you can help, please respond privately to me at or at 683-9107. Checks may be sent to PO Box 884, Bayview, ID 83803

Larry Cragun, the man that apparently went berserk and perpetrated the attack, is in the Kootenai County Jail awaiting trial for Murder, attempted murder and probably a few other crimes as well. Patricia Heath, Yvonne's daughter-in-law, was killed in that attack. The trial is set for January 3, 2012.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Farragut Naval Reunion

Fewer WW11 vets attended this year's reunion of Farragut basic trainees, as more of the vets, many in their 90's are passing on. The ones that did though were greeted by an upgraded flag pavilion with benches and sidewalks. After the flag raising that started at 9:00 am the social part continued at Sunrise Day Camp.

One new addition to the show was the complete restoration of the Harbor Master's hut which once sat atop the old boat sheds of which a few still remain on the navy side. The hut used to sit on one of the boat houses that were removed during the rebuilding of what is now Harborview Marina. At the request of Bayview historian, Linda Hackbarth, Waterford Park Marinas salvaged the beat up old hut.

It now sits proudly as one of the Farragut State Park exhibits in the brig museum.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Odds N' Ends

As things cool down in a week or so, many of our residents will head south for the winter. For folks that stay, the Bay Cafe is expanding to serve dinner as sell as breakfast and lunch. Henry tells me the menu will be affordable and good eating. Also the cafe has a beer and wine license so you can have a libation with your meal. Dinner starts next week Wednesday. The restaurant will be closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

I have contacted the Fire District and will be getting a chronological description of events regarding the recent fire on 1rst Street here in Bayview. It appears there are rumors that are not correct regarding the response.

From Genette at the Bitter End Marina:

I just had a visit from a man that left his camera bag on the Cape Horn road where he was video taping the sailboat race. He went back for it and and it was gone. Could you please spread the word to your big email list in case someone here found it. He didn't have his name or number in the bag.

He is feeling very awful, His name is Alan Brown, his phone number is 208-755-3710.

Thank you,

Bitter End Marina

Consider the word spread. One hopes that a concerned citizen picked it up for unselfish reasons.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Deafening Quiet

It is two days after the storm. Labor Day weekend is over and peace has descended. One could say that Summer is officially over, but with temperatures climbing into the high 80's and low 90's it is hard to believe that.

As I look out over Scenic Bay, nothing is stirring. The loudest noise is the sound of fish swimming by. Not a single boat is within sight. The streets are empty of cars, pedestrians and such. The Summer people are gone and we have our town back.

The Buttonhook is closed for the season and others may follow. The only sure thing in Bayview is that Ralph's will be open, still requiring tourists to stop in when they reach town. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well, here we are at the end of Summer again. This is the weekend where we have one more lavish party, followed by boats and summer people leaving as the Lemmings do. By Tuesday, Bayview, Idaho will be a ghost town again until next Memorial weekend.

But first, remember that we have live music at both the Wheel and the Buttonhook. The Buttonhook will feature the Bell's everyone's local favorite band. The Bells, a third generation of gifted musicians will present a wide variety of favorites. If you haven't heard them yet, come on down. If you have, I don't need to tell you anything.

The weather forecast is for high 70's to low 80's for the three day party. Bring your wife or honey, (not both) and party down. The Bell's will crank off the music at 9:00 pm Saturday night. A hint: The very best boating and fishing is in September.

One change that will take place following the weekend will be the seasonal closing of the Buttonhook. The Bay Cafe will immediately start serving dinner as well as lunch and breakfast for the local people that don't head south for the winter.

One of my loyal readers reports that the Captain's Wheel has hit the multiple Listing Service for $485,000. Apparently, it's time to scoot. Well, running a restaurant is a daunting task and not for the uninitiated. Especially in a small town where a new business is held under a microscope.

