Sunday, September 02, 2007

Incorporation? Or Not

Lingering from the Town Meeting with the Kootenai County Commissioners, is the issue of incorporation. Should we, or should we stay as we are? This is a question that already has some polls going around . Commissioner Currie raised the point more than once, when residents faced the board with complains regarding boating , zoning and building code violations. It does not appear to me that this issue is going to go away this time. Obviously, there needs to be a balance between over regulation and too little. Many newer residents tend to want to turn us into the place they moved from and wanted to get away from. It is vital to the future of this community that the right decision be made. At this point, we will have to form a study group with members equally from pro & con positions, to research all of the issues that will come to bear if we do incorporate. It isn't just about zoning, or law enforcement. It is also about sewer regulations that change to a more restrictive rule if we are a city. We will have to hire and pay for a bureaucracy to run the city.

I urge the Chamber to appoint a study group to research all of the questions involved, so that the citizens can make an informed choice. Also, Bayview, the area, is not well defined. If we do change our status, will we include the Cape Horn area? Certainly, those parts of our area that lie in Bonner County would have to be excluded. The issue isn't just development. That is a terrible simplification. Let's find out what specific hurdles are out there before we jump in any other direction.

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