Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben Carson

Ben Carson has committed several mortal sins. First and foremost, he does not fit the liberal mantra of a downtrodden black man. Secondly, he sins because he doesn't wallow in poverty, blaming the white race for his inability to succeed. The third and most damning, is that he is a conservative, a religious man and a successful Neurosurgeon.

All of the democratic flailing about how if you voted for anyone other than Obama, you were a racist is suddenly come back to haunt the black community. The shoe, firmly on the other foot, has suddenly shifted. No longer is it racist to condemn Carson, who is obviously too successful to be a poster boy for damning the white right, the oppressors of all blacks.

The attacks begin. All of which have been refuted. It kind of reminds me of the CBS/Rather disaster. Several personal attacks have come forth directed toward Carson. None of which held water.

Carson even got attacked by Kareem Jabar, claiming he wasn't a good representative for the black community. Like a basket ball player is an expert on government. More proof that the black liberal community has rolled out  the big guns, reinforcing my example of racism in reverse.

A president doesn't have to be a foreign policy expert, nor an economist expert, nor a military tactician. What he or she does have to be is an intellect, something sadly lacking in the current admisitration. That is why they have cabinet members, advisers in all of those areas. Would that the current White House resident have taken advantage of that option.

I'll bid our conservative intellectual candidate against your hollow, great speaker with no content worth listening to. Pot stakes.

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