Thursday, August 09, 2007

Returning to Roots

I have decided that I can either be a player, or I can be a reporter. I can't think of a single instance that both can coexist. I still have opinions, and they will from time to time be heard.

What I really want to do is collect information from various sources, both for my blog, and print column. Where my print efforts are non-confrontational and attempt to be objective, still I think that there is a carry over, with some not understanding the difference. I will, for instance, not attempt to find out from the various venues, what upcoming entertainment will be. Everyone knows, here in Bayview, or in Athol, who I am, what I do, and how to reach me. If there is a happening going on, I will print it in the paper, if it is newsworthy. This generally appplies to entertainment, but is not limited to that alone.

Hereafter, if entertainment is to be offered, and the sponsors want me to publish same, I will require them to seek me out, not the opposite. I haven't enough time to beg business owners to supply me with information. You got it? you want free publicity? you call or e-mail me.

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