Wednesday, December 30, 2015

El Nino Sucks

When they said we are dangerously entering an irreversible warming trend, I believed them. When they said we have a very strong El Nino, I believed them then, too.  Well, I don't believe them anymore.

I have a foot of snow in my yard, no snow tires, (They said I wouldn't need them) and I doubt I could make it up the hill to get them mounted. In short, I'm stuck until the temperatures get above freezing.

This isn't going to happen any time soon. We are predicted to have single digit temperature and even a possibility of reaching zero.

In the last week or so I have lost power three different nights. Apparently the snow loads on the area trees, of which we abound, are losing limbs which then seek out the nearest power line.

From Athol to Bayview is seven miles. A while back Kootenai Electric installed higher power poles to avoid falling trees. Trees grew more and there are not enough taller poles around to take them higher. We need the co-op to get real and bury the main transmission lines separating the two towns.

In the mean time, I'll snivel a ride to the Mercantile for needed supplies.

Happy New Year, Everyone, but don't believe THEM.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

As I sit here looking at a white landscape, I realize I should have used a low light setting, but with all that bright white out there, who knew? It is Christmas Eve and there are creatures stirring all over the place. Bald Eagles feasting on spawned out Kokanee, Seagulls and about 20 or so Canadian Greese that don't seem to know which direction south is.

Currently, I am snowed in. There is just too much snow imprisoning my car for an old Fart like me to try to dig out. So I guess I'll wait for Mother Nature to swing the pendulum back to melting temps. This doesn't cause blisters or heart attacks and requires nothing but patience.

I am stocked up with food and other necessities, so I'm just hunkered down waiting for Global Warming to return. Here's a picture of my car and it's coating of snow. Earlier it was hub cap deep but warmer temperatures has shrunk it some.

It is currently snowing ... Again. The temp is about 33 degrees so it won't probably stick but later is another story.

What with the two major wind events plus several days of snow along with two nights in a row that the power went out, I would say we will remember this year for a very long time.

 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weather, Whether

Among the dire predictions of being buried in snow today through Christmas, it is calm and too warm for snow in Bayview, Idaho. 36 degrees with light rain at 1:00 pm.

Wildly differing weather guessers swing radically from warm rain to getting buried in heavy snow today. We are though, sliding into a colder pattern which probably will assure a White Christmas this year.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fof those that have no moral compass nor spiritual guide, I wish this for them too. Even though Happy Holidays is the best they can do.

What amazes me though, is how non-believers get agitated over the beliefs of others. Hey, live your own lives, not that of others.

Anyway, drive safely and at a minimum during bad weather.Getting to your destination late is much preferable to not getting there at all.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Bayview Storms

One of, if not the most prevenent reason for storms bypassing Bayview, is that we lay directly east of and in the shadow of Mount Spokane. If you are driving west on hwy 54 after dark you are looking directly at the lighted night skiing areas of that mountain.

As I followed the path of the current storm since yesterday pm, there was a split in the storm front on a direct line from Mt. Spokane to and through Bayview with the main thrust going both north and south of us.

This is consistant with most previous weather disturbances. The intial storm front missed us completely, but later in the evening we didn't escape. The reason was the weather was approaching us from the southwest rather than directly west.

We as of this writing have received about five inches of shovelable global warming, with a current condition of ice pellets. Our ever efficient Lakes Highway District was out about an hour ago plowing Lime Kiln Road and other Bayview streets. I haven't ventured out yet and probably won't due to the prediction of freezing rain coating the snow covered venues, but I would guess that the state has already cleared Hwy 54 between Bayview an Athol. Snow is still forecast for Christmas and will probably stick around until December 28.

Stay home if you don't have to drive as there are many slide offs and out of control vehicles out there. Every year we get a significant first snow, we are greeting new move ins and teens that are seeing their first snow from behind the wheel.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

White Christmas?

For the last two weeks Accuweather has been predicting a white Christmas. They show a high of 33 Christmas Eve with snow lasting through December 25 with sub freezing highs through December 28.

While white Christmas' are rare here, this powerful El Nino is proving to be unpredictable, bringing much need moisture to the area, with seasonable temperatures dropping.

Accuweather is predicting 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff for Thursday, which should make commuting interesting. For me, time to hunker down and enjoy the view.

For tomorrow, 12/17 here is a link to Accuweather:

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Television airways are being dominated by two types of commerials. One, Direct TV and the other, Internet Providers. (I think) Today, we are going to deal with 4G LTE, whatever that is. You see, none of the advertising explains that. Either they assume that we are all computer programers, or ... Maybe, just maybe, there is no such thing as 4G LTE.

You know, a secret code like gasoline additives that make one company's gas burn better than the others. That would be cool if it weren't that it all comes out of the same tank. Anyway, I digress.

While I don't have a clue what 4G LTE is, or whether I need it, even. After 77 years of life, I haven't missed it, whatever it is. I doubt it puts meat and potatoes on the table. My phone works a little different than my dial instrument did years ago insofar as it works somehow through Time-Warner. How is another mystery.

Why is it so prevalent that the only person that actually knows whether one, it exists and two, whether it is needed for anything, is on the Coeur d'Alene City Council?

Yet customers are apparently, or they think so, scrambling over each other trying to get more of it. I suspect that when two cans connected with a string were invented, someone claimed they had a better quality string for sale.

In the Bayview people are neighborly category, I had something happen to me that hadn't for many years. My fuel gauge was dead on empty. Not wanting to make it just half way to Athol, the closest gas station which is 8 miles away, Gary MacDonald jumped in his rig and brought me gas. What a guy.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bayview Success Story

Jaime Vig graduated from Timberlake High School in 2000. Moving to Kentucky in 2001 with her Boyfriend Jerry Baker, they shortly thereafter married. They had one child together. Katlee. Jerry was killed in a work related accident.  After several years she married Derric Davenport. Working full time she now has earned a Masters Degree in Nurse Anesthesiology, graduating from Lincoln Memorial University December 12, 2015, which is located in Harrogate,Tennessee.

Her parents, Dave and Beverly Vig are the proud parents of three lovely ladies, Sylvia, Alyssa and of course Jamie, the oldest. One tragic happenstance was that both Jaime and younger sister Alyssa lost their husbands from work related injuries. Alyssa was married to J.R Carey They also had two kids

Kaylee was Jerry and Jaime's together. J.D. was Derric and Jaime's and the two younger ones were Derrick's from a previous relationship.

Dave remarried to Suzy, has a second family of three. The children are Markayla, age 15, Isaiah, age 14 and Ashara, age 9.

Jaime worked her way through first nursing school, the the MS program while taking care of a family. She already has a job lined up at Pikeville Community Hospital in Pikeville, Kentucky. But she isn't through quite yet. She plans on getting her doctorate in another two or three years.

This success story comes from a family that has lived in Bayview at least three generations and is well respected throughout the community.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Congressional Uniforms

Well, this didn't fit the blog, but what a great idea. I just wish they would have included a picture of the Senator from Nevada, the most corrupt of them all, Mr Reid.


DECEMBER 10, 2015, THURSDAY, 6:00 P.M.
A. Case No. ORA15-0001, a request to establish a new land use classification in accordance with Title 9 Zoning Regulations, Section 9-21-7 of the County Code. Specifically, the request would provide for a Resort Lodge, Conference Center, or Guest Ranch, and would be defined as follows. A facility, including a lodge and/or resort cabins, and other supporting ancillary buildings, with or without food service, that serves as a destination point for patrons and that relies on its rural location and the natural environment to provide recreational opportunities and activities such as horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and boating. If customarily incidental to the use, these facilities may also be used for meeting, recreation, education, and wedding and reception facilities. The use is proposed to be allowed by-right in the Commercial zoning district, and by Conditional Use Permit in the Agricultural, Agricultural Suburban, Rural, and Restricted Residential zoning districts. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on October 15, 2015 and deliberated on October 22, 2015, and voted to forward the request to the Board of County Commissioners with no recommendation. (David Callahan-Director)

A widely circulated E-mail opposing this proposed land use ordinance is out there spitting virulent opposition without actually telling us what it says. I have printed out the word for word proposal  for the use of anyone that wishes to know a neutral stance. A hearing is going to be held at the Kootenai County Administration Building 6:00 pm tonight.

