Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bayview Survives Again

I am writing this at what I consider my bedtime. Right! It's not even late yet, right? Well, it's 10:40 PM, the fireworks have gone off. (Incidentally, :30 duration for those that have been wondering)

We got slammed. I'm thinking that next year,I will be more careful. No longer will the Herbster invite strangers to our town. I will only invite single older women to town, and then only with references.

Ex's are not necessary for the references. We had a great time, I think. Sam Taylor introduced himself to me, which was a great pleasure for me. I misled him, unintentionaly, about Karaoke, which turns out to be one of his fun things, along with mine. I was misinformed about the date. Turns out that Karaoke will take place Sunday night.

I didn't get a chance to meet Tayrn Brodwater, rumored to be in town, but I suspect that I will have that pleasure tomorrow. In case I don't make it through the weekend...This Is my epitaph. Go, Bayview...


green libertarian said...

You'll make it Herb! Good that you met Sam. Hope it was a blast.

Sam said...

Great to meet you Herb! Bayview Daze was a great time.

I'm glad karaoke was off a day because unfortunately I had missed the 9 p.m. start because of the festivities we had.

I'll definitely have to head down there some other time and croon away with you!