Thursday, September 27, 2007


Recently, (I use that when I can't remember dates) some of you spotted errors in the Spokesman-Review, having to do with Bayview, or Athol, Idaho. While I do write feature stories about both of these, my favorite communities, I do not write all of these stories. Some staff writers are assigned stories, such as election news, and others. When a story is judged to be one that I can't be objective about, I refer the material to the news room. The paragraph relating to the Community Center Election is as submitted, here:

Bayview Community Center Foundation, held it’s annual meeting Wednesday, September 19. Elections were held for the replacement of three board members that are retiring. The Community Center Foundation was originally created by the Bayview Chamber of Commerce in about 1993-94. Built with various state, Federal and private grants. The property was donated by the Waller family. After the shell was built, the rest was finished with community donated labor and materials. (This paragraph was edited out, and a side bar with convoluted info was substituted)

Aside from that, errors are sometimes made. Some by me, many by others. When editors are juggling six editions of Voices, and the Handle Extra,(all by the same editors) stuff can be mixed up, such as the comment on a side bar that showed the election of officers for the Bayview Community Council, instead of the Bayview Community Center Trust. I did not write that side bar. That was an unfortunate homogenization of two stories that got lost in the shuffle.

I always point out to my superiors, the errors of their ways, as the errors in mine. On the positive side, when I write sloppy copy as I do more often than I would like to admit, they smooth it out, make it work, and make me look good. They are horrendously overworked, under appreciated and they still shine, totally unperturbed by the turmoil that surrounds them. Please give them a break, and for that matter, me too.We try so very hard to get our facts/dates/names right. We don't always succeed. But we bust our butts to do so.

Whatever failures I have, I own. Just be aware that if there is information about Bayview or Athol, or any other venue that I am called upon to write about, if I wrote it, it has my byline. Some blurbs are not signed, and often are are added on by editors. Oh, and be assured, I do know that the population of Bayview is many times the 276 that somebody came up with.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In the above picture, many people attended the town meeting conducted by the County Commissioners, recently. One of the things that I noticed, was that interacting pretty much together, were members of the Bayview Community Council, The Bayview Chamber of Commerce, and many unaligned persons. I use the word unaligned, because of many varied slights and issues that have separated this Village in the past, there are, in both the BCC and Chamber, three or four adamant people that do not want to get along. Those few, are holding this town hostage.

While nobody expects the entire population of Bayview to march in lockstep, I think everyone has the right to expect a process that is much less aggressive, that could and does sometimes bring members of both organizations to the same table. One way to achieve that, is to eliminate the overlap with the two organizations, so that both are not tugging and pulling in opposite directions, unnecessarily. Parochial behavior is tearing this place apart at a time that we need to be on the same page with each other. Many outside forces are reshaping our community, while we stand aside and bicker.

Tonight, Wednesday, starting at 6:00 pm for social hour, followed by a meeting, will be a key election for Bayview Community Center officers. These people essentially control the policies and fate of this building, and the activities that are held there. This trust should not be spent foolishly, nor should it be a platform from which we divide ourselves even further. It is expected that once again, the two opposing forces will face off for control of the other, or at least control over more of which happens here in Bayview.

Such behavior, I believe, needs to be re-examined. Perhaps we should back away from that three or four people that are directing the destruction of this community and learn to find common ground. Maybe the feelings run too strong for reconciliation. If so, those that can't find a way past these few, need to circumvent them. Confrontation, which has been the byword in the community, should be saved for those occasions that are few and far between, not a daily dish of arrogance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

No Jugs Band

Last week Bayviews made a serious error of omission. In my print column, I listed the members of the band as George Bruner and Rick Steiner, leaving out the drummer and good friend, Steve Cripe. Pictured above, alone in the back, but not forgotten, is Stevoreno hisself. The glue that holds the other two together. I am shamed ...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Many of you will recall when Bayviews ridiculed the Kootenai County Prosecutor for using a fine young mother, and reformed Meth addict to fight a judge they didn't like. Fortunately, after over a month back in jail, deprived from nursing her new child, an assistant prosecutor finally found the way out of the mess. Realizing that the entire prosecutor's office was going down in flames because of this spat with a judge, they backed off and found a way to free Kendra.