Authors Sell Out

I am an avid fiction reader. My favorite authors are guys like W.E.B. Griffin, Tom Clancy, Stephen Coontz and Dale Brown. All of them have one thing in common. They don't write their own stuff anymore. Anyone that seriously reads these authors through several books can tell the writer's style immediately.

Whether it is the publisher coercing the author to lend a newcomer his name, or the laziness of a successful author that doesn't feel he needs to write anymore, my take is that if you don't want to write, quit. Don't give us fake books that are not anything like what you wrote when we became your fans.

Recently, I purchases two books for a total of about $40.00. Fortunately, these books were heavily discounted. They should have been.

"Victory and Honor," by WEB Griffin, shows his son as co-author. I suggest the son wrote the whole book. Non of dad's style was evident anywhere in the book.

The second book was, "Against All Enemies," by Tom Clancy, with Peter Telep. Anyone ever heard of Telep? I didn't think so. Clancy did not write this book, either. This leads me to believe that prostitution is more honorable than putting your name to something you didn't create. For shame!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home At Last

After twelve days of travel, frustration as some of the folks at Harborview needed help pulling their collective heads out of their asses, I am home. I managed to spring Yvonne Wallis at least four and probably six days later than was necessary. It turns out Harborview wasn't talking to Idaho Health and Welfare until she was ready for release.

I finally put in a call for the neurosurgeon and charged him with abandoning his patient. Suddenly things started to happen.I got through to people that were able to cut through the lethargy that permeated the staff. It would seem that their routine was more important than the patient or family. In this case I was temporary family and the designated representative. I made sure that was set up so they would have to talk to me.

Never, have the waters of Scenic Bay looked so beautiful. There is nothing like being forced to endure ten days locked into the congestion of Seattle and surrounding areas. Escaping wasn't easy, but we broke jail and returned. The support of the community was awesome as well. Thanks from both of us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Am Pissed Off

Yes, I am Pissed. We should have started back home yesterday. We may not even start back tomorrow. The reason? Today learned that because Idaho Health and Welfare has not approved the cost of the antibiotics necessary for her recovery. Harborview Hospital will not discharge Yvonne Wallis until plans are completed in Idaho. The irony of the state having to pay several hundred dollars per day to keep her in the hospital, while dithering over a few bucks for antibiotics is ludicrous. First, they have no choice. You cannot deny a person the drugs to combat an infection that sent her to Seattle in the first place.

If anyone from the state reads this blog, I urge you to settle on an end solution. Whether that includes special transportation back, skilled nursing home care, or what, we are in limbo over here. It is time for whom ever is in charge of this case to get off their collective asses and do something. If anyone read this and wants to help, call someone that works there. The patient care specialist at Harborview is trying without success to get someone, anyone, off the dime.

This stalemate is costing the state of Idaho a lot of money, not to mention my own substantial outlay so far. One I can ill afford. Yes I'm pissed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Deja Vous In Seattle

Some things never change, others change radically. It has been 21 years since I fled Seattle in disarray, having been a victim of the 1987 sudden recession. My new mortgage company down the tubes, I looked back to the fun years I had in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho back in the early 70's.I migrated back and am still here.

In those days, Coeur d'Alene didn't have a rush hour. The mining district was mostly shut down due to low silver and lead prices. Even the Ho's in Wallace left town about then. Many think it was a law enforcement crack down. It wasn't. It was economics. The timber industry was also struggling.

The freeway traffic is the same. Impossible Russian Roulette combined with bumper cars. For a person accustomed to our casual traffic in North Idaho, it is truly a culture shock. My old neighborhood is built up substantially. Downtown Seattle streets seem to hide from me. North and south get lost without a compass.This is especially true in the South Lake Union area where streets are diagonal to the rest of the city which is in the traditional squares.As I transited the area I was reminded of the laugh when the new South Lake Union Transit caused an enterprising young man to have hundreds of T-shirts printed up with S.L.U.T. on them. He sold out.

