Monday, October 09, 2006

Veterans Hospital Death

Swimming against the current, as I tend to sometimes, I have to disagree with the majority of folks that are chastising the V.A. for not reviving the elderly vet that collapsed in the parking lot, recently, in Spokane, Washington.

Like most government installations, when quitting time comes, it is sudden and thorough. The V.A. emergency room had closed a few minutes earlier than the man's arrival.

Where the criticism is unwarranted, is that every Vet, including me, got a letter a few weeks ago, announcing the closure of the ER at 4:30, PM. This was due to budget constraints, and a lack of after hours use.

If there is blame here, it belongs to Congress, which has consistently underfunded the VA, even while processing hundreds of Iraqi injuries. I read this morning, where a Congressman, McMorris was going to investigate. If this is the case, I suggest that this congresswomen use a mirror.

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