Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last week-end just about did me in. First, starting at 9:30 am I bounced up to Athol to M/C their parade. Thence over to the City Park for the games and other activities. I watched with amazement at the 4 or 5 year old young lady that walked away with the pie eating contest. Walking around with a donation can can clear a path real fast, but I managed to find several people that actually came toward me to donate. After about 2:00 pm, I decided to head down the road a piece to see if I could catch the camel lady at home. I did, as exhibited by my fearless ride into the sunset.

On my way down to the camel, using old hwy 95, I noticed heavy traffic coming toward me from the south. That always is a sign that the main highway is blocked. Sure enough it was, what with one fatality at the scene, two Medstar helicopter rescues, and the involvement of 5 ambulances, from every department in North Idaho. Northern Lakes, Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake and of course, Timberlake were involved in the action.

After returning to the park, photographing many events, I decided it was time to slake my thirst, so I headed for the Legion, where the Old Timers Jam was scheduled at around four.
That was a real treat, what with the Cunningham brothers, Chuck and Norma Bell, and just about everyone that is anyone in local music performed. Looking up, a black ugly column of smoke was rising nearby. I grabbed the camera, and scooted down the street where a van on fire had been drove right up to the Crossroads Conoco and parked. The occupants bailed, leaving it to burn. Luckily, the gas tank burned, opposed to exploding, which limited the damage mostly to the vehicle itself. Back to the jam, then down to the Captain's Wheel where the Bells were playing. Chuck and Norma, who are retired, were convinced to make an appearance, highlighting three and one half generations on the stage. (The half generation represented by the twin girls who are both expecting.)

Thus Saturday was in the books. I slept well. Sunday, I had to write three columns, representing around 1500 words, for my Idaho Voice section of the Spokesman-Review, which I write for and publishes on Thursdays. I have never tried to produce that much in one day, which was mentally exhausting to say the Least. Well, I'm back to normal or as close to normal as I get. Now for next weeks news ...


Bob said...

Ya, when my car catches on fire, I always head to nearest gas station too! :)

I think we must be dealing with some dim lights here.

Anonymous said...

This happened within one week of new ownership of the store; talk about luck!