Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heroic Pre-teen girls

Briana , attending the party at Athol City Park, Saturday, had just exited a porta potty when she heard strange noises coming from the unit next to her. She and her friend Bethany, went back and the unit was still locked with no response from the occupant. They immediately contacted Briana's mother, Trina who then alerted Darlene Peterson, mother of Queen Rachel.

They went back where Briana was able to pry the door open a crack where they observed a man crumpled up on the floor, unresponsive. Asking a group of three or four men to help they returned to the porta potty, ignored by the men. Help came from an unidentified American Legion woman's auxiliary member.

Darlene Peterson was able to break into the unit where having difficulty pulling him out they got help from bystanders/ Darlene check for pulse and didn't get one. At that point, Trina LaRiviere got on her cell and dialed 911.

There appears to be two Queens in the Peterson family. While it was too late to save the victim, he could have been in that unit for a very long time had Briana not sensed an emergency and acted upon it.

This heads up reaction from  Briana and Bethany, only ten years old was worthy of an adult reaction. Where they were unable to save the patient, they got help quickly by heading for adults. Of those who helped, most didn't realize the severity of the problem, but came through when it counted.. The parents of these two girls should be terribly proud of their daughters who seeing a potential emergency responded as they should have.

The parents of the two 10 year olds asked us not to use their last names nor take pictures of them. We have honored that instruction.

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