Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Store That Fishing Pole Yet

Don't put away your fishing gear just yet. It's Oktoberfish in Bayview again. Kick off is the auction Friday, October 2 at 7 pm at the Captain's Wheel Resort. That will be followed by the derby itself, Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4.

Entry fee is $25 per entrant, with all money raised to be given out to the various winners. You are invited to come down, bid on stuff you don't need, eat the free buffet (ticket holders only) and of course lie about the big one that got away. (I once had a fifty pound Kam, until someone produce a picture of it. Curses, foiled again.)

Prizes are as follows:

The first fish weighing more than last year's winner, 9 pounds, 10 ounces wins $100
1st prize goes to the largest Kamloop Trout 40%
2nd prize goes to the largest Mackinaw 30%
3rd prize goes to the 2nd largest Kamloop Trout 20%
4th prize goes to the 2nd largest Mackinaw 10%

Lest we forget, the 1st prize winner also gets possession of the traveling trophy for the year. Fish & Game is still awarding $15 per head for trout and Macks, so even if you aren't one of the big winners, you can still win. It is not advised, however, to detach the head before weigh-in.

Goods, Services, Gift Certificates and donations are needed for the auction, which proceeds will go into the pot for prizes. Tickets are available at the derby sponsor, Ralph's Internet Cafe and Friday night at the Auction. For further information, call Ralph at 208-683-2218.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Same Ol', Same Ol'

Somehow, when I hit the road, lean back and stretch out the miles, I have a problem with stopping. I hate, for some reason, stopping for anything. Food, sightseeing, anything but gas.

Last week, I set out for Manteca, California. My daughter had been in a serious accident that she was very lucky to survive. Only her seat belt saved her, and then barely. It was touch and go for a while, but then she rallied. Rolling her car, then having it flip end over end, could have, should have killed her. Somehow it didn't She had a few broken bones and some head trauma, which is what is taking the longest to heal. I spoke to her doctor just before I left. He announced that she should completely recover, but it will take two or three months.

The above referral to same ol', same ol' is in reference to my return trip. When I drove down, I didn't want to arrive in the middle of the night, so I took a motel rppm in Redding. Coming back was back to my usual habits. I hugged my daughter and ,left the hospital in Lodi that she is recovering in. 9:00 am and I'm on the road again, was Willie would sing. Plans were to stop at Lake Siskyou to visit Jim & Jean Campbell. I did that, arriving around 1:30 pm. We had a short but nice visit, in which I was treated to Jean hand feeding some of the tame deer that hang out at the campground. Darn it all, I had a camera in the car and didn't take a picture of that. Jean, if you have a digital camera. please send me a photo of that.

After about 20 minutes or so, I was on the road again. Thinking about where I would stop for the night was briefly mused over, then forgotten. I would stop when I got tired of driving. I pulled into a very quiet Bayview at 3:30 am the next morning, having driven non-stop. You would think that at my age, I would have better sense. Obviously that isn't the case. At any rate, I got back, my little girl will be alright and everything is OK with the world. I did have my tail light knocked out in a parking lot, but there to admit to it was a very embarrassed, but honest lady. She gave me her insurance information and I hopped back on the highway.

Both going down and coming back, I chose to peel off at Weed and take Hwy 97 via Bend and Biggs Junction, thence the gorge to Ti-cities and up 395. I thought about staying in Bend, then again at the Tri-cities, but by then I smelled the barn and headed back out. Jim & Jean said to say Hi to everyone, so there you have it. I'm up, about and taking nourishment as the saying goes. I'll catch up on the local news and get that information out.

In the, "It's a small world" category, when I gassed up, late at night at a truck stop in Pasco, I asked a trucker for directions to get back on 395. He complied, then said, "I know you from somewhere." Well it turned out that sometime in the past he had discussed mutual friend here in Bayview, Gary Hart & son. apparently sometime back, since I didn't remember him or the discussion. He did, and as soon as I told him I live in Bayview, he recalled everything. I sure didn't. I guess I've just murdered too many brain cells over the years. It turns out that he had left Stockton, California about the same time I left Lodi, which is just down the street from each other. We probably passed each other several times on the way north.

The picture was taken at a view point near the John Day Dam in the Columbia Gorge. It turned out rather well and DFO published it in "Huckleberries on line," while I was gone.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deja Vu ...Not Again!

After a rather uneventful Summer regarding Bob Holland and his building escapades, Bob and crew has finally provided the entertainment we all have enjoyed these past few years. It seems that his people jumped the gun with an installation of a fire alarm panel at Vista Bay. A stop work order was issued by Timberlake Fire District. Since then, the stop work order was removed and work is in progress.

Boileau's Marina, however, things do not look so good. A fire extinguisher location inspection was concluded in April, with June 1 as a fix-it date. To this date, fire extinguishers still have not been installed in the locations approved by the fire district. Last week, a fire broke out on a boat moored in the first boat shed, opposite the Patio Restaurant, which burned down a few months ago. No extinguisher was present in the boat shed. The boater rushed over to the Patio from whitch they borrowed an extinguisher. The fire was small, and was extinguished easily ... This time.

The burning question, (ouch!) is whether proper fire suppression equipment or the next fire will happen first. The main dock at Boileau's has had a history of fires, boat fuel fires and such. One would think that the cost of properly placing fire extinguishers would by far, be exceeded by a serious fire. One could also speculate as to the attitude of their insurance carrier, should a serious fire break out without compliance regarding codes and inspection results.

In a completely unrelated subject, many will want to begin preparations for Oktoberfish, the annual derby ran by Ralph's Cafe. The derby will be October 2, 3 4th. Tickets and rules are available at Ralph's coffee house. 683-2218. Summer is racing to a conclusion with Fall colors not far off. I'll be down for a week due to family medical issues. Please feel free to slide back and read from my past posts and archived stuff while I'm gone.

