Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuff N' Thangs

Murals by Rozanne ... Athol Elementary School

School started last week with the usual overloaded backpacks trudging by. Say, have the schools ever studied the ergonomics of the weight they expect these kids to carry? Anyway, one thing is way different. Instead of the hallways being white tunnels carrying students from class to class, this year Kathy Thomas, principal of Athol Elementary, commissioned a powerful mural painter, Rozanne Thompson of spirit Lake to decorate things up a bit. You have to see it to believe it. Everyone should plan to attend any open houses they have, this year.

I am so wound up in my two print columns that I have let the blog go. Since I posted last, Taryn quit her's. I hope she gets it going again, perhaps under a new name, heh? Holland appears to still be playing games with the County regarding the ruins of Bayview Marina. (Harborview)

We understand that ditches were dug and the site of the parking area disturbed without due regard to fencing off runoff which then did occur during the last storm. Bob, shortcuts be thy name.

Speaking of Bob, we understand that his crew at the Buttonhook got a little high handed with an underage person that reportedly had walked into the bar before the dining area opened. According to the young lady, Lacy Darnell, she was physically ejected from the premises. She then called the Sheriff Department to report an assault. The issue was resolved peacefully, but the bar manager was terminated for reasons unknown, shortly thereafter. Hey, just because we have passed Labor Day weekend, doesn't mean we don't have fun around here.

On a more serious note, the month end deadline for trailer park evictions approaches in a few days. Bayview Scenic Motel was purchased by a former Seattle Supersonic Basketball player. Seems we have and are being overrun by wealthy retired jocks now. The motel rooms are no longer available for week-end visits, but there are still the cabins at MacDonalds. We understand that monthly rentals will be offered on a landlord/tenant basis, without maid service until further notice. Reservations can be made, by calling 683-2215. More on that later. Other than that, with all of the RV parks closing soon, Bayview will not have much in the way of transient accommodations. How does that song go? "Clowns to the left, clowns to the right ..."

PS: Jaime was kind enough to remind me of other rental options: "Besides the cabins at MacDonald's, please don't forget about the cottages on Fifth Street for rent and some Floathome owners rent their places to help off set some of the unreasonable rent increases imposed at some of the local marinas. For short stays, we still have a Bed and Breakfast in Bayview as well as a few in the surrounding towns. Check out the Chamber Website for more information."

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