Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The long expected UN invasion of this country from Canada with black helicopters has apparently began. Everything from Homeland Security, FBI, County Sheriff rigs and many others descended upon Bayview Today. One such helicopter has been hovering over Scenic Bay for most of the day.It appears that the winter population has tripled as the effort to protect security at the Naval Research Facility here has began.

Actually, no UN troops or black helicopters from Canada are involved.But the security drill is as realistic as can be made. Woe unto the person that calls Kootenai County Sheriff Department with a problem elsewhere, since most of their deputies seem to be here in Bayview.On the other hand, most of our suspicious characters seem to be out of sight today. All of those uniforms may have scared some of them straight, and others to quietly leave town.


Anonymous said...

Herb - don't answer your phone, it's bugged.

Bay Views said...

So that's why my phone has been acting up lately. Too many people on the line at the same time. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get into my E-Mail yesterday am. Suppose they had the whole thing bugged?

Dean Pope said...

I enjoy reading your witty commentary down here in Puerto Vallarta. It makes me feel Bayview is a lot closer. I agree with most of your cantankerous views for what its worth. Anyway, keep them coming and if you get a chance drop down this way and warm up. Catch up with you in July.
Be well, Dean Pope