Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worst of the Best

What should be one of the most beautiful times of the year, what with the leaves turning to gold, The air is clear and winter approaches is not this year.

This year, the fall beauty is marred by the shrill voices of political extremes and bottomless discontent. I haven't seen many recently that have stepped back to observe the mayhem that is taking place.

The saddest part of the whole scene is that these idiots that sling mud, (and worse) don't even have a clue as to how many people they are turning off. Many people that I talk with just simply ignore the political process these days. They don't believe in either of the major parties, or for that matter, the minor ones either. They are drop-outs.

How much further can we go, before the majority of the population turns off, and then what? Isn't that a recipe for dictatorship? If serious candidates don't step up soon, we will have only the choices of extremists from the left, and the right, with nothing in between.

What I mean by serious, is those office seekers that have more depth than a few sound bites in a commercial. Candidates that look for consensus, rather than a way to bury the opposition.

I despair...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween at the Wheel

Hilarity reigned at the Captain's Wheel last night. As usual, the costumes were original, great, and on occasion, very popular.

One celebrant walked into the main Bar carrying a sign that brought down the house with cheers, whistles and the occasional signal that the subject of the sign was number one, using an alternate finger, of course.

The subject of ridicule was "Bob". One can only wonder which Bob he was referring to. Could it be that Bob Holland of Waterford Park Homes was the one?

Holding the sign was Chad, former employee of Waterford, and yours truly, Bayview Herb.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Inappropriate Endorsement

This Morning, October 28, I received an automated phone message from a man whose first name is Drew, last name unheard. He represented himself as from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, and urged me to vote for Brady for Governor.

I believe that it is inappropriate, and possibly illegal for a State employee to actively campaign for or against a political office seeker. My blog is down, so I am sending this to Huckleberries,and INWBA, in the hope that it will get out...

Halloween @ the Wheel

Most Bar/Restaurants consider New Years Eve as the biggest nite of the year. Not so, the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, Idaho.

Halloween Nite brings out costumed people from miles around to party at this Bayview location. Tonite, the customers will stand four deep at the bar, looking over a vast array of very carefully thought out costumes and makeup.

I am working, thank you Lord, in the kitchen until probably 10:30, and will miss dressing up with the rest of you. I will, however, come out long enough to hoist a drink to you ghouls and other weird characters.

Happy Halloween Y'all

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yuma, Arizona

Several of my friends...Maybe most of my friends, are wintering in Yuma. Today, while perusing my site meter, I noticed that I got a visit from there. This cannot be a random hit. Someone down there, has decided that they needed to find out what was happening here in Bayview, if for no other reason, than to gloat about the difference in weather.

I noticed this morning when perusing the Spokesman-Review, that the temperature in Yuma was 99 degrees yesterday. I can only say to you guys, were you perhaps a little quick about going south? On the other hand, ( sound like a one handed economist don't I) I am going to join you all for a couple of weeks this winter, when you least expect me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


HJR 2 is a proposition to be voted on here in Idaho prohibiting same sex marriage and other same sex partnerships. Idaho already has a law prohibiting same sex marriage. That leaves the other, more subtle items. Civil unions or contracts between same sex partners would also be illegal.

Some consequences of this proposed law might prohibit me from hiring or appointing an attorney-in-fact, or granting a power of attorney to another of the same sex. I might be prohibited from co-owning real estate or other property with a male business partner.

While I am in full support of the current law prohibiting marriage between members of the same gender, civil unions and/or contracts, rights of inheritance, etcetera, are none of our business.

This proposal is bad law, full of unintended consequences, and overkill. I recommend a no vote.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Duncan Trial

At last they got it right. Joseph Edward Duncan, kidnapper, child molester, mass murderer, plead guilty this morning. For weeks, the majority of our area's citizens, family members of the victims, and County Commissioners have begged the prosecutor to plea bargain this case for the sake of 9 year old Shasta Groene not having to face her molester in court.

Based on the previously leaked agreement that was rejected, and the announced provisions today, it would appear that the defense caved on an important issue. That being following the federal trial upcoming, the right of Kootenai County to re-impose the death penalty is retained. As it is now, three consecutive life terms without possibility of parole were handed down.

Bayviews applauds the attorneys involved for doing the right thing, even if belatedly. While some surviving relatives still wanted the death penalty, Shasta Groene was the only one that personally had to go through the entire experience, and her interests should be paramount.

It now appears that if the federal trial does not convict, or doesn't opt for the death penalty, the County will. Kudos also, for the great coverage by Tayrn Brodwater of the Spokesman-Review, who should be considered for a Pulitzer prize...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Idaho Proposition 2

Proposition 2 here in the State of Idaho sounds wonderful. Protects private property owners from unreasonable taking. What isn't so wonderful, is that through the smoke screen of hyperbole, this law, if enacted would essentially eliminate zoning laws.

The part of this proposition that deals with land use, holds that the State, or subdivision thereof, cannot limit what you do with your property. If the highest and best use is a wrecking yard, or slaughterhouse, then you can built it, even if your property lies within a residential area.

Passage of this proposition would visit anarchy upon us. It's simply bad law.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Veterans Hospital Death

Swimming against the current, as I tend to sometimes, I have to disagree with the majority of folks that are chastising the V.A. for not reviving the elderly vet that collapsed in the parking lot, recently, in Spokane, Washington.

Like most government installations, when quitting time comes, it is sudden and thorough. The V.A. emergency room had closed a few minutes earlier than the man's arrival.

Where the criticism is unwarranted, is that every Vet, including me, got a letter a few weeks ago, announcing the closure of the ER at 4:30, PM. This was due to budget constraints, and a lack of after hours use.

If there is blame here, it belongs to Congress, which has consistently underfunded the VA, even while processing hundreds of Iraqi injuries. I read this morning, where a Congressman, McMorris was going to investigate. If this is the case, I suggest that this congresswomen use a mirror.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The two day Oktoberfish tournament kicked off in Bayview at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant last night with an auction and fishing derby rules and sign-up.

Over two hundred liars, (oops, make that fishermen and women) which made it kind of crowded. We have no numbers as to how many well intended fisherpersons didn't make it out on the water, but it was a hell of a party, anyway.

Yours truly made his first attempt at making German Potato Salad for the event, which apparently was successful. Winners and such will be posted as I get the information...


The winners of the Oktoberfish derby were as follows:

First place, winner was Frank Whitney, of Chatteroy, Washington. His fish was a Rainbow, 10 pounds eleven ounces. He won a prize of $3809.00 and possession of the traveling trophy, the "Golden Trout."

Second place, was taken by Dan Covey, Post Falls, with a 'Bow weighing in at eight pounds fifteen ounces, for a prize of $2285.00.

Third, was taken by Bill Rogers of Hayden, with a rainbow weighing in at eight pounds fourteen ounces for a prize of $1524.00.

The derby was a great success. Special thanks go to Ralph Jones, who organized the entire affair for the Bayview Chamber.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Political Warrior

I have been reading an exciting biography this week. It's the Life and Times of L. Keith Bulen. He was a king maker in Indiana, creating careers for such luminaries as Senator Lugar, and the current Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels.

Later, Bulen became the convention coordinator for the 1980 Republican Convention, held in Detroit, as well as holding the position of Eastern Regional Coordinator for Reagan/Bush.

It brought back memories of my own early years as a Young Turk in the Reagan campaigns of the sixties. So many parallels exist, that I felt like I lived in this biography myself. It is an extremely well written book, but then I may be prejudiced. You see, it was written by my brother, Stan Huseland. I'm very proud.

I can even arrange for the purchase of this book, if anyone is interested...