Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time To Let Go

There is a time to campaign for or against something, and there is a time to let go. Such is the case with the Health Care Issue. It passed. the president signed it and I personally think it is a disaster waiting to happen.Having said that, beating a dead horse is futility.

Several states are suing the federal government based on constitutional issues.They will either win or lose. Nothing we as individuals can do about the situation other than alienate more people by angry outbursts. Anger after the fact is not going to change a damn thing. Get over it. At some point, the lawsuit will play out and or mid-term elections will wipe out the majority the democrats have. Two more years and we can count out one more one-term democrat.

Fortunately, as in Carters case, where he did monumental damage, it was all repairable. This won't be the first nor the last that an ineffectual or worse, deliberate enemy of our way of life becomes president. Starting with the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy to the present, television has ruled elections. It's about one's speaking ability, rather than substance. That will get you one term. Muddying about going every which direction with policy will get you retirement. ... Peace, my friends. There will be another day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Islamic Armageddon

Having spent almost seven years in our military service, I can tell you two truths. One, regardless of the B/S that the generals dish up, they don't give a fiddler's damn about the comfort or entertainment of the troops.

Two, the military has always been political, but in the last thirty years it has been atrocious, as the troops are used as pawns for window decorations with other governments. Hey, even our president, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, could not care less. The sensibilities of the countries we are trying to rescue is more important than good morale of the ones dying for them.

I've come to the conclusion that either we declare war on Islam, or retreat immediately to the gulf, protecting the oil shipment lanes and Saudi Arabia. If a nuclear threat occurs, we have more than they do. A new Crusades will make Viet Nam look like a warm-up.

We are not going to change the habits of a religion that has vastly different views on life than us. Equal rights are guaranteed to us through our constitution, but not theirs. Their views on women are repugnant to us, yet none of our business. Sending a female secretary of State, be it Clinton or her republican predecessor to an Arab or oriental country to negotiate is considered in their culture as a slap in the face. If we, as has been shown, do not know what the hell we are doing, we should not enter the fray.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The long expected UN invasion of this country from Canada with black helicopters has apparently began. Everything from Homeland Security, FBI, County Sheriff rigs and many others descended upon Bayview Today. One such helicopter has been hovering over Scenic Bay for most of the day.It appears that the winter population has tripled as the effort to protect security at the Naval Research Facility here has began.

Actually, no UN troops or black helicopters from Canada are involved.But the security drill is as realistic as can be made. Woe unto the person that calls Kootenai County Sheriff Department with a problem elsewhere, since most of their deputies seem to be here in Bayview.On the other hand, most of our suspicious characters seem to be out of sight today. All of those uniforms may have scared some of them straight, and others to quietly leave town.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Passes ...On The Backs Of The Elderly.

From the wire:

"To pay for the changes, the legislation includes more than $400 billion in higher taxes over a decade, roughly half of it from a new Medicare payroll tax on individuals with incomes over $200,000 and couples over $250,000. A new excise tax on high-cost insurance policies was significantly scaled back in deference to complaints from organized labor."

"In addition, the bills cut more than $500 billion from planned payments to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and other providers that treat Medicare patients. An estimated $200 billion would reduce planned subsidies to insurance companies that offer a private alternative to traditional Medicare." (So then, who is going to be the life or death Czar that determines what doctors couldn't afford to do ... Cut back on diagnostic tests)

I have two problems with this bill. Well, actually more than two, but these stand out. First, they are going to pay for this plan from cuts in medicare. Already, more than 50% of family practitioners are not accepting new medicare patients, due to low reimbursement. Some are even kicking their current medicare patients out of their practices. Now the government is saying, we'll cut back on doctor and hospital reimbursement for the funds to make this work. Yet again another unfunded mandate for the states to struggle with.

The second thing I have a problem with is that there was no tort reform included. "It isn't the high malpractice premiums that are driving costs up, but defensive medicine. When a doctor orders expensive tests that they don't feel is necessary, to avoid lawsuits." said my doctor, whose name will go unmentioned.Medical schools will watch a dwindling or maybe disappearing supply of doctors wanting to specialize in geriatric care.

