Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deja Vu ...Not Again!

After a rather uneventful Summer regarding Bob Holland and his building escapades, Bob and crew has finally provided the entertainment we all have enjoyed these past few years. It seems that his people jumped the gun with an installation of a fire alarm panel at Vista Bay. A stop work order was issued by Timberlake Fire District. Since then, the stop work order was removed and work is in progress.

Boileau's Marina, however, things do not look so good. A fire extinguisher location inspection was concluded in April, with June 1 as a fix-it date. To this date, fire extinguishers still have not been installed in the locations approved by the fire district. Last week, a fire broke out on a boat moored in the first boat shed, opposite the Patio Restaurant, which burned down a few months ago. No extinguisher was present in the boat shed. The boater rushed over to the Patio from whitch they borrowed an extinguisher. The fire was small, and was extinguished easily ... This time.

The burning question, (ouch!) is whether proper fire suppression equipment or the next fire will happen first. The main dock at Boileau's has had a history of fires, boat fuel fires and such. One would think that the cost of properly placing fire extinguishers would by far, be exceeded by a serious fire. One could also speculate as to the attitude of their insurance carrier, should a serious fire break out without compliance regarding codes and inspection results.

In a completely unrelated subject, many will want to begin preparations for Oktoberfish, the annual derby ran by Ralph's Cafe. The derby will be October 2, 3 4th. Tickets and rules are available at Ralph's coffee house. 683-2218. Summer is racing to a conclusion with Fall colors not far off. I'll be down for a week due to family medical issues. Please feel free to slide back and read from my past posts and archived stuff while I'm gone.

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green libertarian said...

Holland apparently operates as a complete scofflaw, he may not even have fire insurance. He will bow to no authority but his own.

It's despicable.