Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I have a site meter on my blog that tells me what area my hits come from. giving the fact that some are accidents, such as through googling, etc., others are not.

I truly hope that some part of my content pleases, informs, or otherwise entertains you. What drives me nuts, (Not a long trip) is the repeats that occur over and over. What started me up on this, was that I got another hit from Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands. I spent many wonderful times on that Island in my youth.

If it pleases you, please, stop to comment on the posts that you read. Tell me what you like, and what you don't like, but TELL ME!


Dogwalkmusings said...

Ah, Herb, you'll turn blue in the face waiting for comments on most postings. Be glad people are stopping by - that's the important thing.

David Newberger said...

Herb, This might be my first time reading your blog but I have to tell you if you are looking for comments on your postings don't hold your breath. Very few blogs get a steady stream of comments. Some don't get any at all. You just have to know that your stats are telling you that people are reading. Now if they are blogging about your post you might not know because I don't see trackbacks. Or you might know because you see an increase in links to your site from a site that linked to you.

If you are in blogging to get feedback to be honest you might very well be in in for the wrong reason. Blogging is about commecting with the community and it is also about expressing your ideas and opinions. If they don't catch the attention of some now they might years from now.

I know it seems like I am ranting and raving about don't worry about comments. However, I was in your shoes at one time. I was thinking like you. I wanted people to come to my site and I wanted them to speak. Well it won't happen even if a big name blogger links to you. They will come and read your stuff but they might not comment.

Take Pride in the fact that people want to read your ideas and opinions on things. They could be changeing the world and you might not know it yet.