Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bayview Town Meeting

Tonight, County Commissioners Currie, Tondee and Piazza attended a town meeting in Bayview. It is my view that while many worthwhile questions were raised, and some good answers given, most of the more than 140 attendees went away without help for their personal causes. The reason being, being in the county, the commissioners can't make an ordinance for just one part of the County, without it affecting equally all other parts. The solution? Either incorporate, or realize the limitations the County has. Apparently, restricting boat trailer parking is a function of Lakes Highway District. One they haven't exercised.

Many spoke to lost views if high rise condos were to be built in front of them. Most apparently were not aware, that as a legal issue, views are not a property right. Other major issues addressed were Planning, Zoning and building regulation enforcement. Apparently, the Sheriff Department is unable/unwilling to serve criminal summonses on behalf of the County Building department, and the Commissioners are unable/unwilling to provide necessary funds for the rules to be enforced.

What it all boiled down to, is that the County cannot make rules for us that a city enjoys. For that to happen, they encouraged the area to incorporate. Issues of expense, water and sewer regulations for cities, expenses for outsourcing law enforcement, revenue, fire and many other government functions are the negatives. The lone positive? Local control. We met a former mayor of Hayden Lake tonight, not to be confused with the city of Hayden. He had more information at the tip of his tongue than most at that meeting tonight. Generalities won't cut it. We either have to seriously investigate incorporation, or sit back and wait for the inevitable growth, regulated only by the weak County laws, and subject to State regulations.

I applaud the three Commissioners for their appearance, though after Currie, chairing the meeting, and Tondee providing much of the technical assistance, one wondered why Piazza bothered to attend. His body language showed boredom, which undoubtedly was shared by some in the audience, but death to a politician. He didn't appear interested, nor did he contribute much to the discussion. One can only hope that behind those closed doors, he does something other than snooze.

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