Here is the e-mail in opposition:

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Educated Speculation

For starters, I spent 2 years in Morocco during the 1955's I have some, rather outdated knowledge of Moslem customs. First, before you correct me, the term Moslem was then prevalent as well as Mohammedan.  Only in the 1980's and beyond was the term Muslim recognized which became along with American Black Musims, the new term.

In the Arabic world, most marriages are arranged, not chosen by lovers. Not only do they not have a choice, but to make sure they don't get swept off their feet by a future lover, they are surgically emasculated, having their clitoris cut off. Bottom line, Arabic countries still practice these atrocities.

Back to the obvious. Syed Farook takes a trip to Saudi Arabia. Why, we don't know, and here is where my speculation begins. He meets his future wife in 2014, applies for a fiance passport and brings her to the USA.

First, and going back to the arranged marriage concept, I believe he was matched up with Tashfeen Malik by Islamic Terrorists. For a purpose. He infiltrated  his fiance into the community, and had a 6 month old baby all in one year's time.

Suddenly, money begins to arrive. weapons are purchased. Ammunition is stockpiled. A plan is born. All planned back in Saudi Arabia one year ago. Does it makes sense? Perhaps. At least it explains a lot that remains unknown.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Rome Burns

Watching President Obama in denial over Islamic Terrorists, citing global warming as the greatest threat to our country reminds me of the historical burning of Rome while Nero played the fiddle.

I have thought that this man without any training would do poorly as president. What I didn't anticipate was what appears to be a conscious effort to tear this country down in the pursuit of left wing ideals. The global warming, human caused is just a continuation of the Spotted Owl, tree hugging, destroy fossil fuels (without a viable subsitution)

It is simply a reckless attempt to force socialist government on our beloved Capitalistic constitutional system. Government by extremists will kill our great country, whether left wing or right wing. Both are extremely dangerous.

We survived Carter, just barely, after he cut back our military by half. Obama is attempting to do the same. Rather than cutting our military and Navy, we should be doubling them. We cannot sustain our military by deploying them over and over to combat situations. This cries out for rotation. Military families are being torn apart by constant separation.

The cost of Obama Care is careening out of control, with only government subsidies keeping it afloat. The problem here is our budget cannot stand the huge amounts of subsidy being spent. Congress is threatening Social Security and Medicare so they can pound more money down the subsidy rat hole.

We as a country are ignoring Islamic Terrorism that has already shown it can pop up anywhere. Our borders and immigration policies are porous and policies that want to bring more refugees in from Syria would probably work if only the sects like Yadizi and Christians that  are being exterminated are allowed in. The sole principle of the federal government is military protection both from outside our borders and inside as well. The oath that military officers take is that they will protect our country from threats, foreign and domestic.

If we don't wake up, nominate a president that can unite us, rather than go back into extremist havens like we have now.

No Mr President, The Supreme court has already ruled on the 2nd amendment. Those that persist in trying to pretend it is still a hot issue are most likely partaking of banned substances.  Rather than banning guns, why not crack down on mental patients, crackpots and illegal immigrants that have guns. The NRA is not suicidal. Show them a viable solution to ownership by those not able to responsibly use them and they will come around. Threaten them constantly with total bans will continue the argument. One argument from the NRA is not valid. We need to track gun sales both private and public in order to recover stolen weapons. Gun shows are totally unregulated as to stolen guns, sales to those not responsible people. An illegal can traipse into a gun show, buy a military weapon and disappear into the woodwork until something like San Bernardino happens.

End of rant...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

20th Aniversary

Recently, my older brother Stan Huseland, who is a graduate of the UW School of Journalism and later a PR flack for Indiana Hwy dept and later, Blue Cross of Indiana, chided me about missing the 20th anniversary of the great escape. The great escape is something I did when I first moved to Bayview back in 1995.

Prior to my moving here and having a career in Mortgage lending, I had a pretty good idea of what right-of-way law was. Nearing home just before the fourth of July Weekend, I encountered a Pretty personable young lady who was stationed at the Kiosk still standing forlorn in the medium opposite park headquarters. This happened only after I inched forward behind three RV's who were happily being welcomed by said young lady. When I finally worked my way up to her, I said, "You cannot barricade a state highway. It's illegal." She replied, you can if it goes through a state park. I said, bet me... and the fight was on.

Here are some of the things that I had no idea my brother had obtained, nor cataloged and kept. Here are some of the documents that most of you have never heard of. If the print is too small on the clippings, left click on them to enlarge.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Financial Equality

Not a day goes by without a news reference to the Federal Reserve's low interest rate program that has gone on for years now. But there is a catch. For every action there is an equal reaction. A yin to the yang, an up and a down.

While everyone talks about easy credit and low interest rates, nothing is said about the thousands of retirees who while working throughout their careers, scrimped, saved and invested. These investments were usually interest bearing instruments.

These retirees had planned to live off of the interest from these investments. All of that, the collapse of senior income is the direct result of the manipulations of the Federal Reserve, who apparently do not consider retirement income terribly important.

This imbalance is forcing many into poverty. Into living on the principle instead of the earnings through interest. This is a disgrace.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

After The Storm

Before I get into today's topic, I would like to thank all of you that follow my blog. In the last two days while I was focused on other things, my page views hit 400,256 in the ten years I have been posting here.

For those of you that do not reside in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area, we were hit with a record breaking wind storm Tuesday night that produced winds in excess of 70 mph, knocking down trees, destroying roofs and creating micro bursts that turned trees into helicopters, twisting trees off several feet off the ground. this phenomenon  is like a miniature tornado with vertical circular winds picking randomly sited trees.  

After a 20 hour wait for power to be restored, I was fortunate that it was only one tree that blackened all of Bayview. Kootenai Electric fixed the downed wire on Perimeter Road and by 2:00 pm, the lights came back on.

As I mentioned yesterday on Huckleberries on line, I was driving north on hwy 95 when stopped at a traffic light. In front of me was an SUV with two messages on the back window. One was religious, the other a picture of a lineman on a power poll. The caption was, "Firemen have heroes, too." How timely was that?

It isn't over for those living in Spokane, though. Avista is predicting 3 to 5 days before power is restored in all areas of the city. To compound this is a polar front arriving which will drop nighttime temperatures into the low 20's and down to the teens Friday and Saturday nights. Not only do we need power crews, but plumbing companies will be needed for frozen pipes.

This problem is close to home as my youngest son, daughter-in-law and five granddaughters aging from 17 down to a 2 year old toddler and a two month old baby live in North Spokane and are without power. No heat, No cooking, no refrigeration, nothing. In one stroke from nature, hundreds, maybe thousands are reduced to survival mode, with public services overwhelmed.

Traffic has to be snarled with stop light inoperative at the many busy intersections. This most likely is producing massive traffic jams as people attempt to relocate where power is available. Those people that have generators are very fortunate, but if you do, be sure to isolate the power source at the meter, so that you don't feed power into that the repair people think is a dead line. Electrocution is very possible.

One of the biggest problems is that people are not getting news or weather reports. For those of you that are reading this, be aware of very cold temperatures forecasted for the next several days at or around 20 degrees at night. Dribble your faucets so that your plumbing won't freeze and try to relocate to friends or relatives homes until power is back on. 

PS: Now they are predicting 4-8 inches of snow Monday pm and Tuesday followed by very cold temps Wednesday. Thanksgiving travel will be interesting this year.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tellin like it is

I have two issues today. One, a laugh over the reaction over my post about Ben Carson. First, although DFO thought I was going to get slammed in the comments, a luke warm reception was heard from only from the radical left. I find the radical left as odious  as the radical right. None of them are from this earth.

The second and much surprising, was watching the televised basketball game between Texas and the University of Washington, played in Shanghai, China. Toward the end, the announcer and the former basketball star from UCLA started gushing about the Communist Revolution and it's leaders, historical points tied to the revolution. Perhaps, wrapped up in sports, they never heard of the atrocities that occurred and are still occurring in Communist China, still the most repressive nation on this earth..

Thanks to China and their Army-Navy owned corporation, Alibaba, which sponsored the event, a huge propaganda coup was realized by China, without giving anything in return such as freedom of expression or personal liberty. Personally, while finding nothing wrong with sporting exchanges, the ignoring of blatant aggression toward human rights, is despicable. Sometimes, just keeping your mouth shut is the best path. I would hate to think that these two guys actually believe in Chinese style communism.

