Friday, December 30, 2011

Initials Can And Do Confuse

It was brought to my attention tonight that while there are three organizations in Bayview that have similar names, they all share initials.  Confusion can affect fund raising, event planning and many other functions.

Here are the three:

Bayview Community Center
Bayview Chamber of Commerce
Bayview Community Council 

While all do good work there are differences in function as well as membership. Apparently, in the past I have added to that confusion by using initials only. I will strive to spell out any future group activity with the full name.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if the names were chosen to confuse?


Bay Views said...

I tried to respond to your blog on BCC, but it was rejected as being more than 300 letters. Is there another way of including this?

In the 35+ years that I have had a home in Bayview, the Bayview Chamber of Commerce has been known as simply the 'Chamber" or the 'Bayview Chamber." After the Community Center was constructed in the early 1990s, it became either the "Center" or the "Community Center." It is only the Bayview Community Council that has been known as the "BCC." Who has ever called the Chamber or the Center the "BCC"? Even though the three organizations share common initials, there is only one who has ever shortened their name to the component intitals. Are there really people in town who remain confused???