I finally reoriented my self and no longer circle the block without a clue. Just in time to start back Tomorrow. Tuesday. ... I think. I'm real anxious to get home where the surroundings are familiar as are the people. Leaving town for a week reminds one how wonderful home is. I can't wait to get back.

I will probably have to repeat the trip in 3 or 4 months, as Yvonne will have to go back to have a permanent plate installed in her head. I tell her she went to Seattle with a screw loose and is returning with a hole in her head. With all she has gone through and will again before this is through, I gotta believe she is one of the most courageous people I know.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today Is The Big Day

Today is the big day. It started at 0-dark-30, or 4:30 am for you non-veterans. I'm here in Seattle at the UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center with Yvonne Wallis.

As many of you in Bayview and other surrounding areas are aware, Yvonne and her Daughter-In-Law were victims of a vicious attack by a hammer wielding neighbor. That neighbor is now in jail facing at least, life in prison. Patricia Heath, Michel Heath and son Jed, along with Yvonne were sitting together on the couch watching TV, when Larry Cragun, a neighbor, crashed through the back door, ran up the hallway and started beating the occupants with a large hammer.

Patricia did not survive the attack. Michael and Jed had minor injuries, but Yvonne is still trying her best to survive. She originally had surgery soon after the December 20, 2010 incident. Later, it was determined that the neurosurgery wasn't done correctly, or at least didn't succeed. Her doctors referred her to the University of Washington for the purpose of having the plate in her head removed, the infection cleared up and then in about three to four months, a new one inserted, this time with the assistance of a plastic surgeon that specializes in head injuries.

She will have to wear a helmet similar to a football helmet for any time she moves around, since even though the skin and scalp will be reattached, the bone underneath will have a hole in it.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has pitched in for the medical treatment, but there are many more expenses. The cost of driving to and from Seattle, Lodging for her and myself who is her chauffeur and temporary care giver, meals etc.

Thankfully, churches in the area stepped up with donations of gas, motel and other expenses. It is important for us all to remember that Yvonne is not responsible for what happened to her. We in the community are privileged to step up, not to make up for the attack, but to show that the vast majority of our citizens, whether in Bayview, or Athol are always ready to help when someone is in trouble.

If all goes well, we will drive back Monday and reach Bayview in the late afternoon or early evening. Should there be a delay, I will comment on this post regarding it. I will be calling those Yvonne designated soon after she gets out of surgery. That will be sometime around noon. Prayers are in order.

***Saturday am
Yvonne is now awake, but still needs some help breathing. She will stay in ICU until it is possible to remove the ventilator, then taken to a regular room. No complications around the head area that was operated on.

Saturday 4:40 pm: She was given another breathing test and is doing better. The oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange still isn't quite right yet, so they are leaving the ventilator in for the night. She appears out of danger, but is slow coming around.

***Sunday am: Yvonne is finally breathing on her own as of 11:00 am this am. She will be moved to a regular room this afternoon. We still don't know when they will discharge her, but my gut feeling is that she will be kept over until Tuesday am.

Monday am: Well we lucked out and Yvonne will be released today after lunch. That will bring us back to Bayview around 8:00 pm tonight.

OOPS! Something didn't get scheduled as planned, and they aren't going to release her until tomorrow. I swear, it's easier to spring someone out of jail than to get them out of a state run hospital.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuff N' Things

Athol Daze went great as usual. A large crowd gathered to watch the parade which honored for the first time a Grand Marshall. This initial honor went to David Dunkin, Kootenai County Sheriff Deputy. I spoke to Major Ben Wolfinger after the parade. He said, "in my thirty years in law enforcement, I've never, ever, seen a cop honored by the community he serves."

With all of the bad cop stories that seem to abound, especially in Spokane, it is indeed refreshing to see an officer that understands he works for the community, not against it. Congratulations, David. You did a good job. Dunkin now serves as a training officer. Major Wolfinger explained that the goal was to train new officers to be just like "Scrappy" Dunkin.

