Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have heard about, and actually experienced people that were a bit left or right of center, but this one took the cake.

I'm sitting at a neighborhood bar, having my first beer of the afternoon. It's a nice day, the sun is out, maybe a little too out. I was introduced to a man that was representative of all the answers.

I was awed. A man that had all the answers. I've looked for someone like that all my life. I listened carefully. Here is what he said, paraphrased.

The 9-11 Twin Towers debacle? CIA." Didn't you know that the navigation systems in modern jets can be flown anywhere remotely? "

His whole theory was that our own government attacked the twin towers to use as an excuse for attacking various other countries.

This jerk-off had maybe one or two problems with his analyses. First I am a qualified pilot. His idea that a commercial airliner could be made into a guided bomb was flawed in several ways.

First, The flight was a regularly scheduled flight, booked days in advanced. Secondly, the idea that an airliner could be remotely controlled, to crash into the twin towers is bullcrap.

This particular conspirator theorist, was an idiot. What is scary, is that someone might listen to him or his ilk.

For your information, should someone try to tell you an airliner can be directed to any target, here is the truth. Category three aircraft have on board radar, capable of zeroing in to fogged in airports, or those runways that are below normal minimums. In order for a commercial plane to land using this precision system.
You see, the target airport must also have the same equipment, thereby electronically controlling the descent and landing of that aircraft.

When idiots get just a little information about advances in navigation aids, they tend to idiotise. I confess, I had never actually run into one of them until now.
It is to me unbelievable that an otherwise intelligent person could get lost in this stuff. You tell me...I can't figure it out...

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