Still, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is asking what then, are we going to do with our seniors? Stick them out on an ice flow in mid-winter like the ancient Eskimos did? No, they will end up on state welfare roles with medicaid, thanks to the federal government. Forget about the Wall Street crooks that got us, along with the help of congress, into this mess. The largest flim-flam ever perpetrated has just been acted upon by the representatives WE sent to do our business for us.

Every action, it is said, has an equal and opposite reaction. To coin another cliche, Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not good legislation. This was/is a desperation plan on the part of socialists to do what they could to nationalize as much as possible before the inevitable loss of power in the coming mid-term elections. Pulling stunts to avoid debate runs afoul of congress' own rules, that reconciliation not be used for anything other than evening out appropriations.

Look out for some interesting actions. 37 states including Idaho which has already passed their legislation, are setting up a massive lawsuit against our overreaching federal establishment. The next couple of years are going to be very interesting, that is if we survive the breadlines to come.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Bayview's Easter egg hunt,long sponsored by Terry Shepherd of Terry's Cafe and other community members, will be sponsored by the Bayview Chamber of Commerce this year. Saturday, April 3, the day BEFORE Easter Sunday is the date. Times and locations are: Under age 6 is at a new location this year. The Community Center lawn (Upper level)

Kids 6 through 12 will be where it was last year, the Bayview Scenic Apartment lawn. Big Easter Egg Hunt, prizes and candy.Under six at 10:00 am and 6-12 10:30am.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bayview's Security Drill

The Navy, sheriff Department and Timberlake Fire District will hold a three day emergency preparedness training exercise. The Dates are: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, March 23, 24 and 25th. The Fire Commissioners open meeting has been rescheduled for the evening of the 22nd. The lower parking lot at the Bayview community Center and the entire building itself will be utilized for this exercise and will not be open to the public. If you see emergency vehicles careening about town during this period, do not panic, it's not the end times. Just stay out of the way. With not much going on in Bayview During March, this might even be entertainment of sorts...

You may see helicopters, fire engines, (yes from Timberlake) police and sheriff units. The exercise named, as all government programs are, is called, "Solid Curtain." FBI, state and local authorities will also be involved. Areas around the entrance to the Naval Research Facility will be busy and traffic may be disrupted. If so, it is suggested that cars use Perimeter Road to reach the traffic circle during these periods. This does not represent an emergency. It is a scheduled drill to test reaction times and problems associated with a potential breach in security.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bayview & Pool

One of the more interesting developments that came from the closing of the Captain's Wheel Restaurant back in January, was it orphaned two pool teams. Wheel 1 and wheel 2 started playing League home games on alternate nights when other bars could host them. Then the real twist, was when Ralph Jones, owner of Ralph's Cafe, adopted the strays.

The reason it is a strange twist is that Ralph doesn't have a pool table. Being the civic minded person he is, he trotted out new shirts for the players. Wheel One, or I should say Ralph's 1, came in first. The end of season party that normally is hosted by the winning establishment, was generously given space Saturday by JD's. Only in Bayview.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2007-2013 Greater Depression

Depression Family circa 1935

Now that the federal government is finally admitting to a recession around two and one-half years after it started, people are asking how long will they have to endure. It's a difficult question to answer because there are so many things that got us here. This is, without the spin, a depression that is worse than any since the 1929-1937 big one.

Certainly not until 2013 and perhaps even longer. Many things got us here and the Federal Government sending us money will not pull us out. Not until our leaders realize that global free trade isn't free, unless your trading partners are buying from you in equal amounts. Electronics? All off shore. Steel and most aluminum? Yep! Clothing? Ahuh! Food? Much if not most processed food comes from China. You know, the country that spiked baby food with poison? Automobiles? Well, what with the bancruptcies of our Auto industry and now the giant leap off a cliff that Toyota just made, still to settle out, but as long as Obama wants to help you pay for your car, home,etc.with funny money, I guess people will still want to buy $5000 cars for $35,000.