As for the five of those predictable radical responses, up yours, guys.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben Carson

Ben Carson has committed several mortal sins. First and foremost, he does not fit the liberal mantra of a downtrodden black man. Secondly, he sins because he doesn't wallow in poverty, blaming the white race for his inability to succeed. The third and most damning, is that he is a conservative, a religious man and a successful Neurosurgeon.

All of the democratic flailing about how if you voted for anyone other than Obama, you were a racist is suddenly come back to haunt the black community. The shoe, firmly on the other foot, has suddenly shifted. No longer is it racist to condemn Carson, who is obviously too successful to be a poster boy for damning the white right, the oppressors of all blacks.

The attacks begin. All of which have been refuted. It kind of reminds me of the CBS/Rather disaster. Several personal attacks have come forth directed toward Carson. None of which held water.

Carson even got attacked by Kareem Jabar, claiming he wasn't a good representative for the black community. Like a basket ball player is an expert on government. More proof that the black liberal community has rolled out  the big guns, reinforcing my example of racism in reverse.

A president doesn't have to be a foreign policy expert, nor an economist expert, nor a military tactician. What he or she does have to be is an intellect, something sadly lacking in the current admisitration. That is why they have cabinet members, advisers in all of those areas. Would that the current White House resident have taken advantage of that option.

I'll bid our conservative intellectual candidate against your hollow, great speaker with no content worth listening to. Pot stakes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Bash

For years the serious party animals have trekked to the Captain's Wheel Resort for Halloween festivities. This year is no exception.

Costumes are desired, the more outrageous the better. Prizes will be awarded for those that dress up.

Live music will be on hand with the band, Borgata. The party starts at 800 pm, Saturday night, October 31. The last time I dressed up for Halloween forced me to hide the pictures taken of me. I came a Peacock.

Come on down or you will wish you had.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bayview Businesses

The tourist season has come and gone. This year was real tough what with the heat, wildfire scares and dense smoke. In normal years the local businesses make enough to slide through the Winter months whole. That may not be the case this year.

Those of us that took the Mercantile for granted with past ownership, felt the sting of having to trek to Athol or even Coeur d'Alene for items that could have been purchased locally. Many items when mileage expenses are thrown in do not justify driving long  distances to save a buck or two.

The restaurants are in the same position. We could loose one or more this winter if patrons do not give their support. Please make an effort to patronize these businesses as much as possible. As a tourist town, we could dive into a bad local recession if businesses can't make ends meet.

For those of you that do not live in Bayview, keep in mind that regardless of weather conditions, the state keeps hwy 54 in excellent shape all winter. Many of us do not even bother to mount snow tires every fall.  Come on down, check the million dollar view, spend some money here.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Human Caused Global Warming, a Hoax

I was given a book on the defense of fossil fuels by my brother while in Indiana last week. It was written by an expert on Climate, Alex Epstein, titled, "The moral Case for Fossil Fuels."

Whether you are a proponent of the Liberal Mantra which is closely related to extreme tree hugging, Spotted Owls, etc. or are actually hungering for objective information in this area, I urge you to take the plunge and either buy, borrow or steal a copy of this 2014 publication, published by Penguin.

Some examples of the history of farming, which of course covers the fight against world starvation, are repeated in this book. Examples which I had not thought of and I suspect many of you hadn't either.

We have the utterances of the imaginative Al Gore, who predicted that we would run out of oil in 2017, while realizing a glut which has brought costs down immensely. Others, such as our current Secretary of State, are also exercising their flannel mouths and shallow thinking about the good and bad regarding fossil fuels.

The worst of course is coal. Except that if the world stops burning coal, which nature has provided abundantly, starvation and freezing weather would cause more deaths than the Black Plague back in the dark ages.

For example, less than 100 years ago, farmers walked behind a mule towing a single blade plow or other implement.   Today we have huge tractors towing many plows that instead of allowing us to farm 5 acres, we can farm 5000 acres. This caused the death of family farms you say? How many family farms could feed the millions of people that populate this earth. The answer is none, other than the farmer's own family, of which my family experienced back in the '30's and '40's.

This graduation from the mule to tractor was made possible by fossil fuel. Diesel, gasoline and oil. Take these away and the world starves. There is no way that we can survive without fossil fuels. There is nothing in sight that will economically replace even a fraction of the need.

I will have more on this subject as time goes on. My voice is weak and the propaganda purveyors loud, but I will speak out anyway. Get the book. There is a ton of research that I couldn't begin to repeat. Buy the book.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hillary's History

I received this as an e-mail. The origination is unknown, but since it relates historical facts I decided to reprint it here:

So The Clintons Weren't So Bad, Eh?

If you're under 50 you really need to read this.

If you're over 50, you lived through it, so share it with those under 50.

Amazing to me how much I had forgotten!

When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care reform.

Even after threats and intimidation, she couldn't even get a vote in a democratic controlled congress.

This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million in cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts.

Then President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female attorney general.

Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood - both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration.
    Next she chose Janet Reno - husband Bill described her selection as "my worst mistake."

    Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children.

    Husband Bill allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the
head of the Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her selection. When a little probing led to the discovered of Ms. Guanier's radical views, her name had to be withdrawn from consideration.

    Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make some more recommendations.

    She chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department.

    Her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

    Many younger votes will have no knowledge of "Travelgate." Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend Harry Thompson - and the White House Travel Office refused to comply.

    She managed to have them reported to the FBI and fired.

    This ruined their reputations, cost them their jobs, and caused a thirty-six month investigation.

    Only one employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime, and that of the enormous crime of mixing personal and White House funds.

    A jury acquitted him of any crime in less than two hours.

    Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of White House security.

    When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use in the White House.

    Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven presidents.

    Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of the "bimbo eruption" and scandal defense.

    Some of her more notable decisions in the debacle was:

    She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit.

    After the Starr investigation they settled with Ms. Jones.

    She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor.

    After $80 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr's
investigation led to Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.

    Hillary's devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to practice law for 'lying under oath' to a grand jury and then his subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.

    Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, "I do not recall," "I have no recollection," and "I don't know" a total of 56 times while under oath.

    After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an
estimated $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had stolen.

    What a swell party - ready for another four or eight year of this type low-life mess?

    Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly incriminating emails while Hillary was Secretary of State and the "pay to play" schemes of the Clinton Foundation - we have no idea what shoe will fall next.

    But to her loyal fans - "what difference does it make?"

    Electing Hillary Clinton president would be like granting Satan absolution and giving him the keys to heaven!


Friday, October 09, 2015

Great Escape

Sniffling, sneezing, coughing and wheezing, I boarded a Southwest Airlines 737 bound for the eventual destination of Indianapolis, Indiana. Actually the destination was/is Carmel, Indiana, an upscale residential community north of Indianapolis. The occasion was the celebration of my brother Stan Huseland's 80th birthday which will happen Saturday, October 10.

I call this a great escape, because my poor abused lungs were hacking up crap for two long months and counting, as smoke from area wild fires inundated my home in Bayview, Idaho.

The trip started a little rough, as I tripped coming back from the bathroom late the night before. I found myself propped up against a tray table, but apparently alright. My big toe though, hurt a little, so I turned on the light to inspect same digit. Much to my surprise, not only was the toe and the one next to it bloody, but the big one had lost it's nail entirely and the other partially. How that happened I have no idea, except I apparently caught my toe in the carpet. I slapped an over-sized band aid on it and took an APC, commonly known as Tylenol Three.

Not wishing to cancel my trip, I jumped in my car and headed toward the airport in Spokane, with an intermediate stop to see my newest grandchild, just a couple of weeks old, parented by my son Brian and his lovely wife, Jennifer. Lana, a fifth daughter is of course a beauty, albeit born a little chunky, weighing in at over 9 pounds.

I checked in, presented my baggage and went through security. I discovered a new rule. If you are over 75, they don't make you take your shoes off, which was fortunate, since the left one had a bloody band aid on it and I wore no socks, just moccasins. I tippy toed through the terminal, dodging killer feet that were determined to step on my abused big toe. 

My flight was in two parts. Spokane-Denver and Denver-Indianapolis. Landing in Denver, the touch down was a little rough either meaning we hit a wind shear on short final or the flight attendant made the landing, but we managed to walk away from it safely, which 99% of the times is routine in our airline industry. Still, when I passed the pilot I was moved to suggest they not let the flight attendant make any more landings.

