Monday, August 06, 2007

Lakes Highway District Election

I don't normally write about these kinds of elections, but there is some very misleading information going around, in an attempt to vote out two of the three incumbents. I live in Bayview, where Summer and Winter sees great service from the highway district. This Summer, our local roads have been freshly chip sealed. Last Winter, the snow plows were right on the spot, so that commuters would not slip and slide on their way to work.

I'm afraid there is some demagoguery going on here that is political, rather than functional. When a voter receives a letter denouncing the incumbents for paying their help too much, like wages are too high in North Idaho? Another remark refers to the present commissioners having experience in the road maintenance business. Like that is a disadvantage? Perhaps our elected officials in the past have been elected without any qualifications, but I wouldn't count that as a plus. Suggesting that this equates a corrupted buddy system is a reach that doesn't hold water.

We all have received a letter from Larry Spencer urging us to vote against the incumbents. Larry is a good guy, but he is against virtually everything that is government. He has vociferously campaigned against the Kroc Center, Coeur d'Alene's local improvement district, is fighting with Kootenai County over planning & Zoning issues. He jumps into campaigns in districts that he doesn't live in to lend support to those that are like minded, politically, which is waaay to the right.

I urge those that are in our district to vote based on the service we get, not the results of a misleading letter sent at the last minute before election. One remark was made to me that a citizen is pissed because Bob Holland and customers take up all of the parking. Duh, Road Districts do not enforce parking laws, nor do they create them. The County Commissioners do that. Complain to the Sheriff if a vehicle is not moved for 24 hours, not the road maintenance people.

If anyone has evidence of corruption, they should take all the FACTS to the Kootenai County Prosecutor. Innuendos are not evidence, only shoddy campaigning.


Bob Brooke said...


Perhaps you should continue not to write on such matters. I think your article was not carefully written... or perhaps it was?

You state there is very misleading info going around, yet did you cite any?

You try to discredit Spencer for jumping "into campaigns in districts that he doesn't live in."
Last time I looked, Spirit Lake is in the LHD.

I agree that Idaho workers generally earn lower wages than many other places, but should the LHD start folks $9.00 higher than the IDT workers? Should they be paid more than law enforcement? And six weeks vacation? And full medical with a max $300 deductible?
It is akin to the perks, benefits, and retirement members of Congress get.

And you totally missed my point on the parking. You need to get educated about how Holland's unauthorized actions have reduced the number of available public parking spaces in Bayview. It has nothing to do with his workers parking in the remaining spaces.

So what was misleading?

Bay Views said...

It's things taken out of context, as you have done. Don't you ever tell me what to write about. Thats the height of arrogance. If you disagree with me, fine. I don't respect last minute mud just before an election where nobody has time to check facts. If you disagree with me on who enforces parking, I suggest you cram up on law 101. I write as I am , always, as an issue related person.

nic said...

Great post, Herb.

Anonymous said...

Who won?