Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Neighbor In Need

I just learned that five or so Timberlake firefighters are rallying in Bayview this afternoon to help a family in need. The names were not given to me so I can't help with that. I just learned that the tenants are Eddy and Betsy.

The home is the log building just east of the community center and visible from Perimeter. The exact nature of the problem is also unavailable, but volunteers fro Timberlake Fire District are meeting there about 6:00 pm to help out with wood chopping and any other areas they can be useful.

If you are in or near Bayview drop in to this log home about 6:00 and help the fire guys help the resident please donate some labor. A few bucks wouldn't hurt either.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three Times Is A charm

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been working my way through my second bout with Bronchitis, with a pneumonia in the middle. Obviously not my best summer.

However, knowing that bad thinks happen in threes and I'm past that barrier, I will return soon, as usual, stirring shit, reporting the local news that is of interest  to others, and generally making a nuisance of myself. After all, that is my role as i see it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruby Ridge, Where It All Started

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of shots fired at Ruby Ridge. The tragic misuse of power by the FBI and U.S. Marshall Service reached what we thought was the zenith of misused federal power until the mass murder of many in the unwarranted attack on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas.

The main stream media uses terms like far right, racist, white supremacist, right wing extremists and many other terms that sprouted from the far left. While some of these terms are accurate, most aren't. Some just want to be left alone by everyone. They built homes so far into the mountains that Ruby Ridge would look like a normal rural area in comparison.

It all started with disillusioned Viet Nam Veterans and other drop outs. The 1970's saw a huge movement toward, “back to the land.” Magazines like Farmstead, Organic Gardening, and many others taught gardening skills to city folks that were two generations removed from those that knew and ;practiced self sufficiency. Local author, Carla Emory wrote a book that is practically a bible for back to the land skills. She lives in Moscow, Idaho.

Most of these loners, for want of a better generalization, headed for the hills. Mentally exhausted,spitting on them, reviled by left wing zealots yelling terms like, “baby killers” at returning veterans, convinced many to avoid the society that not only didn't honor them for their service, but reviled them, just didn't want to settle in amongst those that treated them so harshly.

Northeast Washington, far north in the Idaho Panhandle and northwest Montana all offered land many miles from the nearest city. These dissed and unappreciated vets and their families moved as far as they could from civilization. They reverted to lifestyles more similar to the pioneer days where each settler was a law unto themselves without an army, sheriff or other law enforcement organization to hold their hand.

Today, the children of these dropouts are still living the life style their parents did. Perhaps without the anger the parents had, they learned to love the isolation of mountain living. Recently, I visited the Onion Creek School which is miles from Colville and Northport Washington, in the high country. I was there because my mother's first teaching job was at that school in about 1929.

In learning from staff at the school about the community, one remarked that they were very concerned about 3rd and 4th grade students walking down the mountain to school. They are worried about cougars, which will attack small children for food. No losses as of yet have occurred, but with Washington State's prohibition of hunting cougars with hounds, which is really the only practical method of hunting them. Cougars, or Mountain Lions as they are known can grow to 180 pound or more. Their only enemy are Grizzly Bears.

These communities of isolationists still exist. They are armed, know how to use them and want to be left alone. They should be. It is not breaking the law to live apart from others, nor to be self sufficient, growing and hunting for food is a lifestyle not practiced any more in the cities, but if you go far enough into the back country that lifestyle still lives. Most of them are not right wing, racist or Nazis. In most cases they are not even political.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking For Roots

My Son, Brian and I set out yesterday to check out two one-room school houses that my mother taught at years ago. She graduated with a two year degree from what was then Bellinham Normal School, which is what they called teacher's college back then. All a teacher needed back then for an elementary teacher's certificate was two years.

Her first job was at Onion Creek School, a self contained school district with just one school. It is located about half way between Colville and Northport, Washington by going up over the mountain toward Northport. Not only is the original one room school still existing along with the teacher's cottage.  Both are still in use.

After getting the grand tour by the custodian, we headed for Northport. Driving south on the Aladdin Road, we encountered another one room school building that was not in use on private property. It was originally the Deep Creek School, but after burning down twice in forest fires, it was rebuilt on the Doyle place and renamed the Doyle Deep Creek School. They in turn gave us directions to the Lead Point School which also is still in use as a kind of community center. We have an old picture of who we thought was Mom shoveling snow, but a closer look told us it wasn't her. A relative still living told us he graduated from the 8th grade there.

Heading for Spirit, we spotted the South Fork Grange Hall. That is where my mother and dad met. Back in those days and in farming communities it was where everyone met socially. There were no bars, unless you count my Dad's still, no restaurants and no theaters. Just back breaking hard work ... and the Grange hall.

Back to Aladdin Road, where we drove South about two miles. The Y between Aladdin Road and Deep Lake Road was the location of a little town called Spirit. The old Spirit School is still in use as a private residence. My Mom taught there after leaving Onion Creek. By that time my future Dad has his hook set and was reeling her in. The Spirit School was only four miles from the Mine Dad owned. She taught there about six years until pregnant with my older brother.