I'll be out of touch most of this week unless I can find some WiFi. I'm chauffeuring a lady to the University of Washington for a medical procedure that apparently can't be performed locally. I'll blog any interesting experiences along the way if possible.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Only In Athol

Sometimes things aren't as they seem. Sally Hansen, Athol City Clerk, is an unassuming pleasant feminine lady. But she has a hobby. She rides bareback bucking horses. Like the comic strip, "Rose is Rose," she has an alter ego. Put her in a chute, load her onto a bronco and she becomes a wild cowgirl. Recently, I learned of her and four other retired rodeo women who were invited to the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the Grand Champion Rodeo held in October.

In the first picture, the horse rode her. In the second, she did her ten seconds and got off of the horse in a much more conventional way.

Tomorrow, Saturday, During the Athol Daze Parade, Sally will ride a much tamer stead. Well, at least a little tamer. You see, she will be escorting the Grand Marshall, Deputy David Dunkin in a Shelby GT. She claims that having Dunkin as a passenger will make her immune to arrest, as when she burns out, he will be an accomplice much like Bonny was to Clyde. Dunkin will find himself an accessory before, during and after the fact.

Come on down and watch the parade at 10:00 am followed by fun in the park with contests, vendors, auctions and many more happenin's.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Athol Daze 2011

This Saturday, August 13 marks the 102nd anniversary of the city of Athol's existence. As every year, there will be a street parade, narrated by yours truly. The parade starts at 10:00 am with line up at 9:00 am. Following the parade will be the party in the park.

A new twist this year, will be the addition of a Grand Marshall. Chosen for the first so honored, is Kootenai County Deputy, David Dunkin, formerly the beat cop for Athol and Bayview. Contacted for comment was Major Ben Wolfinger who was thrilled that one of his officers was able to enforce the law and maintain good community relations as well. His comment was, "way cool." Deputy Dunkin is now training officer for the department, for the above noted reasons.

Folks interested in entering the parade, becoming a vendor or a contestant, must register with Sally Hansen, city clerk. 208-683-2101. There is no entry fee for the parade or contest entries.

Some of the activities following the parade will be Camel Rides, money in the straw, with over $500 to be hidden in a large bed of straw. Hmm. May need Deputy Dunkin to enforce the law with that much money at stake. Other stuff is a skateboard contest hosted by Pyramid Skate Shop, a pie baking contest, cute baby contest, (must be under 2 years of age) Big Picture Photography a cake walk, dunk tank, both live and silent auction. Entertainment will be organized by Darla's Dance & Drama.

Victory Auto Parts is holding a classic car competition following the parade. Rudy Rudebaugh, owner, also provides the fantastic sound system for the parade. The overall theme for this year is "All About Kids."

Saturday, August 06, 2011

More Changes

We hear that the kitchen manager has had a disagreement with management and has resigned at the Captain's Wheel. He has accepted employment from Henry Dean who now runs three locations. The Buttonhook, The Floating Patio and the Bay Cafe. Judging from other conversations, the kitchen crew is in disarray at the Wheel. We hope the growing pains subside and an organized approach to the business and community will prevail.

The Buttonhook is still working with Banquet permits from J.D.'s since the liquor license has be inordinately delayed. This allows them to serve alcoholic beverages Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Bay Cafe operates with a beer & wine license and is ineligible for a liquor license, since it isn't attached to a marina. Meanwhile, Ralph's Coffee House is sailing along in it's niche doing very nicely hanging out above the fray.

***Bulletin: Following the kitchen manager, Dean Knowles, prior manager of the Bay Cafe, quit today as well. It looks like some serious managerial problems exist.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Hilarious Obituary

This is the most hilarious obituary I've ever seen. I seldom read the obituaries and never publish them. This deserves an exception. RIP, Dandy.

Dandelion B. Treecraft

Dandelion B.