When we deplaned, I noticed that we taxied past the huge concourse that Southwest uses as a hub, to the very end. I inquired what gate I needed to go to for my second flight, I was informed that it was gate A28, which I learned later, was a half mile walk from where I was.

Arriving finally in a pre-collapse condition I explained my recent toe challenge to the very nice lady at the counter, who immediately ordered up a wheel chair ride to the plane. I had pre-boarding  privilege, as a disabled passenger, and was boarded first, a new experience. They also ordered up a wheelchair for the other end.

As my brother and sister-in-law scanned the arriving passengers, they overlooked the old guy being wheeled out of the tunnel until I waved. I told them not to be concerned, as my condition was temporary. The young porter was extremely kind, even remembering to stop off at a rest room. He wheeled me right up to the car in the parking garage and was tipped accordingly.

Lo and behold, all my symptoms are gone. No more hacking up Flem, sneezing or any of the usual stuff I suffer every morning. Fresh smokeless air does wonders. I will spend a few days here until Wednesday, October 14, then repeat my journey back to my home, which I hope will be smoke free when I return.

Monday, October 05, 2015


I will be out of touch until the 15th.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

American Legion Eligibility

I have debated with myself for many weeks now as to whether I wanted to write this. But I am both a communicator and have an axe to grind. Several years ago I was recruited by the Athol Post 149 by a member that was trying to line up votes in which he was running for something.

When we discussed eligibility dates, I explained that I served in the Washington National Guard from November, 1953 to June, 1956 at which time I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. I served for four years from June 1956 to June 1960. After that service I was awarded a service connected disability for the period of active duty.

A problem exists here. You see the Legion doesn't think I'm a real veteran because I joined the air force after Korean eligibility expired January 31, 1955. Eligibility started up again in February 1961 through May 7, 1975.

During both Korean and Viet Nam, as many served in Europe and North Africa as did in combat zones. The ones in Germany were waiting for the Soviets to come charging through the Fulda Gap from East Germany. It was the height of the cold war. But I digress. Those that never heard a shot fired in anger who served in places other than combat zones are eligible to join the American Legion.

I too served during the cold war. Our air force was so worried about Soviet nuclear attack that they designed a rapid relocation program called Reflex Alert. An entire SAC wing would relocate for a 90 day period either in Morocco or Libya. We had three bases in Morocco. Sidi Slimane, Ben Guerrere and Nouaseur, just 21 miles south of Casablanca. I was at Nouaseur. We were there to facilitate the SAC Reflex TDY's. I remember standing on the wing of an aircraft, fueling it when I observed three generations of bombers on the ground at the same time. The monster B-36 with 6 pusher props and four jets, the B-47 that appeared to be a fighter on steroids and the venerable B-52. I spent 18 months there followed by two years at McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington.

But I'm not a real veteran according to the hierarchy in the upper reaches of Legion leadership. The only justification I can come up with is that they, being combat veterans think they are above the rest of us. Soon the old men running the legion will find themselves alone, since the young vets from Afghanistan and Iraq are not interested in joining an old men's club, which is the result of stagnation.

Am I bitter? Bet your ass I am.Whether a war was or wasn't being held during my service of four plus almost 3 years of reserves was not my choice. I was there for whatever happened. Draftees that polished tanks in Germany for two years are members in good standing.

I finally decided not to be a member of an organization that didn't want me. I quit. One person even had the gall to suggest Son's of the Legion or Auxiliary. a blatant insult to my service. No longer am Iwilling to associate with those that I was essentially lying to.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rooster Postscript

Since the aggrieved party didn't mention names, I won't either. But I do know who the rude neighbors are. After seeing DFO's Sunday column, apparently they felt the heat and got rid of the rooster. In every city, (Bayview is unincorporated) where chickens are allowed, roosters are not.

Jeanna contacted David Stewart, commissioner for the second district who paid attention to her dilemma. He contacted David Callahan, director of planning and zoning for Kootenai County. The zoning in the affected neighborhood is restricted residential. Callahan was proactive and was poised to jump all over this chicken caper. (pun intended)

Sunday morning came and went. No new crows were heard. Apparently believing that it would be counter productive to push any further, they avoided not just the official response, but a very lot of adverse publicity of which I would have participated.

All is well that ends well. One would hope that deliberate harassment of neighbors will cease. The need for the county commissioners is follow up. It would be very simple to enact an ordinance covering dense packed residential areas which would prohibit Roosters, Pigs and other obnoxious animals. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I received a surprise this weekend as a call came in Saturday from Scott Unzen and his lovely wife saying they were boating south on their annual  trek to Bayview. I met them about four years ago when they introduced to me their love of my blog, Bay Views. Most of the time I get very little feedback, except when someone disagrees with me.

These were genuine fans of the blog. I humbly accepted the good things they had to say, knowing that they might be a majority of two. Actually, there are a few others, as my page views are approaching 393,947 page views since a Guy named Dave Oliveria, Ring master of the circus called Huckleberries on-line held a clinic on blogging back in 2005.

I was so ignorant of how the Internet worked that he had to practically tell me how to turn the power on. He led me by the hand, along with several other helpful friends until I learned to copy & paste, load photos, etc.

When the Spokesman-Review started the Idaho Handle Extra and the neighborhood special editions, I called and asked the then editor why Bayview wasn't included. His name was Tad. A victim of cost cutting he stood on his principles and quit. But first he hired me as an corespondent. He then added Athol and spirit Lake to my territory.

One thing led to another and I suddenly was a journalist. That last about five years, when they jerked the string and decided Idaho wasn't profitable. Rather than blaming their advertising department, they pulled out, not realizing that the bean counters were wrong and content and reader satisfaction was paramount. In short, they stopped being journalists and became as I said, bean counters.

There are two areas that drive newspaper income. Advertisers and subscribers. Advertisers count your subscribers to determine the exposure they get. Subscribers were dealt several blows. First, in pulling out of Idaho, just Bayview and Athol subscribers lost 60. These were people that enjoyed reading about themselves and their neighbors.

Then the extra money they get for selling the back page of a section overwhelmed the good sense of journalists who did jumps from the front page to interior pages causing folding and unfolding and sometimes skipping stories. The final blow, was when they started doing reverse jumps.   That is where they start a story on page 9 and continue it on page 8.

The total disregard for the reader has cost them hundreds of subscribers, which then push the advertisers to other venues.  Bean counters run the S/R, not journalists. The paper continues to shrink while subscriptions go up in cost. This is a prescription for failure. I feel sorry for my friends that write and photograph for what was once a great daily and soon will be a weekly.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Interesting Relatives

Most families have at least one and possibly more, interesting relatives. I will talk about those in my family, other than myself, who many have considered ... different for many years. But no, the award today goes to my Aunt Anna Huseland Gibbons.

When my Grandfather, Gunder Asbjornson Huseland died in 1908 just (in a reversion to a Norwegian, slip I originally spelled it yust) a short time after migrating from Wisconsin with my Dad, Amos, the youngest at seven years old and six older sisters. The family had established a homestead in an area of Stevens County, Washington know as Aladdin. Aladdin does not exist anymore, but the old highway between Colville and Northport is known as the Aladdin Highway. Since 395 was built, it now serves as a rural road serving folks who live in the farming areas along Deep Creek.

This homestead was called a timber claim and was 160 acres straddling Meadow Creek, a short distance from Aladdin Hwy and Meadow Creek Road. This intersection was prior to Highway 20 which took a long leisurely route from the Colville Airport through the mountains and ending a few miles south of Ione, in Pend Oreille County.

Back in the day of my family though, Meadow Creek Road travelled a short but steep route up over what was then called Huseland Hill, past Big Meadow Lake and on down to Ione. This was a very short rout for those living in the area of Aladdin, but to those in Colville not so much.

But I digress. After the death of Gunder, there was absolutely no income for the family. Zero, Zilch. The older sisters journeyed to Spokane, where they entered domestic service. They then send money home to Mom. Eventually, Seven years later, Gunder's widow married a man whose homestead was just a few miles north. His name was Pat Grace.

During that period the older sisters married as well. One, Anna, married a man who's occupation was tattoo artist. Working for Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Baily Circus, he soon convinced Anna to allow him to tattoo her. All of her. Eventually, she hired on with the circus as Artoria, the tattooed lady, where she worked for years. Her only child, a wonderful lady, lives in retirement in rural South Carolina, near antebellum homes and cotton fields.

