Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have heard about, and actually experienced people that were a bit left or right of center, but this one took the cake.

I'm sitting at a neighborhood bar, having my first beer of the afternoon. It's a nice day, the sun is out, maybe a little too out. I was introduced to a man that was representative of all the answers.

I was awed. A man that had all the answers. I've looked for someone like that all my life. I listened carefully. Here is what he said, paraphrased.

The 9-11 Twin Towers debacle? CIA." Didn't you know that the navigation systems in modern jets can be flown anywhere remotely? "

His whole theory was that our own government attacked the twin towers to use as an excuse for attacking various other countries.

This jerk-off had maybe one or two problems with his analyses. First I am a qualified pilot. His idea that a commercial airliner could be made into a guided bomb was flawed in several ways.

First, The flight was a regularly scheduled flight, booked days in advanced. Secondly, the idea that an airliner could be remotely controlled, to crash into the twin towers is bullcrap.

This particular conspirator theorist, was an idiot. What is scary, is that someone might listen to him or his ilk.

For your information, should someone try to tell you an airliner can be directed to any target, here is the truth. Category three aircraft have on board radar, capable of zeroing in to fogged in airports, or those runways that are below normal minimums. In order for a commercial plane to land using this precision system.
You see, the target airport must also have the same equipment, thereby electronically controlling the descent and landing of that aircraft.

When idiots get just a little information about advances in navigation aids, they tend to idiotise. I confess, I had never actually run into one of them until now.
It is to me unbelievable that an otherwise intelligent person could get lost in this stuff. You tell me...I can't figure it out...

Monday, July 24, 2006


Blistering heat has descended upon us. The last several days have been especially uncomfortable if you work in a restaurant kitchen. It has been 120 plus degrees at the Captain's Wheel kitchen lately. Many diners visit us because it's too hot to cook at home. Don't forget to show your appreciation for those that do it for you.

Customers and employees alike have taken to jumping into the lake clothes and all, to beat the heat. No end is in sight though the nighttime temps will start down soon. Alas, I am preparing to go to work tonight. It's not much fun in this heat. Fortunately for the customers, the rest of the building is air conditioned.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Real Story

Yesterday, I posted a rebuttal to the article by Maghann Cuniff of the Spokesman-Review. In it, I pointed out that this small group of dissidents are not representative of the vast majority of residents.

Today, I'm going to get more specific. This morning, I was contacted by a Bayview Water & Sewer board member, along with the patriarch of Bayview, Jim McDonald.

I stopped over at McDonald's Marina to chat with him. This is a man who feels heartbroken, that his work, and that of others since he and a few adventuresome souls started the Bayview Chamber in 1954 is being dragged in the dirt by some easterners and other recent emigrants.

These people invariably, after moving here for the peace, tranquility and ambiance in our area, settle in, then pine for the things they left behind. One of the officers, Tom Lloyd, moved here from Vermont one year ago. Bob Moore, another recent move six years ago.

We even had the so-called president, or whatever, state that they didn't want Bayview to become a party town. Well, let's see. We have around 750 permanent residents, and several hundred folks that recreate here in the Summer. We have seven resorts, five watering holes, two major restaurants. People have been partying here since the Navy held the big camp-out in Farragut back in the forties.

You people didn't have to move to a resort community, and hey, it's still not too late for you to leave.

Since the chamber was established in 1954, modeled more after a community Club than a chamber, and definitely not controlled by business only many public services have been brought forth by this chamber that you are dissing.

Establishment of the Bayview Water and Sewer District. The formation of a fire district, now merged with Athol to become Timberlake Fire District. Sponsorship of the 4th of July fireworks, and many other public services too many to name.

A small group of radical thinkers came forth, tried to take our chamber away from us last year and was rebuffed. Whether rank and file of this cell are all the same bunch is arguable. We here in Bayview have a very democratic forum in our Chamber of Commerce/Community club.

Bayview is small, and doesn't need splinter groups claiming the right of representation of our community. Especially people that are so new here, that they don't have a clue as to who has accomplished what. Visit with people that have made a difference in this village before you mouth off.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Time

The lyrics to "Summer time, and the livin' is easy" crosses my mind today. Between vicious Thunder storms, we have had what I have never seen here in North Idaho.

All of our bad weather has happened in mid-week. Every week-end has been gorgeous. What's up with that? Tradition has it that all bad weather happens on week-ends, and good weather starts on Monday or Tuesday, ending of course on Friday or Saturday.