Dandelion B. Treecraft died August 4, 2011
Born: April 30, 1949, Fresno, California,
Dam: Nina Isabel Guard, a shy, rural North Carolina girl, graduated from the University of North Carolina at age 18.
Sire: Vernon Willard Whipple, a dangerous-charming Fresno boy who managed to graduate from Fresno High School.
Christened "Daniel Bryan Whipple" at his birth, in Fresno, California, Dan endured 13 mind-numbing years of public schooling in California, Washington, and Florida before enlisting in the US Coast Guard during the Vietnam War. Thereafter, he worked as a carpenter, and a wood tank "cooper" in Fresno. After divorcing Leta, his wife of six years [formerly, his step-mother for 12 years], Dan moved to Spokane in June, 1980, and took up, promptly, with a former babysitter from his grade-school years. This was two weeks after Mt. Saint Helens' historic off-topping.
A short stint with the Spokane City garbage collection squad was followed by a similarly-short hitch, 'cold-canvassing' for one of Spokane's leading predatory roofing and siding contractors. That invaluable vocational experience was followed by six years employment at an industrial transformer manufacturing plant - which failed to lead to tenure, as the company moved its facility to North Carolina to take advantage of a lower-wage environment. In late 1980, Mr. Treecraft joined the Spokane Unitarian Church, whose very active singles group had a surplus of women 10 to 20 years his senior. This was truly a golden era for Dan. He eventually graduated from the Unitarian Church in 1997, with a degree of Critical Thinking. A doldrum period of employment coincided in the late --80s, and included a brief attempt to enter the medical industry as a nurse-aide. This proved, after all, not to be a good fit, as Dan felt compelled to take half of his charges home to provide more adequate personal nurturance, while the remainder, he felt, should be taken out over-night, and shot.
From 1991 until 2009, having found his calling, Dan employed himself as an arborist, changed his legal name, and attempted to make an honest living providing ethical tree care. Anyone who's attempted to make a living - ethically - can attest that it is no small feat. Mr. Treecraft's scorecard, here, looks fairly good - if graded on a --curve'. He was pleased, though, that many of his clients also became enduring friends.
In 1991, while pruning an ancient apple tree for a frugal-but-charming South Hill matron, Dan met his second-wife-to-be. Nearly eight years passed, before she managed to come to Dan's attention again. Jan and Dan were married on the Autumnal Equinox, 2001, a pot luck affair which drew a crowd of well under one thousand.
The next nine years passed in what appeared to be sublime, flawless bliss. Both Treecrafts were generally satisfied to let that appearance prevail. It was a period of considerable inner growth, especially for Jan. For Dan, it was a time of great inner testing. The result was, after all, a passably agreeable relationship for a near-decade. No small feat in this day.
In the Fall of 2008, Dan noticed a mild, chronic sore throat, and some difficulty swallowing. The symptoms persisted, eventually joined by others, until Dan finally agreed to see a doctor in February, 2010. Examination and biopsy revealed a tumor of some advanced development. A course of "no treatment" was decided upon and followed, until such time as the discomfort and dysfunction of his illness directed Dan to thoughtfully and humanely end his tenure. Jan stood by him throughout the eleven-month duration of his winding-down process, walking all the way - to the very edge - with him.
Some fuss has been made of Treecraft's social and political activism. This aspect of his life has been significantly exaggerated, though it's true he took pride in his pivotal role - forcing Alberto Gonzales to resign as head of the United States Justice Department's team of international war criminals. Dan was also exceedingly proud of being ousted from several dozen Spokane City Council meetings, by Council President Joe Shogan.
Besides his wife, Jan, Mr. Treecraft is survived by their dog, Skippy, Cuckoo, the cat, Jan's adult son, Max, Jan's daughter, Molly, and Molly's 4-year-old son, Ezra. Dan also leaves a half-brother, Bill Whipple, seven step-siblings [ too numerous and far-flung to name - Bobby, Jackie, Eddy, Sally, Nancy, Tommy and Susan ], and an unknown number of nieces and nephews. Dan had no children of his own [ if he did, not one of them ever called or wrote ].
Burial will be at Worley Township Cemetery 10:00 a.m., Saturday, August 6, 2011. A caravan of grave-digging friends and well-wishers are expected to provide funereal talent, shovels, sweat, cheer, graveside manners. Eulogizers of quick-witted brevity are welcome to speak. Long-winded droners may be stoned and used as backfill. Bring a picnic lunch to share, and something to sit on. Please consider carpooling. It is hoped this event might inspire and bring together a few good people from across the county.
Those wanting to make memorial gifts are asked to give generously to the Spokane Center For Justice.