Now that you know some of out secrets, how many of you have those long kept secrets that beg to be released. Tell us about them.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Seasonal Changes

It never ceases to amaze me how abruptly our seasons change. But this year tops them all. Going from almost consistently above 90 degrees and smoke, to the '60's and rain in just a day or so is huge.

With fires burning everywhere,  the rain, unusually, is very welcome. I'd sure like to see our resident Climatologist's prediction for this Winter. We need a decent snow pack this year or we are in big trouble.

Although this labor Day weekend is going to produce cool, rainy weather, next week end looks great.

I have a ton of green tomatoes yet to ripen. During the real hot months, fruit doesn't set. So a tomato grower gets two crops. An early one and then a pause where only green tomatoes exist, then if we are lucky, warm September weather will produce a good second crop. Or, there is always the indoor ripening process with numerous methods. (They all work)

I just spread a newspaper on my little used dining room table and lay them down not touching each other. Another way, is to wrap them individually and store in a cool dark place. The problem with that, though is you cannot see which ones are ripening when.

As far as pulling the plants and hanging them upside down is the mess that is created unnecessarily.
Just pick the easiest and run with it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Smoke No More

It is becoming difficult to remember when we had clear blue skies. That is turning into a ruined last month of Summer. It isn't just about weather, it is all about tourism. The restaurants and stores along with marinas are suffering a dearth of people.

First, we had the Cape Horn Fire, which through thoughtless  publications from the Spokane TV Stations, kept on hammering on smoke, fire and the proximity of these fires, gave the impression that Bayview was out of bounds due to near by fires. I put that (fire) out by seducing  TV crew into actually learning the facts, rather than just using press releases about  percentages of containment rather than on scene reporting.

Then the three Sister Fire, which never actually was seen in Bayview.

Now we have the smoke. For days, now, smoke has settled into our little valley and has stayed. Smoke from fires north and west of us has joined into a devilish cloud of smoke, dust and hey, a couple of sprinkles of rain.

No end is end sight save the age old forest service statement that only the winter storms will put these fires out. It doesn't just end there.

Next spring, we will see devastating mud slides, baring rock that will not grow new trees. Homes that were not destroyed from fire will succumb to these land slides.

It's going to get worse. Much worse. Only time will tell how bad. In the mean time, the restaurants, marinas and other businesses have lost their best months of profitability  and are faced with the winter people that number about 300 to the 3000 summer crowd. The boat owners,Float home people and other fair weather friends, will be gone, and some of the Great recession effects will be present.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alien Voters

The stage is set for non-citizens to vote in U.S. elections. Obviously only citizens can vote. Some states are issuing drivers licenses to illegals. Federal courts are striking down protections for proof of citizenship.

Today, a non-citizen can register to vote by merely claiming that they are citizens and the states cannot make them prove they are. Idaho currently requires a picture ID at the polls In other states, the courts have ruled that it makes too tough for low income voters to comply with.

At this point there is no way that citizenship can be disproved. Is this a liberal conspiracy? I don't know, but it certainly works in favor of the Democrats who would inherit much if not all of the votes from these people.

Congress needs to step up and enact legislation that would protect us from these illegal acts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Forest Fire Causes

For many years the Sierra Club and other extremist ecology groups have packed the courtrooms of this nation stopping forest managers from timber sales, thinning of forests and prescribed burns.

This Summer, the worst fire year since 1926, finds trees packed together in out of control brush is a direct cause of crowded forests burning during dry years. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. This is it.

Steep slopes that burn will lose their top soil to erosion which will take thousands of years to regenerate, if ever. Whether we will learn from this experience or not is problematical. Most extremists never get the message that normally comes from logic.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lead Point School

My son Brian and I took a road trip to the furthest reaches of NE Washington State Yesterday. The purpose was to meet with the Superintendent of the Northport School District to explore the possibility  of forming a volunteer group to repaint and do other minor rehab items, then applying for National Historical status. After all, what is a better historical item in an agricultural area, than the venerable one room school house.

Where our interest came from was that Nina Baron Huseland's first teaching job was at the Lead Point school in 1929. She was my Mom.

Our trip was for more than one purpose. I wanted to show Brian the original short route from Colville, Washington to Ione, in Pend Oreille County. Currently, the Tiger route beginning at the Colville Airport, is the main well paved road. This was not always the case. For many years the direct but steep route was from Aladdin at the west terminus, following Meadow Creek past Big Meadow Lake and down into Ione. It is about one third the distance of the Tiger route. Still a dirt road, is is well groomed. The western portion used to be referred to as Huseland Hill, since it bisected Gunder Huseland's homestead.

We picked a bad time to do this though. Forgetting that road construction season was upon us, we passed an ominousness sign. Road work 33 miles. They were chip sealing 33 miles of the highway. Finally, we made it to Ione whence we ascended the aforementioned short route.

On into Northport we traveled, passing another what used to be a one room school which had two names. Doyle school and Deep Creek School. It is now a storage building on the farm it resides.

We were well received by Don Bribault, Northport Superintendent of Schools, along with a school board member who's name I didn't write down. They appeared interested in the concept, since for several years they had failed to sell it. As a home, the building had some obsolescence. The bathroom was limited to an outhouse. No indoor plumbing, a well that was probably only about 20 feet deep, as the area is near the shallow end of what is Deep Lake, sub-irrigating the land under the school. We were impressed, as Don, after discussing our planned visit the next day, drove the several miles to check out the school before meeting with us.

It badly needs paint, was the exterior is deteriorating. (Lead based paint, of course) I am about to start a Facebook group, as soon as I find a way to do it without getting stuck part way through the process. We will gage interest, as well as willingness to contribute to the fund. In short, it would be cheaper to build new, rather than to rebuild this un-insulated building into a legal residence. What is a kudo to this mostly ghost town, is that vacant since 1960, after multiple neighborhood use, not one window pane was broken.

Wish us luck as we attempt to save this educational icon, the One Room School house that offered 1-8th grades to area farm kids. Without school buses, the schools had to be within walking distance of the homes it served, ergo the plentiful numbers of them that existed back in the early 1900's. Those that are left are easy to spot as they all used the same plans when built, probably given free by the U.S. Government.

Paper saving was in effect even back then, as wrap-around blackboards decorate the walls.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fifties Revolution

I decided this weekend to revisit the dulcet tones of 1950's tunes. I started with the Crew Cuts:

Hm, well how about Bill Haily & the Comets:This was the start of real Rock and Roll. Their hit, "Rock around the clock" took over the charts from the gradual slide from Rhythm & Blues, which then became a part of the rock generation. There were many others, but I'm coming on with the pioneers in music.

The mid-fifties  which coincided with my junior-senior years in high school, was the most revolutionary period in music. Elvis blasted upon the scene which brought many country singers to score well in both genres. Faron Young, Ferlin Husky, (my neighbor's ex husband) The Big Bopper, who could forget Ritchie Valens and La Mamba.

Then there was the star attraction in those days,  Buddy Holly & the Crickets. The three were touring together during cold winter weather, on unheated buses. Holly decided to fly to the next venue, which was North Dakota. Waylon Jennings, the bass player for Holly, gave up his seat to one of the other head liners. They all died along with the pilot on that cold snowy night.

There were others that met the same fate, as making it to a commitment was gospel for these performers.

To sum up the fifties, is that we had some horrible lyrics like Shboom, Shboom, and some great music. During the three years I was in High School, 1954-56 we had holds overs from WW11, like the Andrew Sisters, the McGuire Sisters, and other trios and quartets.

The music that grew out of that mishmash produced great harmony in the 1960's like the Everly Brothers and many others.

After reviewing a long line of musical changes, while I wouldn't give up the musical crossroads, better music came in the 1970's. Credence Clearwater, the Doors, the Hill Top Singers who recorded a CocaCola commercial that went viral. They had to go back to the studio to record those famous words: "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..." .

But my all time favorite goes back to the 1964-68 career of the Seekers, with Judith Durham, an Australian like the rest of the group, perhaps the greatest female lead ever.  They mostly recorded in England, where with two top hits, "I'll never find another you," and shortly thereafter,"A world of our own, both of which knocked the Beatles off the Number one charts. Check them out on YouTube.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Bayview Wins

A bloodbath was averted Thursday afternoon at the candidate interviews for Water & Sewer Board. Susan Weeks, attorney for the water district organized and pretty much led the interview process. The beauty of it all is that everyone played nice.

