Friday, March 05, 2010

Fire District Crumbles

It is past time for fire commissioners to step up and put aside personal ambitions and/or vendettas. The current recall of one of the commissioners is extremely transparent to most as a power play.

Here are some of the worst case scenarios: With the recall petition's first 20 signatures all coming from Athol addresses, this might signal the beginning of a breakup of the consolidated fire district. Redistricting is a must, since state law requires that at least two commissioners be from Bonner county. This is because a small part of the fire district is in that county. The results if followed, would leave Bayview without representation. That is a position that would almost guarantee a split.

With two small enclaves in Bonner County, the end of Cape Horn and Little Blacktail Road, holding about two hundred residents, this would mean 40% of representation and supervision would be controlled by 5% of the district. fighting over control of the Titanic, as it were is not a proactive way to solve the district's problems.

I suggest that people calm down, stay far away from recall petitions and urge the current commissioners to go on a group sabbatical with consensus the goal. Chief Krill has upset the applecart in refusing to supervise unsafe equipment that past commissioners have let go for so long. All of those that created this mess are gone now, and pointing the finger for all ills at one 18 month commissioner is hardly fair and definitely destructive. The people have elected the commissioners we have. Live with it.

Minutes of every board meeting held in 2008 and 2009 are available on the fire district's web site. Get the facts about who tabled requests for funds and who didn't. It's all out there for anyone to see. Some object to the actions taken by the fire chief, yet he obviously felt a wake-up call was required. The time has past where we shoot the messenger, instead of the message.


Anonymous said...

I like to make sure the facts are clear - The City of Bayview will be represented in the timberlake fire district - only people from Cape Horn and North of Athol will not be representeded - They should split and enjoy higher taxes as they would like higher taxes anyway - look at the letter published in the bylines

Bay Views said...

It is difficult to discuss facts from fiction with an anonymous person. As I understand it, if Kirk Quillan chooses not to run for re-election from Bayview, that seat is going to the two small Bonner County enclaves with Bayview losing it's representation. If you would like to discuss this with me, please send me an e-mail at Leave a phone number if you wish me to call.,

Bay Views said...

Idaho state law requires that where two counties are involved in a fire district, one county must have no less than two of the five commissioners. At the present time, the two Bonner County spots are without representation. It is my understanding that at the next election that wiill be remedied, at least to one seat going north.

Bay Views said...

I just rejected a comment for several reasons. First the commenter suggested that he/she stayed anonymous because they were afraid of retaliation. I sign my name to everything I say. To not do so, is in most circumstances, cowardly. If you are going to slam smeone, then man up. This person went on to relate a bunch of old news regarding Chief Krill's history in Wasilla, which was widely known and investigated by the commissioners before he was hired. This person also slamed the chief, me for not taking him to task, criticizing my writings all the way back to the first interview. It's no wonder they want to stay anonymous, since the whole context of the comment was peronal attack. I chose for those reasons not to let this person use my blog as a forum.

Periodically, I get people that think this is a newspaper. If it were, I'd be getting paid for my views. It's not.These is my opinions, and I choose what to write, how to write and if I can be accused of being to soft on officials, one has only to go back a couple of years where I caused a county deputy to be reassigned then fired for his anti-social behavior. You'll have to hang the chief yourself. I'm not going to help. This person also related that the recall against Guin was because he voted in favor of Chief Krill We hire commissioners to use their judgement. To can someone because you don't like one of his votes is ludicrous. If you want objectivity, please stay away from mirrors.