Published in Spokesman-Review from August 5 to August 6, 2011 Follow this Obituary

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Two Economies

I have often wondered why the experts tell us that the recession was over in 2009 and now warn us of a possible second one. Obviously with unemployment hovering at just below 10% food stamp recipients at an all time high and unemployment benefits running out, the recession isn't over.

It finally occurred to me that what the experts are referring to is the Wall Street economy.By their reckoning, if the stock market is healthy, then so is the economy. So what we have is a classical double standard.

One economy prospers with cheaper goods made off shore by inexpensive labor. Stocks are healthy and dividends are as well. Those that have retirement funds like 401K, and other like types of investments are doing just fine.

On the other hand, the bulk of our population that doesn't live on investment income is suffering. Homelessness is on the increase, foreclosures are still high and with the large inventory of either new homes unsold or bank owned, are causing the real estate market to stay flat.

The construction industry, that fostered a huge amount of employment for the workers in their 20's and 30's is dead. Manufacturing is at a low point due to consumers not having the income to purchase goods made in the Orient. The experts that do not take into consideration the state of the consumer economy are now warning that a second recession is possible. It ain't. It is still the first one.

What we have is Wall Street versus Main Street. It would appear that Free trade isn't all that free.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Changes Acomin'

Within a few days, the Bay Cafe will reopen under new management. Henry and Sheryl Dean, now operating the Buttonhook and Floating Patio, have leased the cafe and after the hood is cleaned, in probably 3 to 4 days, it will be opend for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be available from 6:30 am. The plan is to remain open all year rather than seasonally, such as the Buttonhook.

Live music at the 'Hook was so successful recently, that the Bells will be invited back again at least twice. Labor Day Weekend they will play outdoors on the north lawn, weather permitting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wheel Turns

This Saturday night, from 8:00 pm to midnight, the Captain's Wheel will feature live music. The Larry James Band, featuring Larry on guitar and vocals, George on lead guitar and some vocals, the ever popular Daveana on bass and vocals, along with hubby, Kevin on drums will sir up the local scene with great music. Oh I almost forgot Rick on Keyboard. Together they represent the best in local talent and appear in other incarnations with a mix of the above.

Don't miss this one. It will be another hoe down like we used to have in Bayview.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogfest Review

L-R Herb and Dave Oliveria
photo courtesy of Stebbijo.

For those of you that don't follow Huckleberries on line, a Spokesman-Review blog headed up by the Blogmeister, Dave Oliveria, none of this will interest you. For the rest of us in this tight knit group of divergent opinions and personalities, yesterday was a blast. Bent's BBQ hosted the event along Steve Widmyer of the Fort Ground Bar. For those who don't know him, Steve is the consummate host.

Professionally known around the area, Bent has done gigs in the Silver Valley, as well as at the Fort Ground. His BBQ is fantastic.

As usual, folks from all walks of life and community standings were present, bound together with the commonality of blogging and/or visiting and commenting on Huckleberries on line. I was captivated by a young lady of four, named Zu, as well as a few older ones.

Missing were some that most of the time manage to attend. Cindy Hval, fellow correspondent for the Spokesman-Review, was absent, due to her father-in-law's untimely death. There were others as well. Meghann was there, crime reporter for the S/R. Cis and Mari, bloggers from the beginning as well.