We have been running trade deficits that are abhorrent for many years. We have shipped our heavy industry off shore, so as to not have to face high wages and the Sierra Club. We have even shipped our light industry off shore, all in the name of cheaper prices. Well, it doesn't help much to have cheaper prices, if the purchasing public are home out of work and can't buy anything, cheap or not. We used to get along without Chinese or Japanese cheap stuff just fine. We charged tariffs against the poorly paid labor of third world countries. This is how you level the playing field amongst dissimilar economies. When and if those other economies lift themselves up to our standard of living then and only then would we have free reciprocal trade.

It isn't about business screwing the public, it was the removal of tariffs and unlimited free trade that sent our industry overseas. Government and Industry tend to be dance partners. Well meaning legislation can torpedo an economy, just as happened. We must turn the page back a ways and realize that we had an economy and jobs because we did not join the global economy. For everyone in the world to be economically equal, we would have to lower our standard of living to average out with those making $2.00 per day in Malaysian or Chinese sweat shops. We unionized many years ago to avoid that part. Sure, the unions became too powerful and had to be slapped down some. Still, a balance between unions dictating policy to boards of directors, and workers being dominated and taken advantage of is necessary.

We started by giving up the gold standard, then the silver standard, believing that the US dollar was a world standard and didn't need to be backed by anything other than confidence, and that is where it begins and ends. Confidence, is deduced by those that totally believe in a currency. But currencies are backed by productivity. We no longer produce much of anything. The service industry, that of each career field supporting any other, as in a circle jerk is a false sense of security. I don't recommend that we return to the gold standard, or even the silver standard. But we must produce enough gross national product to offset our imports.

I see a possibility of an actual deeper depression coming unless our government starts thinking of us rather than the entire globe. There are areas of this world we live in that have never transcended from tribal life that can't even form a workable government outside their own tribal sphere, let along how to produce farm stuffs food and more importantly, develop a manufacturing economy. Politically, a chicken in every pot and universal home ownership just isn't going to work, hasn't worked and never will work.

Our schools are taught by either people with an agenda or those without a clue as to how business, industry and labor co-exist and why. Prejudices are fed from one generation to another, reflecting not what is happening now, but the grudges from yesterday. Wake up, people!

The United States of America once had an attitude. It was one of we can do anything we think we can do. Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten or don't care about the sacrifices that our parents and grandparents suffered to give us. We are now a nation of spoiled brats that feel the world owes us a living, without the intellect to figure out how we got it to begin with. I am totally disgusted with how this generation is turning out, and the waste of our forefathers and mothers efforts.

Some will criticize this post as being inflamitory. Perhaps they would be right, but I like the old saying, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bayview Happnin's

The Navy, sheriff Department and Timberlake Fire District will hold a three day emergency preparedness training exercise. The Dates are: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, March 23, 24 and 25th. The Fire Commissioners open meeting has been resceduled for the evening of the 22nd. The lower parking lot at the Bayview community Center and the entire building itself will be utilized for this exercise and will not be open to the public. If you see emergency vehicles careening about town during this period, do not panic, it's not the end times. Just stay out of the way. With not much going on in Bayview During March, this might even be entertainment of sorts...

Centennial activities are getting started with,"Taste of Bayview." This wine tasting extravaganza will be held at Dromore, April 17 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Wines will be open and airing, the punch chilled and tapas foods artistically arranged, while music wafts through the rooms. Dromore is located on Cape Horn Road, just past Lime Kiln Rd intersection. The tasting includes an etched keepsake Bayview Centennial Wine Glass. Beer and punch will be supplied for non-wine drinkers, plus hors d'ouvres. This is by reservation only so call now. Price is $25.00 per guest. Melinda Ely 208-6830936...

Another new business is coming to town, proving that nature hates a vacuum. The rumor from a year ago about Tobler's Marina moving into the shop next to JD's is finally proving true. Fritz Sander, formerly of Waterford LLC sales, is heading up a sales, repair, service and equipment store for Tobler's. With MacDonald's at past capacity, the addition is sorely needed. The opening date is somewhat loose, with the target being between the end of March and the middle of April...