There were some very qualified applicants, with the unanimous winner, being Richard Doney. Richard has owned his home in Cape Horn Estates for 15 years, with residency beginning 6 years ago upon retirement from the Monrovia, California Policy Department. He spent 30 years and held just about every position except police Woman.

A detective, a Helicopter pilot for the department, who just in case, always sat on his bullet proof vest. Richard was a detective for 22 or those years before transitioning to helicopter pilot. He taught law enforcement at Rio Hondo College, as well as the California Police Academy.

What most of us didn't know, was that the Cape Horn Fire Brigade was activated during the Sunday start of the big blaze and operated with their tanker trailer for 36 straight hours. Richard Doney was right there with the other 12 resident/firefighters. They doused hot spots and saved at least 6 houses from destruction.

Currently, Richard is president of the Cape Horn Estates Home owners Association. Please welcome this super qualified new member of the Bayview Water & Sewer Board of directors. His motto is, "What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander." A straight shooter, who does nothing behind any one's back.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Water & Sewer Board Election

Today is the day that the Bayview Water & Sewer Board elect a 5th member. As it stands now, two are holdovers and two are the newly elected members. Agreeing on a 5th could be challenging.

For well over 20 years, elections were unnoticed, unadvertised and ended up with appointments rather that transparent efforts to adequately represent the wishes of the absent voters.

As it sits now, 2 are holdovers that never ran for office, but were appointed. Two ran and handily beat their incumbent opponents. Both have different agendas. Exhibited by the hasty meeting held 5 days after Chuck Waller's passing, an attempt was made by the holdovers to maintain a 3-2 majority and hold onto what some wags have referred to as "Big frog, Small pond" attitudes.

Since neither side can have a majority, it is hoped that common sense will prevail and a person with good qualifications and ties to neither side will be elected. If that doesn't happen, then a person will be selected by the state. It is preferable that this slot be filled with a knowledgeable personable individual with a positive attitude, rather than plunging deeper into disarray.

We are about to find out which will occur.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Cape Horn Fire Pictures

The first three pictures show the total destruction of several houses near the shoreline. I have seen burned homes before. Never have I seen such total destruction. No charred wood or plumbing, chimneys ... Nothing. Just what looks like concrete rubble.

What I found remarkable though, was when I drove out to the end of the Cape. Not one house was damaged on the uphill side. Where the fire burned all the way down to the road, and knocked on the back doors of some homes, all were saved except the 6 that were grouped on the same access road on Lake Front. I hear one home owner rented a float home while waiting for insurance issues to work through. I think I can speak for all of us that live or recreate here, that one we feel for the people that were burned out, and two, the heroic efforts of the fire fighters saving most of the homes that were at risk.

While on the cruise Thursday, we saw a spot fire up the mountain and in an area that hadn't burned. There was a thunderstorm 3 days previous, which was most likely the cause. The wind was dead calm and the smoke was vertical. Friday we were out all day and not even a wisp of smoke. 

The last picture shows the only place a shipwrecked couple could have got out of the water. Both sides for quite a distance were sheer rock walls clear down to the water. This would explain why the panicked firing of flares, given the rough water conditions then. Lacking training that might have made them understand what happens to a flare that is fired into the wind and an up angle it is no wonder why it curved back over their heads and started the fire.

We can second guess them and many will. But untrained and in distress, the chose to use the only life saving means at their disposal. That they had flares, required on all boats, was to their credit. Unfortunately they should have fired them at a shallow angle. Even then, using a hand held radio and calling for help would have been safer for all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Community Organizations

There are three public entities in Bayview. Bayview Water & Sewer, The Community Center Foundation and the so called Chamber of Commerce.

The Water & Sewer issues have been well aired and need not be repeated here. Of the other two, the dba Bayview Chamber of Commerce, is not a Chamber of Commerce, but a dba. It is not affiliated with either the Idaho Chamber or the U.S. Chamber. I doubt that the official Chambers of Commerce have given Bayview permission to represent themselves as such. Many members of this community, having experienced the wake-up call that all three groups tend to be incestuous, insofar as they are controlled by a small group of insiders that do not particularly want other in the community to participate.

If I recall, there is a rule that Foundation board members must be members of the dba Bayview Chamber of Commerce. This is very questionable as to it's legality. But then many practices have been questionable in the past. It would be desirable for the Foundation to publicize their charter, so that the residents can understand the basis it was formed and for what purpose.

I challenge both groups to publicize their election processes, board members and scheduled elections in the near future. This will allow enough knowledge for members of the community to participate if they wish. It is obvious that the community at large have demanded transparency. We can do it the hard way, or the easy way. Refusing Stephen May's paid ad in the Chamber news letter was not appropriate. Neutrality should have been observed.

Monday, July 27, 2015


I am addressing this issue today because my computer froze up Friday and I couldn't get it fised until today.

An e-mail widely circulated came back to be as they always do. It was written by Norma Jean Knowles and was about the Water & Sewer Board election and installation. In it she accused me of doing the bidding of Chan Karupiah.

That she would make such a wild accusation about Chan, who she hates, and now me astounds me. Anyone who knows me would tell you that Chan neither before or during a new post. I'm sure he agrees with some and not with others, but we seldom compare notes, or discuss Bayview politics.

For an individual to start a fund raiser to stop Karupiah from investing in Bayview Properties is ludicrous and makes one wonder what logic was used there. Norma Jean has the right to speak about any subject she wants, but there are penalties for naming a person with inaccurate accusations.

Slander is a false accusation that is both inaccurate and made with malice. It does not include asking a question, only a statement about a specific person. The old guard has run Bayview's activities without challenge for a long times.

The recent election wasn't about either of the incumbents. It was about cleaning house and making ways to assure accountability.

It would behoove the holdovers to quit playing defense and cooperate with this town. Times are a changing and people must also change.

***Additional comments that were e-mailed to me anonymously. It is well written and makes great points:

I do not understand the statement regarding the new Board members being very adversarial and bent on destruction, not working as part of a Board to make things better or work cooperatively. From what I saw, they participated in the meeting, made motions and were complaint with the process of going through the agenda. Since there was an agenda, there was not an opportunity to give the current Board and the employees any credibility of the things they have accomplished or are trying to work on, not wanting to learn or listen to why things have been done the way they have been.

Certainly the community attendees were vocal because they thought that an appointment had been made during a secretly held meeting that excluded the new Board members. And, actually, that was the case, and that’s why people seem to think all the Board members have been acting illegally, unethically and secretly. In addition, that was why the Press was apparently interested. It’s news when people’s access to their elected officials is interrupted.

Similarly, the accusation that Sharon Meyer and Steve May were meeting secretly themselves amongst other members of the community and that this is somehow wrong is ludicrous. Because they were all appointed, the veteran Board members all seem confused about the fact that they represent constituents. The bizarre acknowledgments that all the Board members were expected to sign, promising that they would not discuss Water Business outside of the Water Board group, totally defeats their ability to represent the members of the community. However, speaking with constituents is seen as “creating havoc”.

Likewise, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the Idaho Statutes and what is required of the Board. Actually, I think the statutes that are applicable are IC 42-51 not IC 42-32 as some have referenced. Regardless, I can assure you there is no stipulation in the Idaho Code regarding community members’ not being able to speak to the Board about concerns. 

As for continually attacking policy, procedures and character integrity of the others that hold a seat I do not see that happening. What I do see is an organization that was never properly set up to handle a half million dollar budget; with unwritten Policy and Procedures; apparently no By Laws and a history of “because I said so, we’ve always done it that way”.

And that, like it or not, makes them look arbitrary and poorly managed. There are no personal accusations needed. It is not personal, it is business. It is what it is and it is fixable with some hard focused teamwork.
There should be no need for WW III Bayview style. There are probably talented people in the community who would assist with policy and by law development. People do care and are helpful, but nothing gets done when everyone has a pile of chips on their shoulders and go around all butt-hurt.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cape Horn Aftermath

These two pictures are of a peek-a-boo look at the luxury home and the lot next to the house where the fire reached the road.

The third and fourth pictures show where the fire crowned and crossed down to the water.

That the fire only got away once was either a miracle or a very highly trained and dedicated group of expert fire fighters, or perhaps both.