Area notables, Dan Gookin, Councilman Kennedy of Coeur d'Alene, Duane Rassmuson and many others were present as well. Spencer showed up, braced for the next windmill tilting exercise. The important thing though, was regardless of how much some disagreed with others normally, none of the animosities were exhibited this day, as everyone basked in what has become a timeout of sorts between some that battle with each other politically. Oh and yes, I brought potato salad.

Here are some photos the event, as published today on HBO:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

North Idaho Veterans Standdown

A one-day Stand Down for Veterans who need help or are homeless, “A hand up...not a hand out!”
This event was designed to bridge many of the barriers between service providers and recipients. Primary emphasis is placed on the creation of an event in which homeless veterans are treated with respect and given the opportunity to relax, interact with peers and volunteers while receiving much needed services.
Saturday, July 23.

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Kootenai County Fair Grounds
4056 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID
8am - 2pm Opening Ceremony @ 8am
Brunch served 8am – 1pm
Medical assistance, dental, service providers, military surplus, clothing, food/fresh produce, haircuts, veterinary services, bike repair.
On City Link bus route.
Robert Shoeman
(208) 457-8789, Ext. 3993
Brandia Young
(208) 457-8789, Ext. 3998

Contact Info:
You must have your DD214, VA Card, or Military ID
Attend the
North Idaho Fair

Friday, July 22, 2011

History Repeats Itself

A few years ago, the cafe north of Careywood, known as, "Stop & Eat, " burned to the ground. Sited just 100 feet or so from the Careywood Fire Station, part of the Sagle Fire District, there was no water available at the station to fight a fire with. Firefighters chopped through the ice at Cocolalla Creek to access water.

Last Tuesday afternoon, the nine year career of Sue Bourguignon, know by all as Sue B for obvious reasons and her friend and partner, Judy, came to a fiery end as a propane heater fell over while Judy was dozing, causing the van she was in to catch fire. She got out without injury, but the van along with a pickup truck was destroyed. The Jerky stand was rescued by a passerby disconnecting it from the burning pickup truck.

Lost was a substantial amount of cash, Judy's purse and other valuables. No assistance was received from the unmanned fire station. One wonders that if structures , etc. can burn with impunity within sight of the station, what luck would folks have when further away?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, we dodged the early one but caught the late one big time. Right down the alley.
Lightning, thunder and rain, oh yes,rain. It came down in sheets, like Niagara Falls. The streets ran with water as rivers. In fifteen minutes it was all over, as it is most of the time with thunder storms.

Peace has fallen upon Bayview, once again, as the angry weather turns toward Montana, where it seems to feel more at home. Perhaps a late thunderstorm may hit again, later tonite. Oh well, I don't have to water my tomato's this week.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bizarre Week

Bizarre is hardly the name for this week in Bayview. First the dead man that called me yesterday, then the sudden appearance of an Egyptian sarcophagus on the roof of the Bayview Mercantile. Scott Bjergo noticed something different when he headed in to work Saturday morning. Perched majestically on the roof of the building was a bright golden Sphinx.

Someone, somehow, managed to scale the building during the night and install the replica without anyone the wiser. The fact that Saturday was the fifth wedding anniversary for Scott and Jeanne probably played into the plot. Bayviews has a strong suspicion as to who the culprit or culprits are, but without a confession, no way of proving the case is apparent.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back From The Grave

Just when I thought today would be like any other Sunday, I found I was wrong. What started out as a normal morning reading the Sunday paper turned bizarre as the phone rang.

I picked it up hearing a familiar voice. Not having my hearing aids in yet, I at first had trouble understanding who I was talking to. I plugged in my ears in and lo and behold, it was Rhon Holm, former Bayview resident. It seems that the rumor had it that Rhon was deceased. His wife, Dee even received a sympathy card.

The call began with Rhon saying, "hello from hell. Why aren't you here with me?" I explained that I had woke up alive this morning and wasn't scheduled to visit hell quite yet.

