Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In the above picture, many people attended the town meeting conducted by the County Commissioners, recently. One of the things that I noticed, was that interacting pretty much together, were members of the Bayview Community Council, The Bayview Chamber of Commerce, and many unaligned persons. I use the word unaligned, because of many varied slights and issues that have separated this Village in the past, there are, in both the BCC and Chamber, three or four adamant people that do not want to get along. Those few, are holding this town hostage.

While nobody expects the entire population of Bayview to march in lockstep, I think everyone has the right to expect a process that is much less aggressive, that could and does sometimes bring members of both organizations to the same table. One way to achieve that, is to eliminate the overlap with the two organizations, so that both are not tugging and pulling in opposite directions, unnecessarily. Parochial behavior is tearing this place apart at a time that we need to be on the same page with each other. Many outside forces are reshaping our community, while we stand aside and bicker.

Tonight, Wednesday, starting at 6:00 pm for social hour, followed by a meeting, will be a key election for Bayview Community Center officers. These people essentially control the policies and fate of this building, and the activities that are held there. This trust should not be spent foolishly, nor should it be a platform from which we divide ourselves even further. It is expected that once again, the two opposing forces will face off for control of the other, or at least control over more of which happens here in Bayview.

Such behavior, I believe, needs to be re-examined. Perhaps we should back away from that three or four people that are directing the destruction of this community and learn to find common ground. Maybe the feelings run too strong for reconciliation. If so, those that can't find a way past these few, need to circumvent them. Confrontation, which has been the byword in the community, should be saved for those occasions that are few and far between, not a daily dish of arrogance.

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