Saturday, October 07, 2006


The two day Oktoberfish tournament kicked off in Bayview at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant last night with an auction and fishing derby rules and sign-up.

Over two hundred liars, (oops, make that fishermen and women) which made it kind of crowded. We have no numbers as to how many well intended fisherpersons didn't make it out on the water, but it was a hell of a party, anyway.

Yours truly made his first attempt at making German Potato Salad for the event, which apparently was successful. Winners and such will be posted as I get the information...


The winners of the Oktoberfish derby were as follows:

First place, winner was Frank Whitney, of Chatteroy, Washington. His fish was a Rainbow, 10 pounds eleven ounces. He won a prize of $3809.00 and possession of the traveling trophy, the "Golden Trout."

Second place, was taken by Dan Covey, Post Falls, with a 'Bow weighing in at eight pounds fifteen ounces, for a prize of $2285.00.

Third, was taken by Bill Rogers of Hayden, with a rainbow weighing in at eight pounds fourteen ounces for a prize of $1524.00.

The derby was a great success. Special thanks go to Ralph Jones, who organized the entire affair for the Bayview Chamber.


jb3ll3 said...

what's the difference between German potato salad and say, American, or Idaho? potato salad?

Bay Views said...

Check out the Betty Crocker cook books, or go on line. My secrets will die with me...

CynM said... is always good for a new recipe whether for entertaining or the family or just to try something new.

Side Note said...

The party never ends in Bayview.

Mike said...

Wow! That makes my 7lb rainbow I caught not look so bad.. I didn't even go to turn it in because I was thinking it'd take a 15lb catch to even place.

Still had a great time fishing though.