Thursday, September 13, 2007


Many of you will recall when Bayviews ridiculed the Kootenai County Prosecutor for using a fine young mother, and reformed Meth addict to fight a judge they didn't like. Fortunately, after over a month back in jail, deprived from nursing her new child, an assistant prosecutor finally found the way out of the mess. Realizing that the entire prosecutor's office was going down in flames because of this spat with a judge, they backed off and found a way to free Kendra.

It's not enough. You Bastards tried to ruin a person's life, over a minor technical legal issue, just because you didn't like the judge. Actually, let's try several lives, since it involved a husband, infant, parents and other family members. You have made the term "Justice" a mockery. To suggest that you were protecting society from violent criminal acts is more than stupid it shows that you and your minions have lost track of your entire role.

Where in this universe, did you over educated Morons ever think that you could use the office that was created for the protection of the public, against violence and theft, to settle personal grudges. No, your very late regression was not in time to allow this new bride to continue to nurse, and bond with her baby. That didn't matter to you.

In recent years, I have noted a marked lack of respect for law enforcement, and the prosecution of those crimes. We see cops jostling suspects, so they can claim resisting, we see traffic enforcement offficers, claiming a blinking tail light as probable cause to pull over a car driving late at night. These and many other instances are the cause of the public distrust of the entire enforcement community. When Law enforcement, and the prosecutors loose respect for the community they serve, they get reciprocity ...


Kendra said...

Hi Herb~

Reading this and your account of what your son has gone through have both touched my heart, and it's been people like yourself who've given me the strength to get through this nightmare.
I've found it really hard to not get sucked into the "poor me, why are they pickin' on me?" mindset, but whenever I've found myself thinking like that, I remind myself of how lucky I am to have so many things that they CAN'T take away- a wonderful family, great friends, this whole community behind me, and God.
Thanks again for all your support, and Tony, Jameson and I would love to take you up on that offer one of these days.

brent said...

Egg-cellent post, Herb. It looks more and more like law enforcement is at war with the citizenry across the U.S., and there are casualties on both sides. Your Kootenai County prosecutor's disrespect for the community and the law is readily apparent when he fights public records requests, and when he seeks to keep young mothers in jail on technicalities. But he's not alone. I'd say most prosecutors are that way: They think they are the law.