It's not enough. You Bastards tried to ruin a person's life, over a minor technical legal issue, just because you didn't like the judge. Actually, let's try several lives, since it involved a husband, infant, parents and other family members. You have made the term "Justice" a mockery. To suggest that you were protecting society from violent criminal acts is more than stupid it shows that you and your minions have lost track of your entire role.

Where in this universe, did you over educated Morons ever think that you could use the office that was created for the protection of the public, against violence and theft, to settle personal grudges. No, your very late regression was not in time to allow this new bride to continue to nurse, and bond with her baby. That didn't matter to you.

In recent years, I have noted a marked lack of respect for law enforcement, and the prosecution of those crimes. We see cops jostling suspects, so they can claim resisting, we see traffic enforcement offficers, claiming a blinking tail light as probable cause to pull over a car driving late at night. These and many other instances are the cause of the public distrust of the entire enforcement community. When Law enforcement, and the prosecutors loose respect for the community they serve, they get reciprocity ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuff N' Thangs

Murals by Rozanne ... Athol Elementary School

School started last week with the usual overloaded backpacks trudging by. Say, have the schools ever studied the ergonomics of the weight they expect these kids to carry? Anyway, one thing is way different. Instead of the hallways being white tunnels carrying students from class to class, this year Kathy Thomas, principal of Athol Elementary, commissioned a powerful mural painter, Rozanne Thompson of spirit Lake to decorate things up a bit. You have to see it to believe it. Everyone should plan to attend any open houses they have, this year.

I am so wound up in my two print columns that I have let the blog go. Since I posted last, Taryn quit her's. I hope she gets it going again, perhaps under a new name, heh? Holland appears to still be playing games with the County regarding the ruins of Bayview Marina. (Harborview)

We understand that ditches were dug and the site of the parking area disturbed without due regard to fencing off runoff which then did occur during the last storm. Bob, shortcuts be thy name.

Speaking of Bob, we understand that his crew at the Buttonhook got a little high handed with an underage person that reportedly had walked into the bar before the dining area opened. According to the young lady, Lacy Darnell, she was physically ejected from the premises. She then called the Sheriff Department to report an assault. The issue was resolved peacefully, but the bar manager was terminated for reasons unknown, shortly thereafter. Hey, just because we have passed Labor Day weekend, doesn't mean we don't have fun around here.

On a more serious note, the month end deadline for trailer park evictions approaches in a few days. Bayview Scenic Motel was purchased by a former Seattle Supersonic Basketball player. Seems we have and are being overrun by wealthy retired jocks now. The motel rooms are no longer available for week-end visits, but there are still the cabins at MacDonalds. We understand that monthly rentals will be offered on a landlord/tenant basis, without maid service until further notice. Reservations can be made, by calling 683-2215. More on that later. Other than that, with all of the RV parks closing soon, Bayview will not have much in the way of transient accommodations. How does that song go? "Clowns to the left, clowns to the right ..."

PS: Jaime was kind enough to remind me of other rental options: "Besides the cabins at MacDonald's, please don't forget about the cottages on Fifth Street for rent and some Floathome owners rent their places to help off set some of the unreasonable rent increases imposed at some of the local marinas. For short stays, we still have a Bed and Breakfast in Bayview as well as a few in the surrounding towns. Check out the Chamber Website for more information."

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Incorporation? Or Not

Lingering from the Town Meeting with the Kootenai County Commissioners, is the issue of incorporation. Should we, or should we stay as we are? This is a question that already has some polls going around . Commissioner Currie raised the point more than once, when residents faced the board with complains regarding boating , zoning and building code violations. It does not appear to me that this issue is going to go away this time. Obviously, there needs to be a balance between over regulation and too little. Many newer residents tend to want to turn us into the place they moved from and wanted to get away from. It is vital to the future of this community that the right decision be made. At this point, we will have to form a study group with members equally from pro & con positions, to research all of the issues that will come to bear if we do incorporate. It isn't just about zoning, or law enforcement. It is also about sewer regulations that change to a more restrictive rule if we are a city. We will have to hire and pay for a bureaucracy to run the city.

I urge the Chamber to appoint a study group to research all of the questions involved, so that the citizens can make an informed choice. Also, Bayview, the area, is not well defined. If we do change our status, will we include the Cape Horn area? Certainly, those parts of our area that lie in Bonner County would have to be excluded. The issue isn't just development. That is a terrible simplification. Let's find out what specific hurdles are out there before we jump in any other direction.