Friday, March 26, 2010

Islamic Armageddon

Having spent almost seven years in our military service, I can tell you two truths. One, regardless of the B/S that the generals dish up, they don't give a fiddler's damn about the comfort or entertainment of the troops.

Two, the military has always been political, but in the last thirty years it has been atrocious, as the troops are used as pawns for window decorations with other governments. Hey, even our president, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, could not care less. The sensibilities of the countries we are trying to rescue is more important than good morale of the ones dying for them.

I've come to the conclusion that either we declare war on Islam, or retreat immediately to the gulf, protecting the oil shipment lanes and Saudi Arabia. If a nuclear threat occurs, we have more than they do. A new Crusades will make Viet Nam look like a warm-up.

We are not going to change the habits of a religion that has vastly different views on life than us. Equal rights are guaranteed to us through our constitution, but not theirs. Their views on women are repugnant to us, yet none of our business. Sending a female secretary of State, be it Clinton or her republican predecessor to an Arab or oriental country to negotiate is considered in their culture as a slap in the face. If we, as has been shown, do not know what the hell we are doing, we should not enter the fray.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Saudi Arabia a Muslim nation? Also the large majority of suicide bombers who brought about the 9/11 attack were Saudis.

But as long as we use oil and won't, as a nation, try to conserve, we'll probably have to protect those reserves in the Middle East.

It's time to bring back the draft, for EVERYONE this time, not just the folks who can't get a deferrement because they weren't born a "Fortunate Son."

Just my opinion....