Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Loony Tunes

I guess something like this had to be expected. It turns out that with the help of some outside agitators, a battle is looming within the Timberlake Fire District hierarchy. The board members in the district represent partitioned sub-districts from which they are required to be residents of, but voted on by the entire district. With the present board as constituted, the majority favors the retention of chief Krill. Rather than let the publicly scheduled votes determine representation, a small group is circulating a petition to replace one of the commissioners in favor of retaining Chief Krill. The board consists of five commissioners.

One such seat, held by Bayview resident, Kirk Quillan is up for election. He is sounding very much like he will not run for re-election. Jon Guinn, former Lt. Colonel in the USAF Office of Special Investigations, having been elected two years ago, is facing recall by factions that allegedly are attempting to obtain a majority for the purpose of firing the fire chief. Guinn's term has two more years to run.

Allegedly, the regional Gadfly, Larry Spencer is behind this action which tends to work both sides of the issue. On the one hand, Spencer was violently opposed to any whisper of a fire district levy for the purpose of modernizing equipment. Now, it would appear that he is changing Guinn with failure to vote for allocating necessary funds for these purposes. In checking the records, we find the minutes of these meetings do not support that position.

It is starting to look like with the addition of the two new commissioners, and the continued behind the scenes influence of former board Charmian Sam Scheu, that the chemistry is up in the air. One can only wonder how a thankless job such as fire commissioner is ever filled. The total compensation for the commissioners is $75.00 per attended meeting, which isn't much, considering the hassle that comes with it.

We understand that Spencer will allege that Guinn has voted against the interests of the district by his alleged negative votes on funding. We will in the future attempt to document the truths of the matter. In the mean time, we strongly urge all of you to refuse your signature on this perfidious document. I found it rather interesting since the charge is that Guinn is being charged with the sole resonsibility for Board mismanagement. Considering that at least one of the petition signers were along with another, formerly on the board much longer than Guinn and perhaps could then along with another be in the same position. One old saying that comes to mind is, those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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