No firm news yet on when or whether either the Buttonhook or the Wheel will open or when. Word on the street is the Buttonhook may open around Easter weekend, but nothing signed yet. Afteer a week of paper work confusion between the state and the Patio, the patio is now back open for you enjoyment.

The annual Easter Egg hunt is on again this year, with myself coordinating it along with Marie Streater and Norma Jean. We, as always need donations for the eggs & prizes. You can drop off donations at the Bayview Mercantile, or e-mail me.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Easter's Coming

As we did last year, many people pitched in to make Easter egg hunts continue. For years, Terry Shepherd out of her own pocket, sponsored the egg hunt. When she moved to spirit Lake we agreed to step in and help out. It's that time of year again and we can't disappoint our kids.

If you can die a few eggs, (we'll have an egg dying fest like last year.) Details to follow, or provide a few bucks or buy some plastic eggs and wrapped candy that would be great. Last year we held the dying party at the wheel, but since it ;probably will not be open, we will make other arrangements. We will also need help on Easter SATURDAY, am to hide the eggs. We have been doing this on Saturday, so that folks that wish to attend Easter services, can do so without depriving the kids of the more secular form of entertainment.

I'll post times, age groups and locations a bit closer to the event, E-mail me if you wish to participate in the preparations.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Fire District Crumbles

It is past time for fire commissioners to step up and put aside personal ambitions and/or vendettas. The current recall of one of the commissioners is extremely transparent to most as a power play.

Here are some of the worst case scenarios: With the recall petition's first 20 signatures all coming from Athol addresses, this might signal the beginning of a breakup of the consolidated fire district. Redistricting is a must, since state law requires that at least two commissioners be from Bonner county. This is because a small part of the fire district is in that county. The results if followed, would leave Bayview without representation. That is a position that would almost guarantee a split.

With two small enclaves in Bonner County, the end of Cape Horn and Little Blacktail Road, holding about two hundred residents, this would mean 40% of representation and supervision would be controlled by 5% of the district. fighting over control of the Titanic, as it were is not a proactive way to solve the district's problems.

I suggest that people calm down, stay far away from recall petitions and urge the current commissioners to go on a group sabbatical with consensus the goal. Chief Krill has upset the applecart in refusing to supervise unsafe equipment that past commissioners have let go for so long. All of those that created this mess are gone now, and pointing the finger for all ills at one 18 month commissioner is hardly fair and definitely destructive. The people have elected the commissioners we have. Live with it.

Minutes of every board meeting held in 2008 and 2009 are available on the fire district's web site. Get the facts about who tabled requests for funds and who didn't. It's all out there for anyone to see. Some object to the actions taken by the fire chief, yet he obviously felt a wake-up call was required. The time has past where we shoot the messenger, instead of the message.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Taxation Without Representation

One of the most pressing and least known about issues facing the Timberlake Fire district is the reallocation of commission seats. As it stands today, there are five commissioners, each elected at large, but residing in the districts that they run from.

Some years back there were territorial wars between Sagle Fire District and Timberlake. As a result of that, we have a Sagle fire station south of Little Blacktail Road, and up Blacktail, is a Timberlake Fire Station.

In the unintended consequences category, state law requires that when two counties are involved in a fire district, that the minority county have at least two board members. If followed strictly, this would mean that Bayview would become disenfranchised, even though with Cape Horn, the area represents about 55% of the fire district in population. Obviously this is unacceptable. With 5% of the population controlling 40% of the board of directors, some sort of reapportionment is in order. Not to protect any one's district, but to even things out so that the "One person, One vote" principle is upheld.

We have no quarrel with our friends just to the north, the hope that first, someone out on the cape living in Bonner County, run for the seat becoming vacant, and that the state be petitoned to see the inequity of the situation, so that the legislature might fix the problem. Without that, a lawsuit would be the only answer. I urge each and every one of you you contact you state legislators and ask for relief from this situation.