Charts, statistics and press releases just do not tell the story of this fire. I drove out this afternoon expecting to see massive damage. Certainly, up hill where the fire really took off was harder to control and even harder to get pictures.

After driving to the end of the road, except the gated community, of which I did not want to intrude, one thing stood out all the way to the end.

With only one crown fire that crossed the road and would have caused all of the homes that were consumed to burn, all along the road there were burn patches where they held it from crossing Cape Horn Road.

Time after time the fire would creep up to the uphill side where some very nice homes sit. They are all still there. In one case, a luxury home on a large tract with a blacktop driveway curving up to the house was framed by trees along the way. It appeared from the road the the fire had knocked on their back door, only to be refused by the firefighters.

The lot just to the west burned all the way to the road, where once again it was turned back.The one place I referred to as having  crossed the road and burned down to the lake, is just a block or two east of the slide area.

With nice homes lining Cape Horn Road, not one of the uphill homes were sacrificed. The pictures  I took are not spectacular, because they show where the fire wasn't allowed to spread.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bayview Citizens Angered By Board

An angry crowd of at least fifty citizens of Bayview, and also Water & Sewer customers greeted a very defensive board of directors yesterday, July 21. In addition to the two new board members, there was a third that was hastily appointed just 5 days after the president, Chuck Waller, died.

The board, claiming an emergency, had quickly appointed one of the two losing candidates from the spring election. Two things were obvious. One was to maintain the old guard majority of 3-2, which would have negated any effect the two new members might have had. The second is they forgot that a 24 hour legal notice must precede any sudden unscheduled meeting.

I walked out after a loud mouth board member referred to us as Persona Non Grata. This type of attitude unfortunately, was what led to the contested election this spring. The first such open contest in my memory, and I've been here 20 years.

After the meeting I learned that the unlawful appointment at an illegal meeting was reversed. At some point in the near future, a proper appointment will be made. The law requires a replacement within 30 days of the vacancy occurring. The open solicitation for applicants apparently will take place. At this time, with only four voting members participating. This will prove interesting since it tends to show the old guard vs the newly elected reformers as a 2-2 standoff. If the chairperson cannot vote except to break a tie then the decision would fall to the new comers.

Some great comments, all in objection to the sitting board, were shown in the Coeur d'Alene Press Wednesday am. Although holding onto a big frog/small pond attitude, the greatest service the incumbents could give the community would be to resign, allowing a makeover long over due. The employees do a fine job, although the manager probably should refrain from volunteering as a bouncer, since he may be answering to new bosses that actually respect the public.

Interestingly, while shouting down those that wished to speak occurred for some, others were allowed to speak freely. There was a young man from JUB Engineers, who though not recognized by the chair interjected comments at will. Another, a woman rose to a point of order and was allowed to speak. The majority of the rulings came not from the chair, but from board member Gardner who visibly sneered at the public gathering.

Somehow, I sense a recall election may take place to cleanse the board of arrogance.

Monday, July 20, 2015


The Bayview Water and Sewer board, consisting of two incumbents and two expired terms met July 8 to appoint a successor to Chuck Waller who died 5 days prior. Faced with losing their majority, the surviving two held a rump meeting  without notice and without inviting their secretary.

Both Waller's death and the meeting at which the illegal board met were after July first, the date the new members were official. That they weren't sworn in is immaterial. If the president of the united states dies, the vice-president is immediately president regardless of when the swearing in happens.

Faced with a two-two tie, the incumbents acted quickly, and I believe illegally to cement a 3-2 majority, appointing one of the two losers in the recent election, Chuck Murray. This isn't about people, it's about legal acts, honesty and transparency. The obvious correct way to have handled this is for both factions to agree on one outsider that doesn't have an ax to grind. Also, electing a new president after the two losers were already out of office is disgusting, and also probably illegal.

They just don't get it. This kind of weaselly behavior is what got new members elected. This district and it's members have long been kept in the dark as to accounting for expenditures. At a meeting which many community members attended, an audit was still 2 years late, when legally required to be annual. Now, two years later, the audit is four years in arrears.

The second act and where the smell test applies, is the Bayview Water & Sewer board invested in a brand new large capacity paper shredder. This in anticipation of an audit?  Stay tuned. A court of law can take over, lock, stock and barrel in these situations, and damn well should.

This is, unless the board gets their act together quickly, will probably end up in a law suit. It will be interesting when auditors, Magnuson-McHugh are subpoenaed to testify as to why they rejected the audit. Is it possible that the district  wouldn't supply the auditors with the material needed for the audit?

So then,  we have a new/old board member who along with the other former member, voted for one of them to replace Waller, AFTER their terms expired. If all else fails, these incumbents will fall in the next election.The public strikes back after being sucker punched too many times. I would encourage the citizens of Bayview to take up a collection for the hiring of an attorney that can then file a suit, demand disclosure  and discover where the rats are eating the cheese.

Does someone have something to hide? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bayview Still Deserted

While the permanent residents of Bayview are home, the summer people are not. Float home owners, boat owners and RV people are missing in droves. In talking to one marina owner, it is the over hyped television media that is misrepresenting the Cape Horn fire status.

The "50% contained" mantra is said over and over. The truth of the matter is that the skies are blue, no smoke in the air, in short, a normal summer day. What isn't normal is the enduring silence that exists as the streets are empty and for no legitimate reason.

The portion of the Cape Horn Fire that is not controlled is miles north of Scenic Bay. The rugged mountains north of Cape Horn are difficult to access, but very few homes are anywhere near the head of the fire which is traveling even further north as the prevailing winds dictate. There is absolutely no fire burning on the south slope of Cape Horn. That fire is completely out.

The mountains between Cape Horn and the naval research establishment are still in danger, but the fire is moving very slowly.

In the mean time, our restaurants and marinas are close to empty as television viewers are led astray. It is past time that KHQ, KREM and KXLY stop sensationalizing routine recovery. They are killing Bayview. "If it bleeds it leads," is a true description of the wolf pack mentality of the broadcast media.

Get a sense of responsibility people, or you next story will be the mysterious decay of a once thriving tourist destination.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fire Aftermath

Actually this isn't the aftermath, since the Cape Horn Fire is very much alive, but burning on the north slopes. Smoke is not visible here as the wind is apparently blowing it north.

I ran into a firefighter in the Mercantile yesterday who had two things to say. One, he had never been treated so well as here in Bayview. There were restaurants giving free meals to firefighters and hospitality is rampant.

Secondly, and bizarre, If it is dry enough Wednesday, they are going to start a back fire that should kill the blaze. I thought it strange that the firefighters wanted it dryer.

Life has returned to normal in most of the areas, except Cape Horn. On a sad note, one of the homes that burned down created a mystery. The authorities couldn't find the owner. Finally, she was located ...At a hospital. Can you imagine the trauma when the doctor says, "You may go home now."

Thunderstorms have been circling around, but other than a five minute sprinkle, none have reached Bayview, which could really use some heavy rain. We have had an entire summer's experience just half way through. Many are wondering what next?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Thunderstorms Prowling The Area

The sun is back out after dodging yet another thunder bumper. We got just a few sprinkels and one peal of thunder. Mot of the storms this year have traveled to the south of Bayview, Idaho. This tends to work against the Silver Valley, as they get hit head on.

Another wave is due in about 30 minutes. We shall see. But prior to the serious stuff arriving, there were some beautiful towering cumulus clouds overhead.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Humongous Thunderstorm

A humongous Thunderstorm is heading up from the south, now perched around St. Maries, Idaho and heading our way. Like we need more fire. It may hit here, or not. Thunderstorms are notional and pretty much go where they want.

You can tell though with weather radar. Storms tend to circle a cold or warm front. This one has a monster center south of the panhandle, and is heading due north. It will probably turn east toward the mountains, but if it doesn't, look out.

Tomorrow will tell the tale. I am still traumatized from the last evacuation and will not go next time, if there is a next time. It has been many years since a firestorm has obliterated a city here in Idaho. 1910 to be precise. What is now Farragut State Park was destroyed in that fire, which burned up Bernard Peak and joined the main blaze in the  Silver Valley.

I have water, sprinklers and mucho protection from losing my home. If another fire comes along, I'll be out on my deck playing my banjo, which I have neglected, while between wetting down the deck. When you have a bone dry wood deck 8x30 in front of a single side mobile home, it would destroy the entire deal.

