Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Massive Storm Hits Athol & Bayview

Contributed by Jessica Haddon of Bayview


Anonymous said...

We were out on our boat when the storm hit. Yikes, we couldn't manuever through the boat houses because we couldn't see 200 feet away from us. We lost our sea anchor and bbq grill in the ferocious winds. We collected five inches of rain water in our bucket within 2 hours. What a ride.

Bay Views said...

Well, if you deployed a sea anchor, then you were using your head, but using your eyes would have been better. That storm coming in was visible for quite a long time before it hit and was forecast as well. Scanning the sky often gives you the clues to head for the barn. With Lightning storms in the forecast, it would have been prudent to stay very close to home. Glad to hear you made it in OK.