Friday, November 13, 2015

Tellin like it is

I have two issues today. One, a laugh over the reaction over my post about Ben Carson. First, although DFO thought I was going to get slammed in the comments, a luke warm reception was heard from only from the radical left. I find the radical left as odious  as the radical right. None of them are from this earth.

The second and much surprising, was watching the televised basketball game between Texas and the University of Washington, played in Shanghai, China. Toward the end, the announcer and the former basketball star from UCLA started gushing about the Communist Revolution and it's leaders, historical points tied to the revolution. Perhaps, wrapped up in sports, they never heard of the atrocities that occurred and are still occurring in Communist China, still the most repressive nation on this earth..

Thanks to China and their Army-Navy owned corporation, Alibaba, which sponsored the event, a huge propaganda coup was realized by China, without giving anything in return such as freedom of expression or personal liberty. Personally, while finding nothing wrong with sporting exchanges, the ignoring of blatant aggression toward human rights, is despicable. Sometimes, just keeping your mouth shut is the best path. I would hate to think that these two guys actually believe in Chinese style communism.

As for the five of those predictable radical responses, up yours, guys.

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