As traumatic as the evacuation was, and the errors in judgement by the fire bosses, we and they survived to fight again. I haven't yet congratulated our heroic fire fighters, but better late than never. They were magnificent,fighting an uphill out of control blaze, while experiencing 95 degree heat.

The businesses out of order for two days will be OK. If you want to help, donate to the Timberlake Fire Department emergency fund, or their retirement fund. There has apparently been yet again a shakeup with several including the chief suspended. As usual, no information is being given out. This would explain why the Northern chief was the spokesperson.

If this ever happens again, please try to avoid treating us like sheep.

Bayview Is Open To All

Bayview is open to all as of this morning. Cape Horn just for residents. The traumatic experience may be over, but we still have the thunder storms coming in which could spell trouble.

Ralph Jones tells me that there are bulldozers running a line the north face of Cape Horn, a 60 degree slope. That takes brass Whatchacolits.

Anyway, all blockades into Bayview have been lifted and everyone is free to come on down.

Thursday, July 09, 2015


I finally found someone that was knowledgeable about what was going on in the card game, fire versus public interest regarding the ability to access their homes and regain the life that was interrupted last Sunday Afternoon.For all, it has been traumatic. For us older folks it was much worst.

You see, the older you get, the more the loss off one's comfort zone is. When I left Bayview Sunday afternoon, it was in anticipation of a monster traffic jam of the three day weekend crowd leaving all at once. I left at 2:00 pm. Staying with friends complicates two things. My routine was destroyed, and so was theirs. To there credit they were very kind in saying it was a pleasure to have me over. You see, the urge to help those in need was a paramount issue with them.

Thank You John and Jan Land, for your kindness. I also got an invitation from Jana Tritto, the caregiver of several forever children, of all ages. These patients, or family members range from preteens to adults that will never be able to cope with life on their own. I think the current label is developmentally disabled, but I never can keep up with politically correct terms.

Yesterday, by hook or crook, I slid into Bayview and  reunited myself with my home. I don't care what burns down, I have sprinklers in both my front and back yards. I will stay with my home 'til hell freezes over. No more living out of a suitcase, I'm fighting back.

Rumors of public access to Bayview, from reliable sources, suggest that with the exception of the predicted thunderstorms with heavy winds could derail that effort. We will hope for the best. The local restaurants are open, have been resupplied by the wholesale suppliers, as did the Mercantile.

I will be back mid morning with news of the day. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bayview Resident Restrictions

We  here in Bayview have some unique problems. During the Winter months we probably have 450 year round residents. Some of those have their permanent residence in Bayview and can prove their residency.

Then there are those that are currently prohibited from entry, that live year round in an RV. Winter? Usually Arizona or perhaps Palm Springs. They then spend every summer in Bayview. They are part of an expanding herd of constant travelers. All but a few RV guests are gone, having been repeatedly told they are not welcome here because they are not residents. Admittedly, these are uniquely difficult times. Still, cannot we make adjustments for seasonal residents?

For those of you in government, a great amount of taxes are collected from seasonal residents. Are they then taxed without any privileges?

The there are the float home owners. Most of them live elsewhere in the winter and live here in the summer or on weekends. Are they not able to access their summer homes? The entire bay is made up of Marinas. Some fall into the category of float home residents, but many populate  a very lucrative marina businesses, for week end boaters. They pay taxes here too.

First, I encourage all seasonal residents and boat owners to bring with them any receipts or other evidence that they are not just looky loos, which get in the way of the fire fighters but have a legitimate reason for coming to Bayview. They have a financial interest in this place.

To the State, federal and county authorities, Bayview starts in the winter with a flock of snow birds, then  expands to thousands in the summer. Restaurants, marinas and other businesses that stayed, busting their butts to serve the community, are you willing to take away the two months of income that keep them going all year?

This town is unique and must be treated as such. Otherwise, after several years of recovery from fishing and recession problems, you are going to see this town destroyed financially and it will come not from the fire itself, but from the scattered stupid lack of a plan and coordination between information sources and agencies. The fire itself, except for the timber holdings, will not affect Bayview or Cape Horn much in the long run.

What will, is the destruction of tourism here. Get your collective heads out of your asses and cure problems, not create them.While get out of town information came quickly and regularly, there are still residents that don't know they can come home. This county needs and deserves a better system to communicate other that the laughable 765 number who apparently wasn't informed correctly either. You have unnecessarily disrupted this town to the brink of disaster. Not from fire, but from ignorant handling of public information. I see law suits on the horizon.This is the 105th anniversary of the great collection of fires called the 1910 fire. They didn't have a plan either.


After Ralph Jones interrupted Sheriff Ben Wolfinger last night at the community meeting the subject of why in hell the cops blockaded Pier Road to keep traffic out of the cape when they could have blocked Lime Kiln at the top where Cape Horn Road joins, the sheriff, who probably was unaware of the stupidity of someone n his chain of command, opened the road this morning at 8:00 am.

Unfortunately, those that were turned away have no way to know they can come home now. My thoughts go to Yvonne Wallis who, disabled, was turned back yesterday along with myself, and many others. Unnecessary closures occurred at two marinas and the Captain's Wheel because the order to close Lime Kiln was misinterpreted to mean at the bottom, not the top at the juncture with Cape Horn Road. Some like Yvonne do not have a computer and their only means of communication is TV will not know they are sheep anymore. As this is written, the Captain's Wheel is opened again, along with the Bitter End, (how aptly named) Scenic Bay Marina. Businesses may not prosper just yet. As long as non-residents are turned back these boaters that live elsewhere are still unable to travel to Bayview.

Unfortunately, the folks that live out Cape Horn are still unable to freely access their homes. They can however, met with the sheriff dept at the community center for scheduling supervised visits to their homes to check for damage and regain access to their important belongings. The treatment of us has been as if we were sheep and it will long be remembered how we were recklessly and thoughtlessly treated. B-a-a-a-a.

PS:A new smoke plums occurred NW of Bayview, a spot fire. The firefighters are addressing it as well as another closer to the original fire.  Cherokee Road is now closed and fire equipment was seen on that road.

The Sound Of Silence

I awoke this morning to a vague sound of a lawn mower. Realizing the improbability of that happening, opened the door to the vague sound of a far away Helicopter. I saw a car passing up the hill on the verboten Lime Kiln Road and wondered what sort of influence this dude had.

There was a community meeting at the Community Center last night that was probably informative if I could only have had transportation. I was forced to leave my car at Ralph's and hitch a ride with neighbors who had a golf cart. The convoluted logic is that it is alright to use Lime Kiln if you are traveling in a golf cart or ATV, but not a car.  Two blocks in my car and I would have had an escape option if the fire kicked up again. Now, on foot and lame, I have no option but to man the hoses and keep things wet.

The silence is unheard of this time of the year. That helicopter is gone and only total silence can be heard. One can hope that the delivery of food and beverages will be delivered by tomorrow, or the mercantile will be unable to supply food any longer. Will the trucks be get through? Will they even try. Those that do not have computers have no way of getting news, since the newspapers are not delivering.

Had the powers that be blocked Lime Kiln at the junction with Cape Horn Road instead of at Pier Road, they would have had an effective blockade. Instead they isolated the Captain's Wheel Resort, The Scenic Bay Marina and it's office which administrates five of the seven marinas here in Bayview, nor to mention my home which I managed to get to by bumming a ride on a golf cart. I want my car back now. I have at this point no transportation options, except walking, which I no longer can do for any distance.

That I am disgusted with the bureaucratic and yes, autocratic handling of this business of herding the citizens around like  minor irritants is a given. The current rumor is that it is OK to pass golf carts because they take up less room than a car. Well, since I came home yesterday afternoon, not one piece of fire equipment has been seen here. For the obstinate attitude that taking a car two blocks and parking it off road they have left me and others adrift as refugees in our own communities. No access to food or other necessities. Am I pissed? You betcha.

Do you remember Yvonne Wallis? She was the victim of a viscous hammer attack a coupe of years ago. Completely recovered now and disabled, she was refused entry by the same deputy that stopped me from driving home.I can throw a rock at her house from mine. She is now adrift, without the funds to support her away from home. To be able to access your home hitching a ride on a golf cart, only to be set adrift and afoot is stupid and thoughtlessly cruel.

If the handling of residents were as smoothly run and the firefighters that have at great risk contained this blaze the inconvenience to the folks that live here would have been a blessing. As it is, we are, as I said before refugees in our own community.