Wednesday, November 25, 2015

20th Aniversary

Recently, my older brother Stan Huseland, who is a graduate of the UW School of Journalism and later a PR flack for Indiana Hwy dept and later, Blue Cross of Indiana, chided me about missing the 20th anniversary of the great escape. The great escape is something I did when I first moved to Bayview back in 1995.

Prior to my moving here and having a career in Mortgage lending, I had a pretty good idea of what right-of-way law was. Nearing home just before the fourth of July Weekend, I encountered a Pretty personable young lady who was stationed at the Kiosk still standing forlorn in the medium opposite park headquarters. This happened only after I inched forward behind three RV's who were happily being welcomed by said young lady. When I finally worked my way up to her, I said, "You cannot barricade a state highway. It's illegal." She replied, you can if it goes through a state park. I said, bet me... and the fight was on.

Here are some of the things that I had no idea my brother had obtained, nor cataloged and kept. Here are some of the documents that most of you have never heard of. If the print is too small on the clippings, left click on them to enlarge.

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