It turns out that Rhon and his lovely bride, Dee are living quite alive in Spokane, Washington. I asked him how his funeral was. He replied, "I didn't show up." For any of you that still believe he met his maker, Don't pay any attention. I recognized his voice. Now of course, he doesn't dare to die as nobody will believe it. Thanks for the call, my friend. Incidentally, what were the long distance charges from Hell?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Captain's Wheel Still Making Changes

Several changes have been made at the Captain's Wheel since it re-opened here in Bayview, Idaho. First was the addition of Dean Knowles, previously at the Bay Cafe. Starting Friday, July 15, Dean will be preparing your favorite breakfast meals. He will be open at 7:00 am.

Several other familiar faces are present as well. Shawna in the kitchen and Carly behind the bar are old 'Wheel hands from the previous incarnation. Heidi, at the Buttonhook last year, is tending bar during the day shifts. Other returnees may appear in the near future as well.

A happy hour has also been established. From 4-6 pm weekdays, canned beer and well drinks at $2.00. With the Wheel back in business and under new management, plus the Buttonhook returning to the upscale meals that they were known for in past years, along with Ralph's Cafe, a full slate of choices await the visitors to our village.
While BYOB will continue for a while during the week, banquet permits have been obtained for Friday, Saturday and Sundays allowing liquor to be sold at the Buttonhook.

The Bayview Whitecaps Babe Ruth team recently received a generous donation of $500 from Chan Karupiah, owner of Scenic Bay Marina and others.

On a sad note, Don Reynolds, a long time resident of Bayview passed away in his sleep just prior to the July fourth celebrations here in town. Long crippled up, he didn't get out much any more. The sign on his front porch used to read, "Mayor." Hiz Honor is gone and the sign removed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ingenuity At Work

Ingenuity is a word that denotes exceptional effort and exercise of original ideas. Such was the case recently at the Buttonhook Restaurant. Faced with an exceptional delay in the issuance of the liquor license,Chan Karupiah, owner of Boileau's Marina along with other properties, he arranged with J.D.'s Resort for three day banquet permit for the Buttonhook so that they could serve alcoholic beverages during the biggest week-end of the summer, Bayview Daze.

When the week-end was over, as usual, the town died down. Not to be defeated, Henry Dean, new proprietor of the Buttonhook, sans liquor licence found another way. Checking with the authorities to make sure he was legal, he advertised BYOB. It turns out that if no employee touches the alcoholic beverage brought in by a customer, pours or in any other way serves the beverage, an unlicensed restaurant may permit patrons to bring their own.

Many eyes opened wide at the invitation on the reader board. BYOB. Of course be ready to pay a corkage fee or pay a reasonable sum for set-ups, but that is only fair. After all, if drinking an alcoholic beverage is done on price only, everyone would drink at home. It's the social gathering place that allows people to pay twice the retail price for the privilege of drinking with their friends.

I salute Henry and Sheryl Dean for their imaginative way of staying open. Stop off at the Bayview Mercantile for a bottle of your favorite wine and haul yourself over to the 'Hook.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Why Bayviewites Don't Do Vacations

I almost jumped out of my knickers last night as I watched the sun set. The last few days of weather have been fantastic. Not to forget our long winter, but it's helping. Light breezes, 85 degree temps and clear skies just can't be beat.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

It never ceases to amaze me how the day after fireworks and the week following are so deathly quiet. Today, Wednesday, there is one RV nearby, with the occupants gone off somewhere. I spotted a lone sailboat over toward Bernard Peak earlier, but no boats at all in Scenic Bay. The Sun is bright, the temperature 79, winds calm. In other words a perfect day.

This compared to the madhouse of thousands over the weekend is shocking but welcome. For those of you that like peace, quiet and tranquility, this this the place and now is the time. The restaurants are stocked back up, beer deliveries are in progress and Bayview has room for you folks that don't like large crowds.

The sound of fish swimming by is the loudest noise on this day, the second after the 4th.