Saturday, March 06, 2010

Easter's Coming

As we did last year, many people pitched in to make Easter egg hunts continue. For years, Terry Shepherd out of her own pocket, sponsored the egg hunt. When she moved to spirit Lake we agreed to step in and help out. It's that time of year again and we can't disappoint our kids.

If you can die a few eggs, (we'll have an egg dying fest like last year.) Details to follow, or provide a few bucks or buy some plastic eggs and wrapped candy that would be great. Last year we held the dying party at the wheel, but since it ;probably will not be open, we will make other arrangements. We will also need help on Easter SATURDAY, am to hide the eggs. We have been doing this on Saturday, so that folks that wish to attend Easter services, can do so without depriving the kids of the more secular form of entertainment.

I'll post times, age groups and locations a bit closer to the event, E-mail me if you wish to participate in the preparations.


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