Finally heading south we hit Colville the round about way and headed back to Spokane where Brian lives with his wife, Jennifer, and three adorable daughters. He teaches Fourth Grade at Northwest Christian Academy, now located in Colbert, next to the high school.

The bottom two [ioctures are of the South Fork Grange where my Mom and Pop met and eventually married, lo those 82 years ago.

Three hundred -fifty miles later I was home in Bayview, tired but satisfied that I showed my son who is the family historian. a part of uor family history.

Pictures T -B Gunder Huseland's Homestead, Onion Creek School, Lead Point School, Spirit School, South Fork Grange.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rebirth Of Bayview

This summer has brought out a larger crowd than the past two or three years. Part of that is due to the hospitality industry, with Henry ensconced in the Bay Cafe serving great food, Ralph's Coffee house with Ralph being the unofficial greeter for strangers coming here for the first time.

One of the bigger effects though is the reopening and turn around of the Captain's Wheel Resort. Rushing to open for last year's Bayview Daze there were many rough spots with personnel and lack of organization due to that hurried opening. Not so this year. With Theresa Long handling the day to day management and a great crew of bartenders and waitresses, the Wheel has become the anchor for Bayview tourism, as well as local residents.

Another plus was when Scenic Bay Marina tore out the beater trailers from the Lime Kiln location and added about six new RV spots. Parking is still a problem with pickups and boat trailers dominating the on street parking. On going landscaping projects will even further enhance what was an eyesore in the old trailer park. Gone are the tweekers, murderers and other malefactors, leaving three occupied mobile homes surrounded by Summer people. Most RVlocations have discounted Silverwood tickets as well.

The strong Canadian dollar has helped as well. Currently at about par, the bulk of new RV campers are from Alberta. Highway 95 traffic being rerouted around the Silverwood RV park has brought street noise to what was a quiet refuge for campers who usually bought multiple day tickets to the Park. Looking around at the RVs at Scenic Bay, most of them are gone all day which suggests they are attending Silverwood during daylight hours and returning at night.

Perhaps the most entertaining RV park is Lakeland RV park located across from the Bayview Post Office. They have 26 spaces plus some tent camping as well. Bayview Creek flows sedately through the park. The kicker though is the 4:00 pm happy hour. Folks gather around the shop and office about 4, either bringing their own drinks or if not, supplied by the park.he years, most repeat customers have become friends as well. It kind of resembles the social atmosphere of an Arizona senior park.

It looks like a win-win for the entire area. Let's hope it continues to grow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heroic Pre-teen girls

Briana , attending the party at Athol City Park, Saturday, had just exited a porta potty when she heard strange noises coming from the unit next to her. She and her friend Bethany, went back and the unit was still locked with no response from the occupant. They immediately contacted Briana's mother, Trina who then alerted Darlene Peterson, mother of Queen Rachel.

They went back where Briana was able to pry the door open a crack where they observed a man crumpled up on the floor, unresponsive. Asking a group of three or four men to help they returned to the porta potty, ignored by the men. Help came from an unidentified American Legion woman's auxiliary member.

Darlene Peterson was able to break into the unit where having difficulty pulling him out they got help from bystanders/ Darlene check for pulse and didn't get one. At that point, Trina LaRiviere got on her cell and dialed 911.

There appears to be two Queens in the Peterson family. While it was too late to save the victim, he could have been in that unit for a very long time had Briana not sensed an emergency and acted upon it.

This heads up reaction from  Briana and Bethany, only ten years old was worthy of an adult reaction. Where they were unable to save the patient, they got help quickly by heading for adults. Of those who helped, most didn't realize the severity of the problem, but came through when it counted.. The parents of these two girls should be terribly proud of their daughters who seeing a potential emergency responded as they should have.

The parents of the two 10 year olds asked us not to use their last names nor take pictures of them. We have honored that instruction.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Athol's 103rd Birthday

Athol Daze, celebrating it's 103rd birthday kicked off with a parade, featuring the little miss Queen and princess, secected from the Athol Elementary 5th and 6th grades through competivie applications.

The winners  represented their generation at the parade during Athol Daze along with other activities throughout the day. In reviewing the various applicant's submissions we found a treasure trove of bright talented young people. It is hard to imagine the difficulty in choosing the final winners from other well deserving applicants.
Two however, stood out. The queen, graduating 6th grader Rachel M. Peterson was crowned queen for the year. It is hard to single out what makes children of this age group special, but we suspect it is a combination of great parenting,and the teaching staff at Athol Elementary. She credits her teacher, Mrs. Anderson for her development. Paraphrasing some of her qualifications were artistic, such as photography, painting, art, math and music. She also lists as her favorites, Duck Tape. We can only surmise that she follows Dad around fixing his errors.