I'm toying with the idea of selling ad space on my blog. This would consist of ads in jpg format in the size the pictures on the right are. If you are interested in advertising on this blog, e-mail me at I average about 72 visits per day and right around one hundred page views. Demographics can be ascertained by clicking on the site meter box at the bottom of the page, which gives locations of the various readers, as well as referral info.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Massive Storm Hits Athol & Bayview

Contributed by Jessica Haddon of Bayview

Mom Nature Roars

Most of the time, the little village of Bayview ducks the serious storms. Air currents that separates the systems, brought about by Mt. Spokane, and perhaps Rathdrum Mountain, tend to split weather. Whether Summer or winter, the pattern stays the same. ... Most of the time,Storms either pass to the north of Bayview, or south behind Bernard Peak and on to the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River.

Not so today.We in Bayview, got caught in a direct hit of a series of cells that were/are feeding from southwest to northeast and coincidentally, are passing directly across Bayview and of course, Athol. Gravel has spilled out onto the roadways from Athol to the end of Cape Horn in Bayview. Rock falls at the slide area of a few years ago are again harassing motorists passing through.

It all started about 5:00 pm. A serious thunderstorm hit Bayview, after devastating Athol and Silverwood, too.It was a direct hit. Typically, a thunderstorm has a relative calm center, with most of the heavy rain/hail and winds around the periphery. With a direct hit, we received heavy rain, then a relative calm with sprinkles, then the back end hit with a vengeance. Silverwood Theme Park, faced with the inevitable, shut down about 8:30pm

The sun came out then, but only for a little while. Around 7:00 pm a dark, almost purple cloud formation came at us, this time with much more fury. Lights went out, satellite TV went out and as of 9:30 pm, calm has enveloped this little water born community. Idaho tends to be a state with weather extremes, but luckily not like the midwest, where tornadoes roar through the flat open spaces. We do, however, have our moments, and tonight was one of them. Trees are down actross local roads, and extreme caution is advised while driving.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bayview's Centennial

In the last two years, both spirit Lake and Athol have celebrated their centennial. Next year is Bayview's turn. Even though Bayview isn't incorporated, the town was plated back in 1910 and Bayview is going with that as a starting point.

The steering committee has been working for over a year to make 2010 a memorable celebration.
The goal is to have an exciting calendar of events running from January and culminating on Labor Day.

Centennial memorabilia went on sale at this year's Bayview Daze and will continue to be sold throughout this year and next - including T-shirts, note cards, historic photos, historic poster - and coming soon a 2010 calendar, Centennial poster and flag.

A capital campaign - with three 3 levels of giving - is underway to help raise money to go toward a permanent gift to the town. Based on results from a survey distributed in the spring of this year, the committee has narrowed the choices to four categories and will be meeting with all area groups to gather input before a decision is made. Additional funds will be sought through grants. The hope is to have a significant and lasting addition to town to commemorate our first 100 years. Donations of any amount will be gladly accepted and deeply appreciated.

Checks should be made out to the Bayview Community Center Foundation and may be sent to P.O. Box 493, Bayview. Be sure to note that your check is for the "Centennial Fund." Call Jackie Lloyd at 683-1680 or Kathi Ellis at 683-9191 to volunteer or get souvenir items. Many more hands are needed!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tornado flattens Train

I received this on the internet from a friend. There is no referrence to what railroad, nor what date this happened, but it is obviously genuine. The camera is mounted on the rear of the last engine unit, as well as a camera on the front. This is looking backward from the engine.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Athol Daze R Us

Were all hyped for Athol Daze, especially since it is the centennial. The parade starts at 10:00 am with two and possibly three bands playing. The Albeni Falls Pipe band will lead off, with the Shadle Park High School Band playing as well. There are rumors that a Civil Air Patrol band will appear. Along with the usual floats and horseback riders, we will have a Llama, two camels and many other things as well. As thankful as we are to have the Shadle Park Band, one wonders where our local high schools are when needed.

The two surviving members of the mid-sixties Athol all women fire brigade, Chief Joreen Bohn, and Vicki Upchurch. Joreen is also a former Mayor and city council member as well. They will be riding the Farragut State Park Navy fire engine, a 1942. While not the same one as in the Athol department, it was also a 1942, a Dodge. February 1966 marked the organization of the Athol Fire Department under Chief Joreen Bohn. Shortly thereafter, the city purchased an old 1942 Dodge Fire truck. As the Chief put it, “Most of the men were working either in the woods, the mill, or for the railroad. Those that were left in town were either old, disabled or drunk.” The department originally had seventeen members, but as all volunteer organizations, some dropped out, or had babies. There were, however always a core group which was composed of Chief Bohn, Ruth Hunter-Ewing, Marie Allen and Vicki Upchurch.

The original settler in Athol was A.H. Noble, in 1892. A Northern Pacific Railway watering stop and section gang shacks followed, and a town was born. The church across the street from the Athol city Park was originally a Baptist Church, built in 1901.

Saturday, after the parade, will be a fair at city park. Shown above, is a picture of the church as it originally looked.

After the fair in the park there will be a knockout,call the cops, jam session organized by Larry James at the Legion starting about 4:00 pm. A reunion of the Hwy 54 band, complete with all of the singers and instrumentalists will appear as well as the Bell's. The Bells will also be playing in the park prior to the jam. Every musician that is of any stature at all in the area will be participating. All in all, not bad for free entertainment all day long, eh?

Oh and don't forget, for you folks that don't want to fix breakfast Saturday morning. Timberlake Fire district is holding a pancake breakfast from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, at which time you'll be watching the parade.