As issues develop within the district is is vital that this information gets out to those that are unaware that they are about to lose their commissioner. A petition to recall commissioner Jon Guinn is currently being circulated, with the apparent motive of removing as many pro-Krill commissioners as possible. With the pending retirement of Kirk Quillan, Bayview's current board member, our interests will be at the mercy of first those that don't live here, and secondly, in favor of dumping the first decent fire chief we have had in a very long time.

Whether or not you agree with me on any of these issues, they needed to be brought out into the light of day so that people can make informed decisions. I have copies of the district board meeting minutes through 2008-2009 from which I will attempt to separate fact from fiction. As far as Guinn goes, I tracked each and every vote and he never voted against any payments to anyone or for any equipment for any reason. That is a fact.

For those that wish to follow Timberlake Fire Prevention district, go to their web site of that name and check these things out yourselves. Votes on each issue and by whom are recorded history, not rumor and not innuendo.

The following is an email sent to Jack Krill, Timberlake fire Chief, following the February 17th Timberlake Fire Protection District Commissioners meeting in Bayview. This was supplied by it's author, George Grandy.


I want to express my support for your actions about the equipment repair and maintenance. Safety is paramount and dictates every decision you make. Your plan of action is the correct one -- (1) evaluate where we stand today, (2) determine the costs, and (3) make a plan to get the equipment either up to code and back in service or scrap it, if necessary. The past is interesting, but it doesn't correct the problems or map a way forward. Complacency by the Commissioner's over the past few years is how we got to this point -- more inaction is not the path we want for the future,

I attended last nights Commissioner's meeting and was taken back by the number of people who have a personal vendetta, were giving a CYA speech or are willing to scrap their fire protection in favor of lower taxes. None of this is productive in finding our way forward. You can forget all the crazy ideas to get "cheap" maintenance and repairs. Always follow the code and use certified mechanics/shops. We should expect the best and should be willing to pay for it.

Personally, I would rather see my tax dollars go to the fire district than to an insurance company. You can count on my support for a levy increase, if necessary, and/or any other action you determine is necessary to make TFPD the safest and best it can be. I want to be able to count on you, your staff, the volunteers and the equipment to be there when I or one of my neighbors needs help.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

George A. Grandy

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Loony Tunes

I guess something like this had to be expected. It turns out that with the help of some outside agitators, a battle is looming within the Timberlake Fire District hierarchy. The board members in the district represent partitioned sub-districts from which they are required to be residents of, but voted on by the entire district. With the present board as constituted, the majority favors the retention of chief Krill. Rather than let the publicly scheduled votes determine representation, a small group is circulating a petition to replace one of the commissioners in favor of retaining Chief Krill. The board consists of five commissioners.

One such seat, held by Bayview resident, Kirk Quillan is up for election. He is sounding very much like he will not run for re-election. Jon Guinn, former Lt. Colonel in the USAF Office of Special Investigations, having been elected two years ago, is facing recall by factions that allegedly are attempting to obtain a majority for the purpose of firing the fire chief. Guinn's term has two more years to run.

Allegedly, the regional Gadfly, Larry Spencer is behind this action which tends to work both sides of the issue. On the one hand, Spencer was violently opposed to any whisper of a fire district levy for the purpose of modernizing equipment. Now, it would appear that he is changing Guinn with failure to vote for allocating necessary funds for these purposes. In checking the records, we find the minutes of these meetings do not support that position.

It is starting to look like with the addition of the two new commissioners, and the continued behind the scenes influence of former board Charmian Sam Scheu, that the chemistry is up in the air. One can only wonder how a thankless job such as fire commissioner is ever filled. The total compensation for the commissioners is $75.00 per attended meeting, which isn't much, considering the hassle that comes with it.

We understand that Spencer will allege that Guinn has voted against the interests of the district by his alleged negative votes on funding. We will in the future attempt to document the truths of the matter. In the mean time, we strongly urge all of you to refuse your signature on this perfidious document. I found it rather interesting since the charge is that Guinn is being charged with the sole resonsibility for Board mismanagement. Considering that at least one of the petition signers were along with another, formerly on the board much longer than Guinn and perhaps could then along with another be in the same position. One old saying that comes to mind is, those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.