Fifth grade winner was Tehya Russell. Tehya is another young lady graduating from 5th grade. She credits her teacher, Mrs. Boots for inspiring her. It worked. Along with being a straight A student, she is active in target shooting, archery, and of course, her horse. That is just her outdoor side. She declared that she has a sophisticated side as well. She excels in art and is a song writer, poet and apparently is a great speller. She won the inter-school spelling bee this year. She sings and plays guitar,.too.

David Harms was chosen as Athol citizen of the year, well deserved. I knew of the award before the parade but didn't divulge the winner due to the scheduled award at the stage later.

This year marks the 103nd of the city of Athol. Originally, the Main Street was old Highway 95, south of what is now Hwy 54. With the advent of the highway from Spirit Lake to Bayview, it then became the main thoroughfare of the town. Some of the old buildings are still standing The old church across from city park, and of course Lanny Spurlock, mayor of Athol who many claim was mayor back then, too.

Queen Rachel, top Princess Tahya bottom

The parade went off surprisingly well with Queen Rachel Peterson and Princess Tahya Russell leading the way. Following the parade, everyone dashed over to the city park where booths were set up representing arts, crafts, hot dogs, games and many other activitiies. Having survived announcing the parade, Herb greeted defacto Sheriff Elect Ben Wolfinger and the local beat deputy, Brougham, both who are pictured here, along with the Queen and princess.

***Tragic Update: The party was going fine until the locked porta potty that stayed locked for over 20 minutes was breached only to find Eugene Saputski, dead of a massive heart attack. I don't have many details other than he was survived by Wife, Kim and children on both sides. The Saputskis lived in Rathdrum.  He was 45 years old

Friday, August 10, 2012

Spokane Poilce Chief Applicants

My brother, Stan Huseland visited me last week. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. His comment on the former police chief there and applicant in Spokane was this. "The chief was hired by Indianapolis to clean up an out of control department which essentially is run by the FOP. (Police Officer's Fraternity) or Union. He was specifically chosen for his hard nosed no nonsense approach to controlling the department.

When I described the problems in Spokane having more to do with rapport with the community and police oversight, he felt we made the right decision, that this guy wouldn't fit in here. 

Lake Pend Oreille Fishing

I spoke with Chip Corsi today about the prospect of a Blueback (Kokanee) fishing season coming back to Lake Pend Oreille. He was upbeat, feeling there is a good chance that could happen. That is the recommendation of the regional office here in Coeur d'Alene. We won't know for sure until the November meetings at the state level where fish and game regulations are prepared for the coming year. This region will recommend a six fish daily limit, which with the larger fish is quite sufficient.

So far, so good. Mackinaws, the most voracious feeders of Kokanee are down. Mysis shrimp counts are own as well. Spawning four year old Bluebacks are much larger than historically, suggesting there is more feed for them. Bottom line though is that a whole generation of Blueback fishermen and women have sold their boats and moved on.

The cost for the moratorium on these miniature Sock eye Salmon in business revenue in Bayview has been catastrophic, since fishing has decreased. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The parades and fairs are not over yet. Athol is celebrating it's 103rd birthday with a parade starting at 10:00 am Saturday with lineup at 9:30 on Davis Lane. If you wish to enter the parade, call city hall 683-2101. The parade will start at 10:00 am with yours truly announcing the entries as they pass the judges stand.

Following the parade will be the usual fair in the park with many vendors, games for the kids and a host of other events. The weather is expected to be perfect, so come on down. The kids always have fun with "money in the straw," and many other events.

After the fair, you can wander over to the Legion where Larry James will host a jam session under the gazebo starting at 4:00pm. 6:00pm will be a BBQ, also outside.

Victory Auto Parts will be hosting its 6th annual car show from 9AM to 3PM. Last year they had 48 cars.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Found Memory Card

If you are, or were recently on Bayview and lost the memory card from your camera, Norma Jean and Dean Knowles found it. Here is a picture taken from the card. Contact Dean or Norma Jean at 208-683-1980. If you are the subjects of this picture, or know who they are please respond.

I've just learned that the pictures on this card date back to 2008 and are obviously of great value to the family that took them. Here's another picture with a birthday cake from the same card. Apparently a boy named Devin had a birthday that day. These all appear to be family shots with some scenery thrown in as well. You may also reply to me at:

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pretty Girls

I received an e-mail from a lady living in Sagle. She wanted to know whether the Buttonhook was open this Summer. I had to tell her no, but the new owners of the Captain's Wheel are doing a great job.

She said they would cruise down to Bayview with their boat Saturday and meet me at the Wheel. I wandered down about 4:30 and the bartender immediately told me a group was looking for me.

I found Ally and her husband, Scott along with a visitor from Minnesota with two adorable twin daughters. They sent me pictures which are published within. It is always nice to meet folks that follow my blog and come to Bayview. If anyone else wants to do that just e-mail me and we'll meet.
Jaiden me and Kaia, L-R