Bayview has been somewhat quiet recently, unless you count the remarks of disidents starting up their very own community club, because they couldn't control the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.

Well, that brings up another subject. A staff reporter working for the Spokesman-Review, interviewed several people that, I've never heard of, that stated the Chamber is representing business only, and not the community. Not true. While there are about five businesses that have membership in the Chamber, about 90% of the membership is are individuals.

The problem is in the quality of reporting. If all you interview are of the opposition, then what you have is a newsroom editorial, instead of information. I realize that "If it bleeds, it leads" does dominate, slanting opinion by either not trying to interview others, is not news...It's just the opinion of a very few.

I'm sorry, but I just can't ignore this...When I ran spell check, it stopped at newsroom. It turns out that the alternative they suggested, was"mushroom."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Almost Tragedy

As happens every Summer, a boater got in trouble in bad weather. A sail boater in this case. It wasn't just bad weather, it was a severe thunderstorm that swept through the south end of Pend Oreile Lake, late Wednesday Afternoon...

Weather can change in an instant, but in this case, the weather was apparently ignored. For at least one hour, it was obvious that a severe thunderstorm was tracking toward Whiskey Rock, and south.

According to officers on site at the Kootenai County boat ramp, the boaters were rescued by Bonner County Rescue crews.

I question why, with all of the electronic aids we have, such as weather radio, radar, why boaters that have no more qualifications than the money to buy a boat they are not qualified to operate are allowed to go forth upon this lake of ours, with the knowledge that we will rescue them if they get in trouble.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Impropriety in Bayview?

Recently, allegations of egregious flaunting of the County and State building codes have surfaced. According to the parties that have complained, Waterford Park Homes, LLC is the suspected culprit.

A long list of items, such as permanently setting park model mobile homes in a flood plain, illegal filling of portions of the lake, building showers and rest rooms in the Vista Bay Marina, all without permits.

Two of this companies' R.V. Parks are alleged to have sewer and water lines in the same ditch, no backflow prevention installed, all done without licensed plumbers or permits.

The list goes on. If these charges are true, one has to ask, since regulatory agencies have been complained to, where is the enforcement? It seems that the water district, EPA, Building and Zoning all have been informed, yet rumor has it that red tags have been torn up and ignored, and business as usual with arrogant references to the local folks as "local yokels."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I have a site meter on my blog that tells me what area my hits come from. giving the fact that some are accidents, such as through googling, etc., others are not.

I truly hope that some part of my content pleases, informs, or otherwise entertains you. What drives me nuts, (Not a long trip) is the repeats that occur over and over. What started me up on this, was that I got another hit from Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands. I spent many wonderful times on that Island in my youth.

If it pleases you, please, stop to comment on the posts that you read. Tell me what you like, and what you don't like, but TELL ME!


There are many out there that have preconceived notions of what is right and what is wrong regarding the public Shasta Groene. I am no Child psychologist, and neither are the others that seem to always know best. My experience is as a Father of four, Grandfather of sixteen, and Great-Grandfather of three.

My memory of both my own childhood, and that of other children, including my own, is that Kids like to fantasize. Carnivals, Circus', parades, make-believe playmates.

While escapism is frowned upon in adults, it is accepted in children, even encouraged. What Shasta dreams about in the middle of the night, we'll never know. Escaping reality is sometimes healthy. The applause of the many parade watchers, waving back at them, I'm sure gives her a feeling of being loved by many.

I don't think anyone can do better than that.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bayview Survives Again

I am writing this at what I consider my bedtime. Right! It's not even late yet, right? Well, it's 10:40 PM, the fireworks have gone off. (Incidentally, :30 duration for those that have been wondering)

We got slammed. I'm thinking that next year,I will be more careful. No longer will the Herbster invite strangers to our town. I will only invite single older women to town, and then only with references.

Ex's are not necessary for the references. We had a great time, I think. Sam Taylor introduced himself to me, which was a great pleasure for me. I misled him, unintentionaly, about Karaoke, which turns out to be one of his fun things, along with mine. I was misinformed about the date. Turns out that Karaoke will take place Sunday night.

I didn't get a chance to meet Tayrn Brodwater, rumored to be in town, but I suspect that I will have that pleasure tomorrow. In case I don't make it through the weekend...This Is my epitaph. Go, Bayview...